Survey #15

Before this week, I never really realised the extent of the metamorphosis that’s been taking place underground. I’ll be a real analysts this time and draw an actual conclusion from this survey: human beings are genuinely turning into zombies. Slowly, surely. This generation has got to be the most under-slept, sleepwalking one. Results ahead, see for yourselves how badly our somnambulists need sleep.

Q: What according to you is the ideal homework?

Aayush: Discussing (anything) with Shyam sir.

Aakansha: Something that involves practical skills, exploring stuff, where you learn by experience and not just words.

Anamika ma’am: Research, travel expeditions, exploring and field research.

Sakshi: The ideal homework is no homework.

Satchit: Creation of any kind.

Ashay: Go home and sleep till the next day.

Tanishi: same as above.

Shlok: The teacher asking me to play the guitar for a whole day.

Arjun: Research about the topics you read about in school.

Aditya: Assume Euclid’s fifth postulate is wrong. Prove as many theorems as you can. (Credits: Ben Orlin).

Yusuf: Go home and practice arrays.

Mohak: Write a 1000 word essay on the evolution of gaming technology.

Mahima: Sleep, music and memes.

Aditi: Where I get to travel, do new things and meet people.

‘Vedikahh’: Binge-watch @NETFLIX.

Nirmiti: Travel and Art (all forms) #YOLOISSHITFOLLOWYOYOHONEYBUNNY

Anjali: ‘Fangirling’ about stuff you like, and being graded on that.

Ajinkya: Playing different video games and eating them better than IGN.

Harshuday: Sports.

Nihar: Eating food.

Shivam: No homework is the ideal homework because I think if you do everything in the right amounts, time and place, you don’t need homework.

Aayushi: I agree with Sakku. [Sakshi]

Arshya: I also agree with Sakkukaku. [Still Sakshi]

Akanksha: To pet a thousand dogs.

Satvik: More learning, less working.

Radhika: Watching videos related to the topic.

Ayushi: Revision of what was done in class.

Manya: Sleep and read novels, (and do a project on Ranbir and Virat!)

Shreya: Recording your sleeping patterns.

Aninthitha: Reading comics and watching TV shows all day. How To Be Batman, A Study. And stargazing.

Anshul: Aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aviation general knowledge and airframe studies.

Shania: Read as many novels as you can.

Eva: Something which involves a lot of practise and understanding, and less of copy-pasting and looking at screens.

[No, blogging isn’t my homework, thank you very much.
And no! It’s NOT a psychology project!!]

Siddharth: Most ideal homework in my opinion is to let the student do whatever he/she loves doing!

Riya: ‘Eat and sleep’ should be the ideal homework.

Richa: Experimental verification of all theory learnt in class. (Bio, wink, wink!)

Jai: No homework at all ’cause self study is bae.
[One thing I forgot to confirm there is which of the meanings of bae he meant.]

Aneesh: No homework is better.

Netra: Homework is something that should include loads of food and TV shows and movies.

Aayush: Loads of things to write and also some practicals with partners. 😉

Marc: A maximum of one sum, self study is better.

Akshay: cout<<“Homework should be given to the students only in subjects they are interested in.”;

Pranav: Loooong weekend with friends and getting marks for sleeping and having ice cream and pizza.

Lakshit: Sleep.

Rashiv: Being a vigilante, starting my own crusade of putting down people who have failed this city. (Arrow reference.)

Shrinjay: Something that leaves you smiling at the end.

Saahil: Watch TV or use social media or sleep or eat.

Daivya: Talking with Shyam sir.

Vyshnavi: Writing ‘Drarry’ fanfics.

Sarthak: No homework.

Eesha: Interesting topic research.

Neha: Whatever I’m into then. I’m flighty.

Maulishri: Being a food critic.

Shubhankar: Ideal homework would be watching a movie.

Manish sir: Work from home.

Shamila ma’am: No homework.

Khushi: Poetry and music!

