Survey #13

Back with another one! The good part about this one was the twist at the end, which got well settled and sleeping people jumping up in their seats at 7 in the morning, and that was fun (not really for them). Yes, this bit also got people thinking double the times they already think for a survey answer, and we also saw many cases of reverse favouritism: where the one favouring undergoes heartbreak, unlike the usual story! But in the end, some did, some still haven’t, and here’s the question, and the result.

Q: If you could bring a fictional character to life, who’d you bring, and why? And then, what if the character attacked you?

Shania: Flint Lockwood (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) so that we can make amazing food-producing machines together!! He’s harmless, he’s my BFF!

Eesha: The Doctor (Probably the 10th one) because I get to travel time and have cool adventures. If he attacked me… he’d make a scary face, but he’s too nice to do anything bad.

Nethra: Chandler Bing, because he’s awesome! And Joey! I love him! I don’t care if they attack me… I’d let them!

Aayush (Satchit): God.

Satchit: Baymax. End of story.

Anush: Doomguy, if he gives me his praetor suit armour and his entire arsenal of weapons.

Anisha: Phineas and Ferb.

Vidhi: The Simpsons.

Vedika: My will to live.

Harneet: Harry Potter. I’d attack him back with wand and spells.

Mahwash: Umm… Well… You know, PERCY JACKSON! If he attacks me, I’d be honoured, I just wanna meet him!

Arjun: Jessica Rabbit. If she attacks… (clears his throat) uhm-hum. Wink wink wink!

Aakansha: Kise Ryota (Kurokoro no Basuke) or Cecil (Uta Pri) or Hades (Kamigami no Asobi) because why not? They won’t attack because they are too kind or too powerless to cause harm. Or I’d pick Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon!

Anshul: Either Maverick (Tom Cruise) from Top Gun or Billy Hope (Southpaw). I will not give Maverick his jet, and Billy his gloves, so they won’t attack me.
Or a girlfriend, definitely!

Aninthitha: Batman and Flash. They’ll kill me, duh, but I know their secret identities, so hopefully I’m not gonna be dead, I don’t know, man, I’ll just die, but I’ll die knowing it was the BATMAN.

Akanksha: Marley from Marley and Me.

Kritika: Castiel. Because I love him. He won’t kill me because he’s literally an angel.

Vishruta: Undecided, too many!

Aditi: The boy from Bubblegum Boy (I understand that there is a different meaning to it) Derek can only attack verbally and I enjoy verbal fights and would end up laughing throughout the fight. It would be one hell of a fight!

Anandita: I’d bring Snape to life because he is <3. He won’t attack me because I love him and he’s nice to the Slytherins who love him. (No, I am not saying I’m a Slytherin.)

Shreya: I would try to bring back Michel from the Vampire Diaries, perform the spell from the witch to take his powers because he is the first Original, and the take him back to death!

Ashay: I’d bring Kochikame ‘cuz HE DA SHIZZZZ. If he attacks me I’d use my snake to charm him and then make him my slave.

Kaanan: It has to be Dobby or Fred. They can’t attack me, I guess. If not, then Harry’s parents.

Sakshi: I’d bring the Power Puff Girls and Jonny Bravo, because ‘Girls be boss and Jonny be my bae.

Shivam: Caroline from Two Broke Girls.

Khushi: I’d bring alive the Teletubbies, because it’s time for tadda-ninnie.

Sakshi: I’d love to have friends like the characters in FRIENDS, but I wouldn’t want them to attack me!

Aditya: Carter Kane, Zia Rashid (Kane Chronicles)
Euphie, Suzaku (Code Geass)
Annabeth Chase, Zoë Nightshade (duh!) (Percy Jackson)
Neville Longbottom, Renus Lupin, Luna Lovegood.

Vyshnavi: Blondie, aka Scorpius Malfoy!

Omkar: I’d bring SpongeBob SquarePants, because he is too awesome, enough said. If he attacked me, I’d squeeze him.

Pranav: Of course, Pacman! If he tried to attack me, I am no short of ghosts…

Marc: Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4. If he attacks me, I’m done for, I guess.

Harshuday: I’d bring alive the Mentalist, and he won’t really attack me because he can just read my mind, and I’m good with that.

Lakshit: Joel from The Last of Us. He’s a cool guy, so he won’t attack me!

Eeshan: MasterChief from Halo. He might kill me, but at least I’ll get to fire a plasma gun and fly a banshee.

Riya: Harry Potter! He won’t attack me.

Akshay: Chotta Bheem! If he attacks me, I will give him laddoos so that he becomes my friend.

Anand: Sherlock Holmes. If he attacks me, I’ll die…

Simant: Goku. If he attacks, I’ll offer him the best food found in our world.

Maulishri: Dr. Strange!! Because I love him, he’s damn cool and he has got the swag! He won’t attack me, I brought him to life, duh!

Shamila ma’am: Aladdin, because he is so handsome, courageous and brave. I’ll bring him to life so I can marry him.

Keerti: Percy Jackson and Shinichi Kudo. If they attack me, I’d be the happiest person to die!

Manya: Aang of Avatar…

Anushree: Usui Takumi from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. I’d die, but he wouldn’t attack me because he loves cats. Like Leicht.

Shefali: Doraemon, for no particular reason.

Ayushi: Spider-Man, and we could help people! He won’t even attack me!

Priyansh: I would love to be with Doodie man, and would always love to stay behind him.

Yusuf: Iron Man! If he attacks me? Bro, I am HULK!

Arkin: Shivaji the Boss! If he attacks, well… The rest is self-explanatory.

Shrinjay: Shakti-Maan! The way he flies is amazing! (He laughs)

Neha: Mortimer from Inkheart, then I can make all of them come alive! Mwahahahahahahahaa!

Mohak: The main character from Watchdogs 2. I want all those drones!

Sapna: Eric from House of Night, because he has something about him that I want to know from meeting him. If he attacked me, then I’d probably let him. Come on man, he’s hot!

Diya: Edward Cullen from Twilight, because I love vampires. And if he attacked me, my dream would come true, if you know what I mean.

Pranav: I’d bring Doraemon, and if he attacks me, I’ll take all his Doracakes.

Nethra: Me. Cuz me da bomb.
(Note: this was a request. This person does not exist.)

Tanishi: Edward from Twilight, as vampires are great and it’s gonna be a great experience being with him and fighting against werewolves and if he attacked me… aw, I wouldn’t mind! (Winks)

Deepan: Ms. Chanandler “Bong”! And knowing “him”, attack? Seriously?
Also, Sirius Black and Snape.

Mahima: Dean and Sam Winchester, ’cause they’re hot af, and I’d happily die if they attacked me, but first bring them alive.

Raghav: Portugas D Ace. If I were to fight him, I would just tell him I know his brother Luffy and then we’d end up being the best of friends.

Krishnan: Iron Man! If he attacks me, then I can’t do much about it, apart from facing it bravely! XD

Nirmitii: Mason Jr. from the movie Boyhood. He would probably attack me with his intellect and philosophy. If he does that, I’ll throw the Kardashians on his face!

Rishbha: The Wolverine. If he attacks, I’m dead.

Jyotishka: Batman. He doesn’t kill, so I think I’m safe.

Vrinda: Cole Stone. I’d die happily.

Adhya: Captain America, ’cause he is hot as F. If he would attack me, I dunno, I’d probably kiss him, lol.

Ovee: The Flash. I would call all of his enemies at once.

Aayushi: Damon Salvatore. If he attacks me, I’d probably die.

Sudhanshu: Mr. Bean. If he tried to attack me and kill me, I would die laughing.

Jatin: Fictional, you say? Bruce Wayne’s parents. If they tried to kill me, they’d probably die. Then I’ll be the one responsible for Batman’s creation.

