Survey #1

This is my first blog. And my first post. I’m still figuring out why anyone would want to read some random musings of mine, but by sudden impulse, I find myself here anyway!

And aah, I’m nervous too! But here it goes!

Now, about the purpose of this blog.

Sometimes, one thought leads to another, and even when you think you have (and you actually have) forgotten about something you were thinking about, it stays in your head, without your knowledge or permission, and so I woke up this morning with a thought I’d carried forward from the night before: if I had a time machine, what would I do with it? Would I go to the future or try the past? What even would I want to do?

Seems trivial enough a question, I decided to test it out!

So on reaching school, I put the question forth to a few friends, and I was surprised: the supposedly ‘trivial’ question was in fact a really big deal! The amount of “ummmm”s and “welllll”s that I initially got was enough to get me to take this forward: I now embarked on a day-long journey to get answers out of people in the school, and I posed my question to just about every person I saw today. The more I questioned people, the more I realised that people are so stressed out in life, there are so many substantial things to focus in life that a great deal of people told me that they never paused to think about something like this! It took some people a full ten minutes to think up an answer, some others told me they’d get back to me with an answer (and I’m glad to say they did), many suspiciously asked what this was all about, but no one turned down the question, so it seems the bizarre does have some relevance in life!

I got some pretty positive responses and feedback, along with many requests to publish people’s insights, so I figured this must be the best way!

So after running through five hours of surveying and sixty-something opinions, here’s my list, completely uncensored and unabridged!

(P.S. For the sake of privacy, I’ve just used first names, which isn’t something anyone can hold against me ’cause there are a hundred Joe’s in this world 😉 )

Q: If you had a time machine that could go anywhere in time, (to the past or to the future) what would you do with it?

Vedika: I’d go to the last earth-day and meet the last human.

Aakansha: I’d go see the Big Bang.

Charul: I’d go to my future, see what it’s like (so I can come back and change things) and see my futures husband.

Anshul: I’d go to the past and (try to) marry Toni Duggan.

Aditi: I’d go back and kill the first human and save the human race from itself.

Tanishi: Go into the past, kill the guy who invented exams and marry Ranbir Kapoor.

Anamika ma’am: go see dinosaurs, kill Newton, go to the future to a time when space tourism is cheap and get on a flight to Mars.

Satchit: I’d go into the past and give the Stone Age humans a lighter! Then I’d make the <last name withheld> family monarchs of the world.

(I keep my word)


Aayush: I’d go to the alien race and study under them.

Nirmiti: I’D BAN SCIENCE! (as a stream, at least)

Shrinjay: I’d give it (the time machine) to Stephen Hawking. Or I’d go back to the medieval age and see how people lived then.

Mahima: I’d go back and visit my childhood. I’d probably stay there forever.

Nethra: I’d go to the 90’s, when FRIENDS was shot, and I’d go sit in the audience.

Jatin: go to the future and get back some cool gadgets from my future self.

Vidhi: go to the past and tell my past self to live life exactly as she’s doing it.

Gauri: I’d go to the future and see how it turns out.

Aninthitha: I’d go back in time and kill J.J.Thomson; I hate chemistry!

Lamha: I’d go back and steal Einstein’s work. That’d be women empowering! People will acknowledge me and stuff, then I’d tell them to be pro-LGBT.

Arjun: I’d go back in time and prevent the Cold War; I’d tell the government to allow extensive liberalisation and capitalism in the country!

Aditya: I’d like to see who made it (the time machine); I’d like to see the grandfather paradox.

Pranav: I’d go back in time and give myself question papers, and ace tests! I’ll correct my past mistakes.

Lakshit: I’d go back to my 10th grade.

Tej: I’d go back to my childhood and play Pokémon, and loot Bill Gates.

Mahwash: I’d go into the future and see where I stand and how much money I’ll be earning (because it matters!)

Anjali: I’d go to the future and bring back some futuristic technology.

Kruthika: I’d go back in time and rewrite my physics paper! And I’d like to go back and kill Donald Trump’s parents.

Ashay: I’d sell it and be rich. Simple.

Deepan: I’d go back to the 60’s and witness the British Invasion, best musical era.

Khushi: I’d go back and utilise the time I had.

Arshya: I’d go back in time and tell myself to stop procrastinating!

Daivya: I’d go meet all the great leaders (and scientists).

Archit: I’d go back and watch Slipknot live in 1999.

Pranav: I’d destroy it!

Shania: I’d go to the future and bring back some new technology and a floating library (I’m sure one will exist by then!)

Amrita: I’d just leave it there.

Rishbha: I’d go to the future and see where I am ten years down the line.

Kritika: I’d go to the future and check out the monuments! (I mean,  will architectural ideas have changed by then?)

Shivam: go into the past and steal someone’s discovery.

Hrutvi: I’d go back to my childhood and change my life.

Nitika ma’am: I’d go to the past and live in Mohenjodaro. It seems they lived life much simpler, they had satisfaction, happiness and probably gender equality. Perfection!

Ajinkya: I’d go see my future wife.

Oleina: I’d go back in time and tell my mum I’m her daughter!

Vishrutha: I’d go back to the time J.K. Rowling was writing Harry Potter and read it over her shoulder as she writes.

Zeejah ma’am: I’d go back in time and correct some mistakes.

Diya: I’d go into the past and attend an AC/DC concert!

Mihika: I’d go to the past and meet Hitler!

Tanishka: I’d go to the future. There must be good enough technology to make me a guy.

Kaanan: I’d go back in time and prevent Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

Ayush: I’d go to the future and get my next question papers, and I’d go loot casinos in my spare time.

Amir: I’d explore the future

Aadhya: I’d go back in time and ask my parents to have a second kid.

Divyam: I’d go back in time and try to prevent the Vietnam War by convincing JFK of the consequences.

Nidhi ma’am: I’d go back to my childhood and enjoy it more… I’d take my kids with me and show them what life was like when we were young; life before technology!

Anush: I’d go to ancient India and observe it… and see if Mahabharata really happened.

Vrinda: I’d go back in time and warn my younger self about the people around me.

Shamila ma’am: I’d go to the future and see new technology and infrastructure, and how the world has changed. (No, not the latest version of C++!)

Zeba: I’d go back in time and erase my embarrassing moments.

Anandita: I’d go to my deathbed. I’d die a quicker, natural, painless death.

My mum (which however was after school, but hey, it counts): I’d go back and relive my teens!



And after a whole day of suspicion, brain cell-juicing, surprising honesty and support, I feel I could do this everyday!

Thanks to all the guys who took out precious time from their busy schedules and thought up answers to my question!

(to those reading here, what would you do if I gave you a time machine?)



8 thoughts on “Survey #1”

  1. Haha, some very interesting answers here! I have no idea what I’d do or where I’d go. The future where it may be war torn and hell-like…maybe it’s amazing? At least if I went into the past I could answer some of the biggest mysteries of our creation. But maybe the future, the distant future, just to see what’s in store 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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