I just received a mail from Yale!
That just rhymed so perfectly, I had to do something about it. So I did this.


When you sleep just four hours you’re gonna wake up quite pale
But it doesn’t really matter ’cause I’ve got a pretty tale
Just doing the job for two months I’ve been doing without fail
Trudged to my inbox and checked my email.
And there, under Promotions, was an automatic mail
Check, recipient; woohoo, a mail from Yale
It said, Matt we’re so glad you’ve added us to your Common App!
All that’s left for me now is to run the first lap.
Except it didn’t say Matt, because that’s not my official name
But it was addressed to that geeky science kid all the same.
Blimey! thought I, a mail from the Ivy!
And looked down at that belly,
That was now trending in the science fraternity,
With uncertainty.
For five minutes, I found the thought of attending an Ivy to be quite funny
And I laughed myself silly till I thought about the money
And then I laughed some more, because it’s funny to think
Of just how much my chemistry paper’s date and their deadline are in sync.
But then again before the electronegativity gets to me
I think I should be back at my table, studying chemistry
Until I get a phonecall from dad,
‘There are essays to be written, this could make your undergrad!
You’re only going to have to overwork a tad’
The next few days are going to be a bit mad
Let’s get to work, there are cups of coffee to be had!


Have I reached Ground Zero?

Every time I say the words “I mean”, I hear “amine”.
Now, it’s one thing to mishear someone else talking. But when something that I’ve said sounds like something completely else to my own ears, I believe alarm bells go off.

The weird fact is that I am currently studying physics (and writing essays, but that’s English. And blogging… and I don’t know what that ought to be categorised as at this critical point in time.)

The only correlation I can find is the electrons. So I’m a nitro-powered highly charged mess.

Know what amine?



[Note: If you’ve been reading here for a while, my new ‘short’ posts might come as a bit of a surprise. Wasn’t I the one who kept rambling on and on? Well see, it’s the chemistry. It’s most compelling, in the electronegative sense. It has ulterior electro-motives. And I must surrender to its (-)I effect  will.

Once this nucleophilic tango reaches its crescendo and dies, I’ll be back and up to ds/dt (… apologies, I meant speed. Either my brain’s not working, or it’s overworking).

Till then, it’ll most likely be short rants. Or maybe a legit post?

As always, my excuse is that I’m underground. Something good ought to come out of this!]

Cruise Control (Is Lost)

I’m sitting and doing some physics. (Yep, I’m pretty much still running yesterday’s state.)
I’m sorting out a tangle of wires and looking for potential where there is none.
I’m up to date with all current affairs.
Kirchhoff’s laws are looking good; everything’s starting and meeting at a point. Beautiful.

If you look at it, Kirchhoff’s laws are basically Valhar Morghulis for the layman.
All current, potential or EMF that generates somewhere must return to that point (and hence end it’s journey). All born must die.

But yeah, my loops are sorting themselves out, calculated values are looking weird as ever (and as I’ve come to learn, that’s often a sign that things are on track!), and basically, I’m in control. I’m so in control, I’m listening to Green Day while doing my numericals.

And then dad calls.

They’ve been going through my grades to send to colleges, and apparently I’ve got an A in a chemistry. (Where I want to send my grades, an A+ is kind of a prerequisite)
I’m prepping for my pre-boards right now (and blogging… Could we skim over this bit?). Ever since my December SAT scores have come in, I’ve also got new colleges to send applications to (because for once, things worked out in my favour, and they were good! Unfortunately, that only meant that a whole new race had begun!)

So dad reminds me I’ve got two college applications to write.
Their submission deadlines are around the 1st of Jan. My pre-boards begin from 2nd Jan.
I was the one in control.

And then, in my ears, FOD by Green Day takes foreground.

Stuck down in a rut
Of dialogic and smut
A side of you well hid
When it’s all said and done
It’s real and it’s been fun
But was it all real fun?
Let’s nuke the bridge we torched two thousand times before
This time we’ll blast it all to hell.”


Now I just want to sit listening to FOD on repeat and satisfy myself sorting out wire loops much messier than I.  *electricity crackles*


Cells run dry, you’re stuck in time
Frozen in a frame of mind
Stranded by the tide unkind
Tripped a moment and left behind.