Ajinkya: All the ghosts from Goosebumps. I would have fun with them. They won’t attack me because I believe in them.

Rashiv: I’d like to bring to life the Flash (Barry Allen) because he can provide me with velocity 9 and make me a speedster. Then, even if he tried to kill me, I’d be the fastest man alive.

Charul: Shin chan… Because, why not.

Nishidh: Daredevil. He won’t kill me, but I’d be in the hospital for 2-3 months if he attacked me!

Anushka: Doctor Strange, because he practices the mystic arts and still has a scientific mindset. If he tried to attack me, I would reason it out, because he’s very practical.

Ritika: Harry potter. He is one of the bravest characters I’ve come across, plus he is cute, I lovee him.
If he attacks me, I’ll die.
He is so nicee, why will he even  attack me?

Lamha: Joker (Heath Ledger) Cause he’s awesome and the best person alive (if he were).
I would die an honorable death, and die with a fight!

Vani: I would bring Scorpious Malfoy to life because that’s someone I would like to have around myself, his entire aura is very eccentric and cheerful and I like to surround myself with such people. If he attacked me I would probably fight him.

Kruthika: Dr. Strange.  Scream Dormammu.

Anjali: Harvey Specter. I would love to bring him to life because who doesn’t want to be friends with a sassy badass and an amazing piece of gold. And one his piece of advice; “Caring only makes you weak. They know you care, they’ll walk all over you.” Preach it, people!

Pallavi: Peeta Mellark. He’s the sweetest and one of the kindest book character ever!  (I read too much fan fiction.) If he attacked me.. I would be sad.. And hurt I guess. He’s too cool for me to fight back,

Manvika: Tessa Gray. I wouldn’t do anything if she attacked.

Saahil: I would bring Tony Stark to life so that the world could get all the tech he is capable of making. If he tries to attack, I’ll run like a bug.

Rajveer: Ash Ketchum, because I love him. If he attacks me, I’ll run.
(Did anyone get that reference, by the way?)

Satvik: Neo from the Matrix, because come on! HE IS GOD!!! If he attacks me, then… I probably can’t even fight back. My human shell will disintegrate before I ever realise it.

Shlok: I’d bring Tom and Jerry, and play Tom & Jerry with them. And I’d bring the Flash, and I am sure he won’t attack me, but if he does, I will have the cold gun in my hand.

A.M.: Dr. Jackal from Get Backers. If he attacks, I’d die! He’s fast! Also, I’d bring my hopes and dreams alive.

Saif: I’d bring alive Vlad Dracula. If he attacks me, I will let Him, because I love vampires and always wanted to be one.

Aayush: Minions, because they shall help me in my endeavours during different school lectures. And if they’d attack me, I would shoot them with a freeze ray. Despicable me.


India vs England Test 2

England’s fate thus far today.


Joining in quite late, on Day 2 too, but the match has been plenty exciting so far!

India were put in to bat by England skipper Alastair Cook on Day 1 in Vizag, and England, emboldened by the return of spearhead bowler James Anderson made early inroads into the game removing both Indian openers quickly and taking 3 of the 4 wickets that fell on Day 1. Indian captain Kohli ended the day on 151* along with Ashwin on 1*. Cheteshwar Pujara also scored a 119 to put India in a good position at 317-4 at stumps.

Coming back to bat the next morning, India were able to add a 100-odd more runs to their total, ending their innings at 455 owing to a fighting 58 from Ashwin, with some help at the other end from debutante  Jayant Yadav (35), Moeen Ali taking 3 wickets for England today.

Then England walked out to bat, and Mohammed Shami removed Alastair Cook early, the Captain falling cheaply for 2 runs, the ball going through his stance and breaking his off-stump into two bits.

Since then, Joe Root and Haseeb Hameed had been rebuilding the innings, batting out carefully and patiently till tea was called.

Post tea, things have not gone England’s way, with a mix up between Hameed and Root, who wanted two runs, called loudly for a second, taking on the Indian fielder, Jayant Yadav, who with a slide to save a run threw the ball to the right end saw Hameed stranded mid-pitch and run out, and England in trouble. England then lost another, with Ashwin removing Ben Duckett.

Since then the trouble continued, with one batting solace for England: Joe Root scoring a half century, but England’s battle still a long and hard one.

31.5: THE BATTLE GETS HARDER!  HE’S GONE! AND HE’S GONE!! Kohli sets the field perfectly, the ball turns away from him, Root skies it out to the deep and Ashwin removes Root for 53! Super-crucial wicket for India, leaving England 79-4.

34 overs done, Eng 80-4.

34.4: DRS being called on, India call for a review! The entire Indian team waits anxiously.

The ball in question was a straight delivery from Jayant, hitting on what the umpires felt was the bat first. The Indian captains looks to the bowler for affirmation, and in a flash, India have gone for a review.

Replays show a hit on the pads first, rather than a bat first as the on-field umpire had thought, and the trajectory shows the ball to go on and hit the stumps! A successful review for India, the decision being overturned and Moeen Ali has to go for 1! lbw Jayant Yadav. First test wicket for Jayant Yadav! Cheers in the Indian camp, Eng 80-5.

34.5 Jonny Bairstow is the new batsman in.

End of 35, Eng 80-5.

Maiden over. End of 36, England 80-5.

37 up, England 82-5.

Thanks to good efforts from bowlers at both ends, (Ashwin, Yadav and Jadeja) there are 2 new batsmen at the crease. After 38 overs, 85-5.

In the last 11 overs of this session, 13 runs have been scored with 3 wickets falling.

This session,23 overs, 51 runs scored, 4 wickets fallen.

End of another maiden over, 38 overs, England 85-5.

39.4: Bairstow goes for 2! India try at both ends! First, the keeper clips the stumps at his end, and then throws the ball to the other end. A direct hit! But the batsman is in and safe. Close, but no cigar! 40 overs up, England 87-5!

England still trail by 368 runs.

40.1: The ball defies all laws of physics! Ben Stokes gets lucky. The ball goes past him, gets a healthy edge off the top of the stumps, but the bails don’t fall. Will he make this reprive count??

End of a maiden from Ashwin, Eng 87-5.

Jadeja comes back on.

42.5: boundary to Stokes!

43 overs up, Eng 93-5.

The Indian fielding has been sharp.

43.1: A noise, and Jadeja is up! The umpire says no, Jadeja immedietly reviews. Turns out, the noise was the bat hitting pad. Umpires decision stays, Ben Stokes not out, India lose a review. Eng 92-5.

44.1: Shami back into the attack.

End of 45 overs, India 93-5.

In another match, the Indian women were unable to replicate their success from the ODI series. Indian T20 skipper Harmanpreet Kaur won the toss and put her side in to bat first, India putting up 150-4 on the board in their 20 overs. India lost their openers early, leaving the team at 28-2 in 5.2 overs. Veda Krishnamurthy, who’d been in good touch throughout the ODI series, and Harmanpreet Kaur set about to undo the damage. The Captain ended not out on 68*(50 b) while Veda scored a handy 50 runs, and a small 11-run cameo by Jhulan Goswami taking India to 150 runs.

The West Indies began their chase tempestuously, scoring 30 runs in just 3 overs, when they lost their first wicket. Shikha Pandey picked up 3-31 in her 4 overs, but couldn’t do much to deter the West Indies, riding high on skipper Stephanie Taylor’s blistering 90 off 51 deliveries, Deandra Dottin finishing the game for the West Indies in 19.1 overs, WI 154-4, winning the first of 3 T20s with 5 balls to spare.