Vidhi: Do what your heart tells you to, but make sure it’s productive.

Anand: …

Keerti: The ideal homework is reading Percy Jackson, watching Case Closed and obviously singing.

Archit: No homework at all!

Omkar: Eat. Sleep. Procrastinate. Repeat.

Jatin: Bio (if you know what I mean)

Saif: Research on vampires.

Vaishnavi: Eat food all day, everyday.

Anushka: Draw Henry Cavill.

Mahwash: A group project which requires my friends to come over.

Anush: Finish a great video game.

Deepan: Sit in a dark room; doors closed, windows shut, secluded from the rest of the world, in solitude, listening to Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here (the albums).

Charul: Watching FRIENDS. HaHeHaHe.

Lamha: Di Rolli Polli all over the place.

Sakshi: Get to know yourself everyday, that’s good homework.

Antra: Explore yourself. Grow everyday.

Amrita: Sleep. Then listen to music.

Simran: Reviewing movies.

Ritika: One page of cursive writing everyday plus times-tables from 1 to 20. 🙂

Sakshi: Doing something you want to do!

Aaliya: Homework that takes 2 to 3 hours to do and covers everything.

Karina: no homework!

Devyani: Watch movies related to the topic (only in physics).

Dhruva: 20 sums of maths, maximum.

Richik: Writing a paraphrase of Emily Dickinson’s poems.

Dhruv: Crash course videos.

Manvika: Nothing.

Diya: I don’t know. I wish it didn’t exist.

Aryaa: Something that involves making pages upon pages of theses on fandoms, and provides extra credit for extraordinary content and bonus points. I could write one on Naruto blind folded, left handed. Oh! Or Mortal Instruments.

Vani: The ideal homework would be for all the teachers to tell us to express ourselves in any art form for two hours straight, because it requires dedication and practise. And it would also be ideal if they told us to just loose our general calm and play to our heart’s content.

Kruthika: Death. Both seeking death and killing someone.

Anisha: No homework is the best homework.

Gauri: Watching movies!

Sanjana: For me, the best homework would be going on an adventure tour with my friends.

Anisha: It doesnt matter if we get ideal homework, we still won’t do it, because it’s homework and we are rebels!

Aakriti: The ideal homework is a project researching about the history of gummy bears and then making an interactive PowerPoint presentation!

10 mentions of the word ‘sleep’ above in respondents’ answers only, (with one referring to sleep patterns)

Disclaimer: Any bad mistakes I put down to bad handwriting/ scribbling/ random blots of ink/ lack of spacing. Goodbye.

Survey #14

Perfection, is overused hyperbole. Admit it. When gazillion things out there are the very embodiment of perfection, what does it take to stick with one?

A lot of willpower, I came to learn, over the week.

Q: Define perfection.

Nethra: Gum would be perfection.

Rashiv: Not Tanishi.

Yusuf: Definitely not Tanishi! Lolz.


Tanishi: Perfection is an illusion or maybe finding happiness in imperfectly perfect things!

Vedika: A sunset.

Sakshi: A cozy bed, a glass window, rain and a cup of coffee. Or waves hitting the shore.

Aditya: A question that cannot be answered by this answer.

Akanksha: Eddie Redmayne.

Anshul: JS//B-787 Dreamliner.

Satchit: Not Aditya’s answer; Barcarolle – Chopin.

Ashay: .

Pranav: When you score a triple headshot intentionally, when you win the race mocking the others, when you set a high-score that no one in the world can beat, you are defining perfection.

Raghav: Love, not for its physical attributes, but for the sake of love itself is perfection.

Aditi: Alexander McQueen / candy.

Saif: Jason Momoa.

Anushka: Doctor Strange.

Jyotishka: Idk lol.

Vishrutha: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Zahida: When life is perfect.

Saahil: Perfection is three things: Selena Gomez, the mirror and her. (When I ask who her is, he replies, “That’s classified.”)