Watch for the sun to come up or go down
You’re living in an old ghost town
Is now forever? Or just a flicker from the past?
What would be the future, and just how long does it last?

As the motor winds down, nothing matters in the end
Lie jaded all over again, we’ve another day to spend
The clock jeers in your face again
As the minutes and hours, light and dark blend…

It’s actually a pretty interesting thing I’ve noticed recently, living without time. None of the clocks at home are working, we’re stuck in the seventh hour for eternity. It’s been 7:30 for days, and my life’s revolving around how far we are from 7:30.
I found myself wondering what it’s like living out of time, or without it altogether.
Is it really time, or pace, that sets your life?


Woke up this morning with a feeling in my gut
That unlike yesterday, today was going to be a new start
Lay in bed, counted on my fingers to nine
For that’s all the days I have before I run out of time
Nine sure sounds like a lot! I happily snapped out of my snooze
Gotta grab that physics book left on my desk; there’s not a second left to lose.

Somehow I sit here at the end of the day
Calculating interference fringe widths has left me fringed and frayed
Get that electricity up ‘n, it’s not yet the end of day!
Though you’ve tried studying all through Christmas, there isn’t much to show
So I’ll sit and watch my hopes recede and watch the growing gloom doom grow.
And think for the millionth time that I really ought to go.

(Seriously though, aren’t the books in the picture amazing? As you know, I’m a HUUUUUGE fan of diaries like that; I can’t help drooling over the white one with the pink borders!)

Cranberry Soda

It isn’t the holiday season until you’ve created a new weird combination by mixing perfectly normal food prepared by someone else and claiming credit for it, and then enthusiastically shoving it down everyone’s throat.
Heck, with you as excited, chances are, you’ll get a super excited response from them in the form of a throw up. But oh well, guess yoghurt and pasta isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This time, it was cranberry soda. Just mix cranberry juice lying around in the fridge with Sprite. Somehow, I claimed credit for it!
But with the sparkling bubbles and dark red liquid, I found it quite symbolic of Christmas.

After messing around a bit with juices myself, I took it upon myself to treat everyone who comes home with a cuppa cranberry soda. Of course, the only ones heading my way were mum and dad practicing weightlifting with their grocery shopping.

It actually went better than I’d expected. Their cups were in the sink before I could realise it… I mean, I do realize that could either be because keeping it too long would have it lose all its fizz, or that they gulped it down like a nasty medicine shot…

Got the best reaction from my little sister though. She hates fizzy drinks anyway. I’d have got a money shot had I a camera on me then!

Anyway, ’tis the season where you can momentarily forget that there’s a truckload of integration and semiconductors and benzoic acid that lies waiting (at least for me), so grab the opportunity, eat what you like, sleep, read, blog, and then INTEGRATE!!

Well, till I blow a fuse then.
Happy holidays! (Because we all deserve ONE day off.)

Worth It

Every once in a while, getting up at six isn’t just about tumbling out of bed, falling somewhere in the dark, cursing and running for the nearest bathroom because you’re late for school again, and most likely have a test.

Sometimes, you see stuff like this too. And then, though you’ve vowed that you will NOT look at a screen for at least five hours since your waking, you race across the house, an early morning dash to the cupboard, and grab a camera.

Then it’s worth it.

Winter skies can be really pretty. Saw this at 6:20 am.



Survey #38

Hot and fresh, come and get it!
Unlike the other stale ageing, golden surveys I’m putting out from over two months ago (a mark of the procrastination league), this one’s from today. Probably the last one for this year, too. Happy holidays!

Q: Suppose you grow up to become famous and anonymously edit your Wikipedia page. What would you add?

Anisha: Please send me chocolate.

Shubhankar: Get me some too, please.

Arjun: I am a noob.

Satchit: can i haz lyf?

\\ Λ_Λ
\( ˇωˇ)
/ ⌒
/ へ\
/  / \\
レ ノ   ヽ_つ
/ /
( (ヽ
| |、 \
| 丿 \
| |  ) /
ノ )  Lノ

Aakansha: Is a jack of all master of none person but as they say it is better than master of one.