In another game further across the planet, in the New Zealand – Pakistan test, (the first day of which was washed out,) kiwi debutante Colin de Grandhomme took an amazing 6-41, the best kiwi debut figures, bowling out Pakistan for 133 runs. New Zealand chasing, at stumps on Day 2, are 104-3, trailing by 29 runs, with Jeet Raval 55 not out on debut.

At the end of a maiden over by Jadeja, Eng 93-5.

46.3 ov: 10 minutes of play left for today! Can India make it count?

46.5: A hint of reverse swing, and the balls zips by the batsman, very close to the stumps! Bowler Shami’s hands fly up to his head, proof of the frustration.

Eng of 47, Eng 94-5.

Jayant Yadav in for India.

47.1: 2 runs to England and good fielding by India! Keeping it tight!

47.2: defended and dot.

47.4: played and dot.

47.5: single to end the over. Eng 98-5 after 48  overs. Bairstow 7*(40) Stokes 12(49).

With minutes till stumps, Kohli hands the ball to Shami. Ashwin comes up to the captain and insists on bowling the last over. No contest from Shami!

3 dots from the first three balls! A great save at slip!

48.3: Bairstow gets one through! Ashwin bowls his carrom ball, Bairstow takes it to the fence! Four runs! And 100 comes up for England!

48.6:  Dot ball,and that’s it! The umpire flicks the bails to end play.

We end Day 2 with England at 103-5! Jayant Yadav having a memorable debut, taking 1 wicket, giving 7 runs has been economical, he says he is enjoying his game, and is waiting for tomorrow morning to come back out onto the field! Ashwin picked up 2.

This session saw 69 runs in all, and 4 wickets. A steady 20 run partnership blooming for England, Bairstow 12*(46) Stokes 12*(49). England still trail India’s total by 352 runs.

Live action resumes tomorrow morning at 9:20 am, that’s all from me!



Sorry, didn’t get too much time to follow on thoroughly, but from what I do know, it’s a clean 3-0 sweep for the Indian women’s cricket team!

Being put in to bat first by Stephanie Taylor, India put up a total of 199-6, with West Indies chasing 200 to win the final One Dayer of the series.

It was a tight game, going right down to the point where it looked like West Indies had won it, needing 35 runs off 36 balls. Rajeshwari Gayakwad took the crucial wickets at that stage that turned the result on it’s head. India really pulled victory right back out from the jaws of defeat!

Again, some good work with the bat and great bowling did the job for India, as they took all 10 wickets, restricting the Windies to 184 runs, 16 runs short of victory.

So India take home a trophy, but the tour is far from over! The three match T20I series begins in two days time, mark your calendars,

Nov 18th – 1st T20I

Nov 20th – 2nd T20I

Nov 22nd – 3rd T20I

Sadly though, they begin at 9 am IST, so may be hard to squeeze in on a week day.

First T20I begins on Saturday morning! Bleed blue!

(PS: BCCI’s website actually does half a decent coverage. Really.)

Survey #12

Back with another one.

The only prelude I can give for this one is a quote by Daenerys Targaryen: “Don’t wake the dragon in me!”

Q: What would you do if you encountered a dragon?

Anisha: I’d ride it.

Lamha: I’d become friends with it, make it take me to the other dragons and travel the world with it!

Shania: I’d offer them a lifetime supply of all varieties of doughnuts and ask them to stop eating humans and mate with them instead. This world will be full of dragon-babies. 🙂

Vyshnavi: I would say “Accio broom” and expect a firebolt to come before me.

Eesha: DRAAGOOON YAAY OH MY GOD – That would be me. Plus I’d try to make friends with it and and call him Greg. GREG THE FIREBREATHER.

Aakansha: I would convince it to take me as its disciple so that I can become a dracomancer (and learn how to ride it, if it permits me to.)

Anandita: Too awestruck to react.

Riya: Pinch myself.

Eva: I would try to pet it, or just stand till it goes away or eats me up.

Aditya: Depends on the dragon: friendly or fiery.

Richa: I would torch it with a blowtorch if it comes to attack, else I’d try to tame it.

Neha: I’d alert the scientific community! My five year old self was right!

Daivya: If friendly, I’d ask him how he produces fire from his mouth, if not friendly, then find a way to kill him.

Satchit: “Puff! What are you doing outside Honalee?”

Aayush: I will train it and make a documentary on the training.

Siddharth: I’d run like hell!

Punyam: If it’s friendly, I’d likely make it my pet, else run!

Pranav: I’d make him my pet and hit on girls and I’ll name him Redbull.

Anand: I’d wake up.

Saahil: I’d probably marry it and be friends with Shrek, given that I’m an ass.

Mohak: I would probably run away. With a smoke bomb, if I have one.

Maulishri: I would kiss the dragon and say hi!

Akshay: I’d play with it everyday to reduce my PACE pressure.

Arjun: I’d wonder how evolution has come a long way.

Sanyukta: I’d scream at it and run away.

Kavina: If it was friendly, I’d become friends with it, if it’s out for the kill, run away!

Devyani: Fly away with it to a place with free desserts.

Zeba: I would tame it.

Sapna: I would light a fire in its mouth.

Keerti: If I do meet a dragon, I’ll go all Hades on him!

Diya: I’d ride it with Pranav.

Pranav: I’ll take the fire out and barbecue marshmallows.

Zahida: I’d fly along with it.

Krishnan: Hypnotize it, make it mine and use it to destroy the devil.

Jyotishka: I’d ride it.

Aninthitha: Tame it, name it Loki and ride it into battle and kill everyone within a 100 m radius.

Vishrutha: I’d ride it. Go full Eragon in it, and “she’d” be my Saphira.

Mahwash: I would be scared, duh and then, like, run.

Charul: I have seen How to Train your Dragon… I’ll train it, damn!

Nirmitii: Do the Dragon Ball-Z dance while singing the Dragon Tales theme song.

A.M. : I’d ride it and destroy the world!

Aditi: I’d paint rainbows on it and tame it.

Mahima: DIE… DED.

Nishidh: Run away.

Satvik: A dragon that has been living for the past 10,000 years must be great to talk to, I’d attain all the knowledge from him.

Arshya: Run. Duh.

Akanksha: Pet it and hope it doesn’t kill me.

Vedika: Like a true Targaryen, I would ride it.

Ajinkya: I would try to ride it and show off.

Harshuday: I’d train it. Inspired by Train My Dragon.

Amrita: I’d train it!

Adhya: Scream my lungs out.

Shreya: I’d try to touch it.

Kaanan: Just stare at it…

Manya: I will destroy all Ranbir/ Virat haters!! Mwahahahaha!
Neetu: I’d run away. Or use a Doraemon gadget on it.

Sakshi: I would ride on it! Like in How to Train Your Dragon!

Vidhi: Mount it.

Sakshi: I will roast marshmallows with its fiery breath and chill.

Anisha: Die, probably.

Varsha ma’am: Train it like it’s my dog.

Kruthika: I’d send him/ her to whack Trump.

Deepan: Probably hide behind a rock, call for my flying broomstick and provoke the dragon to a chase, then steal its golden egg.

Anshul: If I ever encounter a dragon, I would protect myself first and then probably try to tame it, understand it’s behaviour and then use it to conquer the world or a group of people.

Manvika: I’d watch a dragon fly. (Dragonfly)

Shivani: I would say, Loved you in Game of Thrones, can I get an autograph?

Aryaa: I’d probably run for the hills with surprise but on second thoughts watching too much GoT would probably make me want to tame the dragon him? And after that is done, ask him/her to burn down the entire human species (because population explosion.

Ind vs WI wn ODI 2

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the live updates for the second ODI of 3 to be played amongst the Indian and West Indian women’s International cricket teams, both of whom are fighting hard for a qualifying place in the Women’s Championship.