Aayushi: Beyoncé and Dylan O’Brien.

Shefali: Not Pranav.

K.R.S.N. (faker on request): To attain Mangekyo Sharingan.

Nirmiti: Perfection is a perception. Okay? Okay. Which is not inception because it’s a deception.

Shrinjay: It is something that we can find everywhere, yet cannot understand it… What the hell did I just write??!!

Arshya: Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Eddie Redmayne.

Rishbha: Perfection is me and Nethra (just friends).

Sapna: Perfection is, well, it’s me! 🙂

Sakshi: When everything’s in place and the way you want it to be.

Hruditha: Perfection is being imperfect.

Eesha: Perfection is a myth.

Manvika: The action or process of improving something until it’s flawless. You asked me to define perfection, I defined it! (She laughs)

Diya: Nobody’s perfect. Their imperfection is perfection itself.

Keerti: Perfection is Shinichi Kudo and Arthur Conan Doyle, and of course, Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson.

Anjali: I don’t know how you come up with such intricate questions.
That’s perfection. :’)
A true loyal friend, and a cute pet too.

Pallavi: There’s no such thing as perfection. It’s all in our minds and our opinions.

Lamha: Perfection is this hypothetical thing that everyone is trying to achieve, but fail to realise that it doesn’t exist.

Shreya: Knowing your imperfections and embracing them, for who you are is true perfection.

Arjun: Chewing gum. FRIENDS reference.

Sanjana: When my sarcasm is on point. Enough said.

Manya: Ranbir! Chocolate cake.

Anisha: Beyoncé.

Vidhi: Usually relative, personally non existent.

Kruthika: Benedict Cumberbatch. Easy.

Arathi: Our fai group.

Khushi: A delusion maybe.

Kaanan: P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N.

Daivya: Any recursive class of formulae which is Ω-consistent and Ω-complete is termed as a complete associate set with no inconsistencies -> PERFECT.

Mitravardhan: Perfection is perfect.

Shreya: There is no such thing as perfection. Wake up, you a******s.

Richa: Shreya.

Omkar: Neha.

Aninthitha: Loki, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Jon Cozart.

Aryaa: Flynn Ryder’s nose is perfection!

Shania: Cornflakes with Nutella.

Siddharth: Gaming!!

Aakansha: Usui Takumi.

Ayushi: God.

Anand: Can’t define something that doesn’t exist.

Joshika: Richie Rich is perfection.

Anushka: There is no such thing as perfection. No one is perfect. It is just a perception.

Anandita: Perfection bid no complaints.

Eva: Love is perfect.

Shamila ma’am: Perfection is Manish.

Manish sir: There’s nothing like perfection.

Anushree: A combination of flaws that fits differently in different individuals.

Sakshi: There is no perfect!

Jatin: Mudit.

Amrita: Imperfections!

Shlok: A thing that cannot be defined.

Anamika ma’am: Nature.

Deepan: Pink Floyd.

Aayush: Nothing.

Priyansh: Priyansh Lotebaaz id perfection.

Charul: K.

Mahima: Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), Theo James, Misha Collins, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé.

Radhika: Perfection is undefined!

Krishnan: The condition in which all things are done up ‘to a T’.

Anush: Stanley Kubrick.

Niti: 100%.

Riya: Everything at the right place and right time.

Satvik: Symmetry, maybe.

Ovee: It’s all very relative. No one can be perfect, or everybody can be perfect.

Manasi: Pizza, Dan Howell, Phil Lester.

Sanyukta: Working hard to achieve what you want.

Shreya: Alter Bridge – Watch Over You.

Harshuday: Nothing.

Maitri: Mom!

Kritika: Nothing.

Harneet: GUM would be perfection.

Mahwash: Percy Jackson and unicorns.

Aakriti: When one makes the most of what they are given.

A special thanks to autocorrect for giving up on me and over-enthusiastically changing every ‘p’ I’ve written for the past week into ‘perfection’.