Khushi: balle balle

Rishbha: the amount of time I wasted doing nothing.

Saif: I’ll talk about wrestling.

Anandita: “Early life: Known for speaking harmless things to the face at the wrong times.”

Punyam: “My mom thought I was dyslexic.”

Aryaa: “Has the ability to talk to trees.”

Shreya: “She was never like this.”

Shivani: I’d add my death date.

Anushree: (redirect to Snarky Puppy and Jacob Collier)

Aayushi: *insert a picture of Arjun smiling*

Sakshi: (at the end of the article) “Whatever is said here is all wrong.”

Amrita: “There’s more to this person than what’s stated here.”

Manvika: I’d add some cool things about me. I’d proofread it: my article shouldn’t have a comma out of place!

Aaliya: I wouldn’t add anything. I’d be pretty entertained by what’s already

Harsh: “I’m more than what is written and you’d kill yourself if you knew.”

Manya: “Most amazing meow ever. Cats can’t match it!”

Eva: “Died: 21st December 2017.”

Manasi: I’d make a fake page.

Netra: I’d proudly declare I’m a food freak because people think I don’t eat.

Shania: I’d create a ‘Did You Know’ section and tell them about my awesome cooking skills.

Shreya : “This is all fake :)”

Karina: Delete all the fake stuff and add some amazing things about me.

Anushka: I’d leave it the way it is.

Nithya: I wouldn’t add anything

Daivya: “I’m a sceptic and an atheist.”

Marc: At the end, I’d add “PS, I like pizza.”

Aditi : “Stop thinking you’re unique.”

Satchit: Punctuation Matters ^

Arjun: I am lonely and need company, please contact me.

Anshul: “Is a secret friend of Kim Jong-Un and played shooting range with Osama bin Laden.”

Anisha: That I am actually the devil.

Vani: I’d add that I’m secretly a wizard, so don’t mess with me. I’d fuck you up.

Lamha: “She found unicorns at the chocolate town at the end of the rainbow (and it’s true).”

Anjali: I wouldn’t change anything,  except maybe my age when I grow old!

Aayush: A link to a page which suggests gown Wikipedia should improve their  choice to award pages.

Manasi: I’ll add pompous shit about myself, hype myself to no end. I’ll also make some memeworthy stuff about myself and write bad shit about my enemies and rival parties in such a way that I look like an angel and the good guy.

Diya: I would definitely put a better picture of mine.

Pranav: “Wants to kill every human ever.”

Vedika: Real bitch in real life.

Aditya: “It was rumoured that he once built a secret nuclear lab near his school entering through a trapdoor, taking inspiration from a friend’s adventure. It is said that the entrance was protected by a cacti collection. However, all known attempts to find it have ended in failure.”

[I claim full responsibility for this. And it’s true.]

Pallavi: “Had met many K-Pop idols.”

Hmm… all this self history editing has got me thinking… maybe I should check out what’s my WordPress bio says. I’m never more than half awake when I settle on it. I once mentioned something about psychosis… never mind, it’s in the past!

Happy holidays, folks!
(Yes, it’s back to them books for us.)


It’s that time of the year.
Rejected/Deferred Class of ’22, unite!
The clock strikes three
Soon, we’ll be free
Get the slabs from out behind
Right now my capacity’s a full pint

Ben, hey Ben
Am I glad that you met Jerry
To glad, I’ll say my mood
Is to quite the contrary

Picture crunchy butterscotch nuts
As life chews you, screws you, spits you up
Bittersweet notification beeps loop
Sweet ice-cold double choco-chip scoop

There’s no surprise, but there it is,
Burning before my eyes
Ice cream melts, coffee down the drain
Decisions are here, so let it rain
And pour and snow and let it go
Bed was a hundred times more comforting anyway
We’re deferred to, and that’s a start
Going into hibernation, for my part
See you when the days are less cold
When my ice cream stocks run dry

Ben, hey Ben
Am I glad that you met Jerry
To glad, I’ll say my mood
Is to quite the contrary

Picture crunchy butterscotch nuts
As life chews you, screws you, spits you up
Bittersweet notification beeps loop
Sweet double choco-chip scoop