The teams for today are in!

India Women

1 J Goswami
2 M Raj (C)
3 MDT Kamini
4 H Kaur
5 E Bisht
6 S Pandey
7 V Krishnamurthy
8 MR Meshram
9 S Mandhana
10 DB Sharma
11 S Verma (W)
12 Poonam Yadav
13 RS Gayakwad
14 DP Vaidya
15 SK Parida

West Indies Women

1 A Mohammed
2 MR Aguilleira (W)
3 DJS Dottin
4 ASS Fletcher
5 CN Nation
6 SC Selman
7 SR Taylor (C)
8 B Cooper
9 TD Smartt
10 SA Campbelle
11 Kycia A Knight
12 SS Connell
13 HK Matthews
14 SL Quintyne

Indian captain Mithali Raj won the toss and elected to field.

And it’s begun!

0.0:Pandey opens the Indian bowling, West Indies batting first!

Matthews and Quintyne come out to bat for the Windies.

4 runs off the first over, WI 4-0.

1.0: The tallest bowler in women’s cricket, India’sJhulan Goswami comes out to bowl.

And 6 runs off her first over, WI 10-0 in 2 overs. Matthews 58, Quintyne 5*.


After 4 overs, WI 16-0! Matthews 6*, Quintyne 9*.


… India have removed  both openers!

Matthews lbw Goswami 6.               Quintyne lbw Pandey 9. They hit 3 fours between them,

Captain Stephanie Taylor and Kycia Knight in the middle!

Taylor 4*,  Knight 0*.

6 overs up, WIw 22-2!

After 8 overs, WIw 24-2. Taylor 5*, Knight 1*.


The New Zealand vs Pakistan women series also begins today! The kiwis are tough!

After 10 overs, WIw 31-2!

Taylor 10*(22)                     Knight 1*(10)

Jhulan 5 overs 15 runs 1 wicket.   Shikha Pandey 5 overs 13 runs 1 wicket. WHO ELSE FEELS THIS MATCH DESERVED COVERAGE.

In another match happening in Lincoln, NZ, the New Zealand women have restricted the Pak wn to 263-6 in their 50 overs and are now chasing it down!  NZ closing in on an easy win, 212-2 in 37 overs, with Sattherthwaite batting on 81*(79)!

WIw 32-2 in 12 overs. Taylor 11*, Knight 1*.

WIw 38-2 after 14 overs. Taylor 12*, Knight 6*.

Ekta Bisht has been introduced into the attack! She’s given 1 run in her first over.

Fall of Wickets:   1-16 (Matthews, 4.2 ov), 2-20 (Quintyne, 5.2 ov)

Back in the NZ game, capatain Suzie Bates scored 74 (88balls, 7×4 0x6) before falling to Sana Mir’s bowling.


NZ 231-2!

NZ 232-2 in 39.3  Sattherthwaite 96*, Katey Martin 37*

NZ 235-2 after 40 overs.

NZ 236-2 (40.1).

And the next 2 balls are dot balls! Pak tightening, they wont give the victory runs that easily!

Sadia Yousuf bowling well.

NZ 241-2 after 41.2 overs. 22 runs needed in 52 balls.


NZ 244-2 (41.4) Sattherthwaite on 99*!! She’s off strike though.

Meanwhile in the Indian game, India have knocked off another WI wicket! It’s captain Stephanie Taylor who has to go, her stumps knocked off by Ekta Bisht.

S Taylor b Bisht 15 (42b 2×4 0x6) SR: 35.71

WI 46-3 after 18, with Deandra Dottin being the new batter in!

NZ: 1 • 1 1 • 1 | This is what the last over for NZ looks like. Sattherthwaite still on 99*(93).


Dot ball. Dot ball. waiting for it.

She takes 2 runs, and she’s done it!! CENTURY FOR AMY SATTHERTHWAITE!! 101*

NZ 251-2 (43) . 11 Runs to win!

43.4: Katey Martin reaches her half century! 50*(45)

NZ 256-2 (43.5) 8 to win!

FOUR to Sattherthwaite!

7 runs this over, NZ 159-2 (44.0) 5 RUNS TO WIN!

4 MORE TO AMY! 1 TO WIN! 263-2


NZ win the first ODI vs Pak comprehensively, with 8 wickets in hand and 34 balls to spare!

Sattherthwaite 115*(101) Martin 50*(45)

Result: NZ beat Pak by 8 wickets.

Back in the Ind-WI match, WI 51-3 in 20 overs. Kudos to the Indian bowling.

This is the New Zealand batting card.

Batting R B 4 6
SW Bates caught 74 88 7 0
RH Priest caught wk 22 32 2 0
AE Satterthwaite not out 115 101 11 0
KJ Martin not out 50 45 5 0
SFM Devine
EC Perry
SRH Curtis
TMM Newton
HM Rowe
LMM Tahuhu
MJG Nielsen
Extras (w 6) 6
Total (2 wkts; 44.2 ovs) 267

Pakistan bowling card

Bowling O M R W Econ
Asmavia Iqbal 9.2 0 61 0 6.53 (1w)
Aliya Riaz 5 0 34 0 6.80 (2w)
Sana Mir 10 0 43 2 4.30 (1w)
Sadia Yousuf 10 0 55 0 5.50 (1w)
Nida Dar 8 0 61 0 7.62 (1w)
Javeria Khan 1 0 6 0 6.00
Bismah Maroof 1 0 7 0 7.00

Back in the other game, WI 53-3 (22.0 ov)

WI 56-3 after 24 overs! Knight 15*(54), Dottin 6*(20)

Last wicket to fall was captain Taylor 15. FoW: 45-3 (17.1) after a partnership of 25(71).


Scorecard thus far:

West Indies Batting R B 4 6
HK Matthews lbw 6 16 1 0
SL Quintyne lbw 9 12 2 0
SR Taylor bowled 15 42 2 0
Kycia A Knight not out 15 54 3 0
DJS Dottin not out 6 20 0 0
MR Aguilleira
SA Campbelle
SC Selman
ASS Fletcher
A Mohammed
TD Smartt
Extras (b 2, lb 1, w 2) 5
Total (3 wkts; 24 ovs) 56


K Knight 15(56) run out (3×4’s) (26.5 ov)

WI 58-4 (26.0)

Merissa Aguilleira is the next to walk out of the West Indian dressing room!

2 maiden overs! WI 58-4 (28.0 ov)

WI current run rate: 2.07

Indian Bowling card looking very economical right now.

Bowling O M R W Econ
J Goswami 6 2 15 1 2.50
S Pandey 5 0 13 1 2.60
E Bisht 5 1 10 1 2.00
DB Sharma 7 0 14 0 2.00
RS Gayakwad 3 1 3 0 1.00

One acknowledgement that I’ve got to make before we move ahead: I’d be nowhere without ESPN. All hail ESPN.

WI 63-4 after 30 overs! Indian women bowling very clinically here!

M Aguilleira 2*(15), Dottin 10*(39) Current partnership 13 runs off 54 balls.

WI 70-4 (32 ov.)

Aguilleira 4*(17) Dottin 15*(49) Deepti Sharma 0-19 (10 ov.)

WI 77-4 (34.0) Aguilleira 9*(25) Dottin 17*(53) Rajeshwari Gayakwad 0-7 (5 ov.)

Also folks, Harmanpreet Kaur has been introduced into the attack!


WI 84-4 (36 ov) Aguilleira 10*(32) Dottin   Gayakwad 0-12 (6.0)


Captains at the toss, earlier this morning. India won the toss and chose to field. Pic courtesy BCCI.
Training before games play. Courtesy: BCCI, BCCI, BCCI.


End of 38 overs, WI 96-4!
Aguilleira 13*(38)      Dottin 28*(64)  Current RR: 2.52
Windie resistance is on!
Any suggestions or thoughts? Let me know in the comments section! And one pretty important thing: Don’t forget to keep refreshing the page, or you won’t get the updates at all! Veda Krishnamurthy, 52* for India in the first ODI.
WI 104-4 after 40.0 overs! M Aguilleira 17*(43)  Dottin 32*(70)
This 6th wicket partnership is worth 46 runs and 14  overs now. How crucial will  these be in the end?
Batting card:
Batting R B 4 6
HK Matthews lbw 6 16 1 0
SL Quintyne lbw 9 12 2 0
SR Taylor bowled 15 42 2 0
Kycia A Knight run out 15 56 3 0
DJS Dottin not out 32 71 3 0
MR Aguilleira not out 17 43 1 0
SA Campbelle
SC Selman
ASS Fletcher
A Mohammed
TD Smartt
Extras (b 2, lb 6, w 2) 10
Total (4 wkts; 40 ovs) 104

WI 113-4 (42) M Aguilleira 20* (48b, 1×4, 0x6)   Dottin 38*(81b, 4×4, 0x6)

West Indies finally seem to be finding their feet! A late start, yet some start!

WI 128-4 (44.0)  Aguilleira 25*(50)     Dottin 48*(88)

Alert: Dottin nearing a half century!

Just for fun, check out some clips from India’s practise session yesterday:


Back in Rajkot at lunch, England’s batting has been steady, while India have taken 2 wickets so far. Captain Cook (106*) has scored a century and has Ben Stokes (6) batting at the other end. Amit Mishra has taken both wickets fallen so far (Hameed 82, Root 4). England 212-2, lead by 260.


In our current match, 4 overs of the West Indian innings to go! They must lose track of their wickets now and go hard to post a competitive total, being 1 down in the series already.

46 overs up, WI 135-5! Another wicket falls! Aguilleira’s to go for 25, a ball from Ekta Bisht taking her stumps. Both of Bisht’s wickets today have been bowled.

Aguilleira b Bisht 25 (52b 2×4 0x6)

Dottin reaches her 50!   Dottin 50*(90) (5×4, 1×6)       Bisht 2-18 (8)

New batter in is Shemaine Campbell, now batting on 5.

So far:

Batting R B 4 6
HK Matthews lbw 6 16 1 0
SL Quintyne lbw 9 12 2 0
SR Taylor bowled 15 42 2 0
Kycia A Knight run out 15 56 3 0
DJS Dottin not out 50 90 5 1
MR Aguilleira bowled 25 52 2 0
SA Campbelle not out 5 8 1 0
SC Selman
ASS Fletcher
A Mohammed
TD Smartt
Extras (b 2, lb 6, w 2) 10
Total (5 wkts; 46 ovs) 135
Bowling O M R W Econ
J Goswami 9 2 25 1 2.77
S Pandey 7 0 19 1 2.71
E Bisht 8 2 18 2 2.25
DB Sharma 10 1 19 0 1.90
RS Gayakwad 9 2 26 0 2.88
H Kaur 3 0 20 0 6.66

This happened last match, and BCCI tweeted it.

And the first innings is done! West Indies finish with 153-7, a surprisingly subdued score from the usually power-hitting West Indies, Deandra Dottin top scoring in the maroon jersey with an important 63(101). The Indian women can congratulate themselves on half  a job well done, with Goswami, Bisht and Gayakwad picking up 2 wickets each. Now it remains to be seen how the West Indies defend the target they set up on this ground, while India will fancy their chances of clinching the 3 ODI series with an unassailable 2-0 lead. It all  waits to be seen, when India walk out to bat after the innings break!

1st Innings

Batting R B 4 6
HK Matthews lbw 6 16 1 0
SL Quintyne lbw 9 12 2 0
SR Taylor bowled 15 42 2 0
Kycia A Knight run out 15 56 3 0
DJS Dottin not out 50 90 5 1
MR Aguilleira bowled 25 52 2 0
SA Campbelle not out 5 8 1 0
SC Selman
ASS Fletcher
A Mohammed
TD Smartt
Extras (b 2, lb 6, w 2) 10  RR :   3.06
Total (5 wkts; 46 ovs) 135
Bowling O M R W Econ
J Goswami 9 2 25 1 2.77
S Pandey 7 0 19 1 2.71
E Bisht 8 2 18 2 2.25
DB Sharma 10 1 19 0 1.90
RS Gayakwad 9 2 26 0 2.88
H Kaur 3 0 20 0 6.66

Update: Play resumes at 12:55 IST. See you there!

We begin! India on to the chase, West Indies on the field!

For India Thirush Kamini and Mumbai batsman Smriti Mandana come out to bat!

India going at 7.20 runs per over! Smashing.

India 18-0 in 2 overs. Run Rate 9.0 RPO. Required somewhere below 3.2

Mandhana 14*(8)         Kamini 1*(6)

India 23-0 (3.3 ov) Mandana 18*(10)   Kamini 2*(13)

West Indies batting FoW: 

  • 1-16 (Hayley Matthews, 4.2 ov) ,
  • 2-20 (Shaquana Quintyne, 5.2 ov) ,
  • 3-45 (Stafanie Taylor, 17.1 ov) ,
  • 4-58 (Kycia Knight, 25.6 ov) ,
  • 5-128 (Merissa Aguilleira, 44.2 ov) ,
  • 6-139 (Shemaine Campbella, 47.2 ov) ,
  • 7-153 (Deandra Dottin, 49.6 ov)

India lose their first wicket in a most unconventional fashion.

MD Thirushkamini out 2(14) Obstructing the Field.

3.4: Deepti Sharma walks in to bat.

India 27-1 (5.1 ov)   Mandana 23*(13)    Deepti 2*(7)

FOUR for Deepti! India 35-1 in 6.3 overs.

India 36-1 in 7 overs. Mandhana 23*(19),   Deepti 7*(11)   Selman 0-7.

7.0: Hayley Matthews comes into the attack.

India 38-1 after 8 overs! Mandhana 24*9(21)  Deepti 8*(15)   Matthews 0-2.

Meanwhile , in the first-ever test at Rajkot, India have lost Gambhir’s wicket, chasing 300+ for a win after years against England on Indian soil.

Indian wn 40-1 after 9.2 overs. The WI bowlers have cut India’s scoring rate back to 4.32 from the initial 7.2. Good bowling, India unable to score as freely as before.

India 43-1 after 10 overs! Mandhana 27*(29)  Deepti 9*(19)  Matthews 0-5.

Fun fact: there have been 2 no balls and 3 wides by the WI bowlers so far.

Afy Fletcher into the attack.

Indian International women’s team gets coverage under domestic cricket. 🙂

But good that they’re getting coverage.

End of 12 overs, India 45-1. Mandhana 28*(33), Deepti  10*(27).   Matthews 0-5 (3 ov)

50 COMES UP FOR INDIA. It’s come in 12.3 overs.

India 51-1 in 13 overs. Mandhana 33*(37)   Deepti 10*(29)            Fletcher 0-10.


Trivia time: Who is India’s wicketkeeper, and who is West Indies’ wicketkeeper? (Women’s team)

13.4: FOUR runs to Deepti!

India 57-1 after 14. Mandhana34*(39)   Deepti 15*(33)    Hayley 0-11

Spinner Anisa Mohammed into the attack.

1 run off her first over. India 58-1 in 15.  Mandhana 34*(40)    Deepti  16*(38)    Anisa 0-1.

13 overs up, India 59-1.  Mandhana 34*(42)    Deepti 17*(42)

Indian Players yet to bat: 
Player Mat Runs HS Ave 100
4. E Bisht 29 117 18* 11.70 0
5. H Kaur 57 1495 107* 34.76 2
6. S Pandey 14 238 59 29.75 0
7. M Raj 166 5347 114* 49.97 5
8. J Goswami 150 901 57 13.65 0
9. RS Gayakwad 20 11 5 3.66 0
10. S Verma 9 6 3 1.50 0
11. V Krishnamurthy 22 361 63 24.06

India 62-1 after 17 overs. Mandhana 35*(44)      Deepti 19*(46)      Anisha 0-4

India 66-1 (18 ov)  Mandhana35*(44)   Deepti 23*(52)


The answers to the trivia questions! West Indies’ wicketkeeper is Merissa Aguilleira, and India’s wicketkeeper is Sushma Verma.

India 74-1 after 19 overs.

Deandra Dottin into the attack!

19.2: Mandhana moves into the 40’s. Ind 79-1.

20 overs up! India 79-1. Mandhana 41*(52) Deepti 30*(57)

21 overs up, India 81-1! Mandhana 42*(53)  Deepti 31*(61)   29 overs remain. India still need 73 to win!

22 overs, INDw 86-1. Mandhana 43*(58)  Deepti 32*(62),  68 runs to win!

Meanwhile, Indian men 49-2 (18 ov) with Kohli (2) and Vijay (29) not out at Tea.This match looks to be heading for a draw.

22.1: Deepti goes! 32(63), b Anisa, c Hayley

West Indies get their breakthrough! This partnership, worth 63 runs that lasted 18.4 overs has been broken at last, and Anisa Mohammed is the bowler!

22.1: Captain Mithali Raj walks in to bat, and she hits a FOUR!

23 overs, India 94-2. Mandhana 43*, Raj 7*.    Anisa 1-19.

India 99-2 at the end of 24 overs! Mandhana43*(59)  Raj 12*(10) She hit another 4 this over.

India’s Run Rate comes up to 4.12.


Her third of this innings.


India now need 43 runs to win!

End of 25 overs, India 111-2. Mithali 23*(15)   Mandhana 44*(60)     RR: 4.44


Smriti Mandana now goes! India lose their third wicket!  IND 113-3.

S Mandhana 44(62)  c Dottin  b Matthews

India’s hard hitting striker Harmanpreet Kaur walks into the middle!

27 overs, India 114-3. Raj 25*(19)  Kaur 1*(6)

  • 1-23 (M D Thirushkamini, 3.4 ov)
  • 2-86 (Deepti , 22.1 ov)
  • 3-111 ( S S Mandhana, 25.2 ov)

India 116-3, Mithali 26*(23),  Harmanpreet 2*(9)

India need 37 runs to win! From another perspective, West Indies need 7 wickets to win… does this match look like it’s going to reach over 45??

29 overs up, India 121-3! Raj 27*(25), Kaur 6*(12)  A boundary to Harmanpreet this over!

India going at a run rate of 4.17 RPO.

29.0: Afy Fletcher brought back on.

3 runs this over.

30 overs completed! India 124-3. India need 30 runs to win!

In the meantime, the Indian men’s team has lost Vijay too. It’s 71-3, with Rahane being the next batsman in. If they hang in for another three hours, we can draw it out this test. Win? Looks tough.

INDw 125-3 after 31,  29 to win!  Mithali 29*(34)

Harmanpreet Kaur goes! Stumped by ‘keeper Aguilleira to Afy Fletcher’s. She’s out for 6(16), India 125-4.

Veda Krishnamurthy, with a half century in the first match walks out to bat for India!

West Indies Women Innings (Run Rate: 3.06)
EXTRAS (nb 0, w 2, b 2, lb 6, pen 0) 10
TOTAL (7 wickets; 50 overs) 153
  • 1-16 (Hayley Matthews, 4.2 ov) ,
  • 2-20 (Shaquana Quintyne, 5.2 ov) ,
  • 3-45 (Stafanie Taylor, 17.1 ov) ,
  • 4-58 (Kycia Knight, 25.6 ov) ,
  • 5-128 (Merissa Aguilleira, 44.2 ov) ,
  • 6-139 (Shemaine Campbella, 47.2 ov) ,
  • 7-153 (Deandra Dottin, 49.6 ov)
India Women Innings (Run Rate: 3.99)
EXTRAS (nb 2, w 9, b 0, lb 1, pen 0) 12
TOTAL (4 wickets; 31.5 overs) 127


End of 32 overs, India 128-4. Veda 2*, Mithali 30*

India 130-4! 26 runs to get to win this thing! 32.4 overs gone.

At the end of 33 overs, India 134-4.  Mithali 34*(42)  Veda 3*(4)

Over 34: FOUR runs to Mithali! She moves on to 38.

India 141-4 after 34. Mithali 40*(47)    Veda 3*(4)


next over: 3 dot balls. (34.3)

Another dot ball! (34.4)

And another! (34.5)

And a single to end the over, India 142-4. (35) India need 12 to win!

Matthews is on. Starts with a dot ball.

Singles taken in the next 2 balls,

and 2 more singles taken next 2 balls. (145-4)

Veda takes a single! India complete 36 overs with a score of 146-4.  EIGHT RUNS TO WIN!!

Selman takes the ball this over!

36.1: FOUR RUNS TO MITHALI! 4 TO WIN. 150 comes up for India!

SHE’S GONE! Out for a blitzfire 45(51b, 6 4’s and a 6) b  Selman  c Hayley

Single to finish the over, India 151-5! (37.)

Shikha Pandey the new batsman to the crease.

Matthews into her last over.

37.1: dot ball

37.2: single

37.3: dot!

37.4: dot again!

37.5: SINGLE!! Veda the batsman. Ind 153-5. The scores are level now!


India win the match comprehensively, with 12 overs to spare! With this win, India effectively clinch the 3 ODI series, with an unassailable 2-0 lead!

Batting R B 4 6
S Mandhana caught 44 62 6 1
MDT Kamini obstructing the field 2 14 0 0
DB Sharma caught 32 63 4 0
M Raj caught 45 51 6 1
H Kaur stumped 6 16 1 0
V Krishnamurthy not out 8 16 0 0
S Pandey not out 1 8 0 0
J Goswami
RS Gayakwad
S Verma
E Bisht
Extras (lb 3, w 11, nb 2) 16
Total (5 wkts; 38 ovs) 154
Bowling O M R W Econ
TD Smartt 1 0 16 0 16.00
SC Selman 7 1 18 1 2.57
SR Taylor 5 0 20 0 4.00
HK Matthews 10 1 26 1 2.60
ASS Fletcher 6 0 22 1 3.66
A Mohammed 6 0 31 1 5.16
DJS Dottin 3 0 18 0 6.00

West Indies were completely outplayed in this match, both in batting and bowling. Dottin was the only WI batsman able to bat on longer than 25 runs, Merissa Aguilleira the second highest WI scorer with 25 runs.

For India, the 2nd and 5th wicket partnerships, between Smriti Mandana and Deepti Sharma, and between Mandana and Mithali Raj proves to be the ones that decided the match, Raj top scoring for India with a blistering 45.

The Indian bowlers were able to bring on the heat early in the West Indian innings, and that proved key as in the Indian innings, the batsmen batted freely and won comfortably, and comprehensibly.

So India on top, going into the last match here in Vijaywada, having taken the series, and that’s it from me, till 16th November, when the last ODI before the T20 series takes place!


Something I Consider Important

I last blogged – live blogged the third day of the ongoing India vs England test match, and on an unrelated note I’d like to put in a little piece of trivia.

Did anyone know that at the same time, there’s a three ODI series going on, right here in India, between the Indian and West Indian women? The first match, just yesterday was won by the Indians, having bowled out the WI batsmen (batswomen?) for just 131 runs and chased it down with 6 wickets in hand and 65 balls to spare.

We have four Indian cricket teams, the men’s international, under-19, women’s, and women’s under-19. But the men’s under-19 gets better coverage than the International women’s team!

The second ODI against West Indies is on a convenient Sunday, and I plan to cover it! Join me on Sunday, I’m going to be live blogging the match, stick around and, I dunno, show your support for women’s cricket? No, discover it for yourself. Who knows, maybe it’s not as “boring” as it’s thought to be. (By whom? Even I can’t say.)

Maybe if we give the match enough Google searches, the message may sometime get across, yes, we care!

See you there!

Catch it live here!

Ind vs Eng Test 1

Match score, India vs England, Test 1.

Day 3

Joining in the 90th over of the Indian innings in the first match in a long English series in India, the action’s in the middle. Becoming a comfortable batting wicket over the last two days, the wicket’s only predicted to become easier to bat on. In the past two days, England put on a mammoth 537 in their first batting innings, with three centurions, Joe Root (124), Moeen Ali, (117) and Ben Stokes (128). Now batting, India are currently going steady on 276/1, with Gautam Gambhir (29) being the only wicket to fall, having been trapped leg before wicket by Stuart Broad. Cheteshwar Pujara (124) and Murali Vijay (110) scored centuries each.

91st over: Pujara falls to Ben Stokes, just having changed bowling ends, a catch at slip to captain Cook.  India 277-2.

Cheers from the crowd, skipper Virat Kohli walks in to bat.

Wicket maiden from Stokes. End of 92nd over, India 277-2.

92: Stuart Broad back in at the other end.

He starts with a tight line, the crowd is in full swing with chants of “Virat, Virat.”

Post-Tea session: 13.2 overs, 50 runs, 1 wicket.

1 run this over, India 278-2 after 93.

India still trail by 259 runs.

Stokes in. Vijay edges the ball, but no slip, so it goes down to third man safely.

Kohli gets off the mark this over.

At the end of 94 overs,  Ind 280-2.

over 95: The pitch is cracked with patches of grass.

School kids sitting in the stadium with painted faces, cheering on the home team, we really shouldn’t be worried about patriotism.

At the end of 95, India 281-2.

95.1: FOUR! Boundary for Kohli. He’s 18 balls old at the crease, and settling in comfortably, he reached out for that boundary and defended for a dot the next ball.

Ben Stokes finishes with a bouncer, after 96 overs, India 285-2.

97 over: 96.5: Vijay uses good wrists to send one towards the boundary. It goes for three.

End of 97, India 290-2.

98:  97.5: Ooh, bouncer from Stokes to Kohli, the fielders think there may be some glove on it. Stokes isn’t sure. Captain Cook decides not to review, England have 2 reviews in hand.

After 98 overs, India 291-2.

Murali Vijay has been in for more than 430 minutes.

I would never want to stand next to Stuart Broad. It’d give me a great height complex. Think of what team talks would be like if he was made captain.

Maiden over, India 291-2 after 99.

Moeen Ali into the attack.

100 overs up, India 292-2.

Over 101: Broad into the attack.

Since we’re at over one-oh-one, I am owed this:

Fact #101: There have been five individual centuries this match so far. Could India up that number?

100.5: FOUR runs for Kohli, square of the ‘keeper, and a half-century for Stuart Broad! In bowling figures, at least.

India 297-2 after 101 overs.

Over 102: Moeen Ali back, dot ball, with non-striker running halfway down the pitch and being sent back. No damage done though.

101.2: Four runs to Kohli! Powerfully off the back foot, races to the ropes.

He settles for a single the next ball.

101.5: SIX for Vijay! Right over the boards!

India 308-2. India still trail by 229 runs.

103rd over: Chris Woakes into the attack.

India 309-2 after 103 overs! 228 to level scores.

India 311-2. Vijay 124*(294) Kohli 20*(52) 104 overs up.

At the end of 105 overs, India 313-2.

India 316-2 after 106 overs.

Over 107: The side lining of Kohli’s bat is coming off. Tells you something about his practise ethics.

106.5: Overthrow by Root costs England a run! The strategy was in place though: Vijay’s being rushed, no better way to tire out a batsman who’s been out in the middle for a whole day.

16:53 pm: Day’s play is drawing to an end… Today’s play has already gone on half an hour longer than yesterday’s.

108: WICKET! After batting like a sage for nearly 300 balls and 500 minutes, Vijay breaks, a catch on the pitch and he’s gone back for 126(301).

India 318-3 after 108 overs. Trail by 219 runs.

Surprise call from the Indian camp, Amit Mishra is the fifth batsman in!

108.3: NOW MISHRA GOES. Caught in a similar fashion and gone for a duck, that’s it for today!

Stumps called at 5:00 pm, India 319-4 after 108.3 overs, Kohli 26*(70), with the 219 runs partnership between Vijay and Pujara being the best, Broad, Ansari, Rashid and Stokes with a wicket a piece. India trail by 219 runs. 91 runs scored, 3 wickets taken in the last session for the day.

India: Vijay 126 (301),  Gambhir 29  (72),   Pujara 124 (206),   Kohli 26*(70),   Mishra 0 (2).

England: Broad 1-54,  Woakes 0-39,    Moeen 0-70,    Ansari 1-57,    Rashid 1-57,   Stokes 1-39.

Cheteshwar Pujara says the support for test matches is very good to see,  and says he just played his natural game. He feels India are still in a comfortable position despite being 4 wickets down.

And that’s all from me, Day 4 play resumes tomorrow morning, 9:30 am IST!


Day 4

In at lunch.

India began today’s play with new batsman Rahane at the crease along with Kohli, continuing from his overnight score of 26.

After a bit of a partnership, India lost both batsmen, Rahane bowled out by Ansari, the delivery just clipping the top of his stumps, while Kohli stepped on his wicket while going for a run.

Since then, Ashwin and Saha with 29 each, have been India’s resistance, a fifty run partnership between them.

This session: 92 runs 2 wickets.

Also fun fact: 41 batsmen have been out hit wicket so far.

As the teams go off for lunch, it’s 411-6 in 136 overs.

At tea, India all out for 488, still 49 runs in deficit of England’s 1st innings total of 537. The last session saw Ashwin score 70 runs, a good innings with 7 fours, but after his batting partner Saha fell for 35 to a Moeen Ali ball, the Indian batting fell apart. Post tea, England will come out to bat, with about two hours of play left today, and a spinning wicket, this match is not dead yet!


0.0: Shami opens the bowling! Cook on strike, cutting back in, a single.

0.4: Hamid off the mark with a boundary, outside the leg stump.

After the first over, England 5-0.

Jadeja opens at the other end.

1.3: Jadeja hits him on the pads! The team goes up! Might just be missing leg stump. Replays show it to just be clipping, but being an umpire’s call, reviewing would’ve been unsuccessful.

1.4: Next ball another close shave for Cook, as the ball just goes centimetres over his stumps.

End of 2, England 6-0. Cook 1*   Hameed 4.

35 overs left in the day!


End of 3 overs, England 7-0  Cook 2 Hameed 4*.  Eng lead by 57.

3.4: Boundary to Cook, a touch and the ball races away behind the off stump.

3.5: a chance! The ball bounces off Cook’s bat and almost bounces into the nearby waiting Saha’s hands.  Single, England 14-0.


4.1: another chance missed! Cool pulls one away, Pujara missed it by centimetres. Single to England.

England 15-0  Cook 8*  Hameed 6. England lead by 64.

5.3: SIX! Hameed clears the ropes! A straight shot.

End of 6, England 24-0. Cook 11* Hameed 12.

6.0: Ashwin comes into the attack!

England 26-0  Cook 12    Hameed 13*

7.0: Looks like an Ashwin- Jadeja partnership. If England play this spell out before the wicket slows, how crucial will it be for them?

End of 8 overs, England 31-0.


(This looks like the end of my spell, drinks break for me, and one with an uncertain end. That’s all from my end, over and out!)


(Okay, I snuck back in. I’ll update every three overs.)

England stepping on it! The extend their lead to a 105 now.

England 56-0. Cook 22   Hameed 33 after 16 overs.

After 20 overs, England 70-0. Cook 29*, Hameed 40*. Umesh Yadav’s been introduced into the attack.

End of 22 overs, England 70-0.

There’s a fair amount of cricket happening around. Just to give an idea, there are two other international matches happening today, in other parts of the world. One, in Hobart is the exciting test match between Australia and South Africa, where, at stumps on Day 1, Australia’s been bowled out for 85 in just 33 overs, and South Africa, batting with a score of 171-5, lead by 86 runs. The second match is happening in Columbo, the Sri Lanka vs England women’s ODI, where England batting first scored 295, and SL on the chase are currently 66/4 after 19 overs.

England 77-0 in 25 overs. Cook 32*, Hameed 44*.

Update: Haseeb Hameed reaches his half century. 50* to him.

Update: 100 up for England.

England 100-0 after 33 overs. Cook 39*    Hameed 55*.  England lead by 149.

England stretch their lead to 150. Eng 101-0.

37 overs up, England 114-0. Cook 46*, Hameed 62*.

England lead by 163.

And that’s it folks, stumps have been called for the day!

England are in a very good position to win the first test against India, on Indian soil too, still with all ten wickets in hand and the freedom to play on a wicket that’s not harming the visitors. India on the other hand will be hoping to slow England down tomorrow, take a few wickets, and hope England declare early.

So at the end of Day 4, England playing for the win, India, for the draw, can things change on the final day of the Rajkot test?

Action begins at 9 am tomorrow morning (at least, on the field) and do catch the India vs West Indies women’s ODI, happening at 9 am, Vijaywada!

Over and out.

Survey #11

Pre-warnings: Prepare for a hell lot of free publicity. And that’s a legitimate warning.
Back again with the next survey, one of those clichéd personality description ones this time.

Q: Describe yourself in a website link.

(some of these websites do exist/ are the respective person’s blog. If you’ve really got nothing to do, try opening them all and checking if they really exist.)


Aayush: (and the website would crash on opening.)




(does WordPress need any more publicity here?)






Vrinda:  (my information is as edited as Wikipedia’s, she explains)









(To be honest with you, I haven’t seen spam links this long.)




Aditi: (actual site)














Aninthitha: http://www.iambatman.ark






















Shamila ma’am:

Manish sir:











Manvika: (where mww is my world web)







Anjali: Webpage not available.






This is the cue for my page to crash, isn’t it.
Until next time!

Survey #10

Back, deca-powered. Running in two digits now. With no more delay, here’s the next survey.

Q: Plan your own death.

Deepan: “A bullet through the brain is peaceful in its own respect.” – Mr. Robot

Aditya: Falling into a black hole should be painless because of the speed.

Yusuf: A bullet through the brain so I don’t feel the pain.

Aditi: A death where I am pushed off a cliff into water.

Arshya: Peacefully, in my sleep.

Akanksha: In my sleep, when I’m like 85, at the same time as my future husband.

Aakansha: Maybe through chemicals, some way that doesn’t lead to me screaming out of pain.

Ashay: I’d die of overeating.

Aayush: A silent, peaceful death, preferably cyanide.

Tanishi: Jumping off an aeroplane.

Anjali: I’d like to die sleeping, because then people would know that I died doing what I love.

Mahwash: I would prefer dying laughing because it will be happily painful, preferably with Tanishi.

Anandita: Anything quick and painless.

Shreya: By getting lost in time travel or amidst a black hole.

Charul: My death will be very mysterious, like Liesa.

Sakshi: Cliff jumping.

Shlok: I just don’t want you to for on a ventilator. I’d rather die in the Fat Man’s Cafe in a Venum GT.

Shania: I’d jump off the Empire State Building. Or I’d die cooking the last meal of my life. I’ll sit with my family and have the meal and then… I’ll die.

Neha: Falling into a black hole (or as close to that as physics allows).

Akshay: By drowning in the sea with my loved ones. (Titanic style).

Lamha: Jump off an aeroplane, doing somersaults, screaming ‘YODO’ without a parachute into the ocean.

Aaliya: Jump off a cliff with a cupcake.

Hruditha: In my sleep.

Harneet: Peacefully, without feeling anything, it’s better than dying with a sword in your stomach.

Keerti: I’d want Hades to kill me.

Anushka: I want a peaceful death – no pain. But I want to write my own eulogy.

Joshika: I want to come under a car in front of FIITJEE , preferably a Jaguar.

Sanyukta: I want a sudden death.

Ayushi: I want my death to be a sacrifice for many people, for it to save numerous lives and after my death, I wish to be well known for my sacrifice.

Satvik: To die a warriors’ death, in my opinion, is the best death.

Satchit: Nazi death camp/ joyless overload/ drowned by kittens/ not wearing a space suit/ browser pop up: Ninjas/ potatoes.

Aayushi: I don’t have a life, already dead. (Credits: Ashay) (Ashay: Aw yeah!!)

Mahima: I think I’ll go to a farm, start petting a bull and the bull will kill me. (Predicted by Akanksha)

Raghav: I’d die of an illness called love.

Radhika: I want to die in a tsunami.

Jatin: Satin himself will kill me.

Kritika: Drowning.

Vishruta: Kill myself and frame someone else for it.

Girisha: I’d die skydiving.

Diya: I’d hire a hot mafia guy to stab me.

Oleina: I want to die at sea, bitten by a shark.

Punnati: I don’t want to die!

Zeba: Death by chocolate.

Sapna: I’d like to die on my birthday, in my sleep.

Shalini: I’d die a natural death.

Jahnavi: Naturally.

Adhya: Old age.

Tanishka: Old age.

Archit: I’d like to die onstage behind a drum kit with a live audience.

Zahida: I’d die sleeping.

Anushka: I wouldn’t plan it, because I enjoy living every moment not knowing when my life will end.

Vani: I would like to die in a library, just after finishing a book.

Pooja B ma’am: I’d want to die fully functional, financially independent and not dependent on time.

Pooja K ma’am: On a beach, in a hammock.

Eva: I’d want someone to poison my food without me knowing it.

Anush: In a Lake Como villa.

Saif: I’d like to die driving my car.

Rishbha: I’d cut my hand. Maiming.

Jatin: I’d plan for two tractors to come and crash my car (with me in it).

Arathi: My death should be with my friends together…

Anisha: A good way to die would be jumping off the tallest building. Or think about free falling in the sky. That would be amazing, like how you feel in a nice ride x 1000.

Aninthitha: Die in war. Preferably with a sword in my hand, because I love swords, or a gun. Go down fighting. Not the cutesy-surrounded-by-loved-ones-in-a-warm-bed crap.

Kruthika: I am already dead inside.

Shefali: Surviving without songs is death!

Arjun: The most peaceful and painless death after a satisfactory life.

Anisha: In my sleep.

Anshul: Me flying an Antonov 225 and crashing it into the CBSE headquarters.

Aakansha: I would die as a hero who fought for the good (of humanity? Maybe. Maybe not.) because lliving longer may lead to me being considered a villain.

Manvika: Whatever it would be, it would be quick and painless, with a smile on my face. A smile that is real.

Rest in peace for some, rest in pieces for some others, but never rust in peace.