Journaling My Journal (The End of it)

The victory post.

Following up from my physics journal completion tryst from over the last two days.


Well, life lessons are everywhere. And today, I suppose I learn that the resilient do win!


So today was school. I didn’t bunk, there wasn’t the slightest rainshower, we had our classroom changed (and hence no rat in the picture) and we didn’t get a PT period.

Basically, all my checkpoints failed.

But I won.

I completed one experiment during some free time I had in the morning in school, and I said to my friend, we’ll take it as it comes.

And it came in the form of victory, and it was sweet.

Our physics Teach’ came in today, and asked for the journals straight up. My major concern at this point was that I hadn’t drawn any diagrams in my journal. (I was hoping here that I would get away with two teeny experiments less.)

Teach’ then said it was alright not to have drawn the diagrams or observation tables at the moment, that could be done later. (We wouldn’t have the time later in the year to write the whole big mess, the tiny details could be added in later. That was the purpose of having given us this task in the vacations in the first place. But well, chances like that are sort of wasted on us!)

I did turn in my journal, and though I almost got in trouble because I have a sort of small handwriting, and because of that, it seemed to Teach’ like I had written a hundred and fifty pages worth of experiments rather than two hundred, (and I choked back shock and a yawn here) things turned out fine, and I got the coveted tick against my name.

That’s it. Just a tick.

Everything I have done, over three blog posts, no less (:P), just for a tick.

But it felt good; I felt accomplished.

I don’t think I’ve ever fist pumped for having finished school work before, but I did today. I looked at my bored buddy beside me, I said, hell yes! She glanced up and said, yes, alright, sure. Congratulations.

It was a victory, in a way, and I can really sleep tonight.

In the end though, Teach’ did relent and prolong his deadline to Monday. Who can resist that weekend bonanza. Go right ahead, kill Saturday already!

A friend of mine came up and told me that he would begin his journal today.

Suit him, and good luck to him.

As for me, I have a beautiful, unsoiled weekend ahead, with a juicy double header Women’s cricket World Cup matches on Sunday.

So all’s well that ends well.

This is awesome. 🙂

Journaling My Journal (Again.)

Day two of trying to complete my physics journal.

Working on my journal again, a follow up from this.

Here we go again, how much can I finish today? All of it, I hope!


Lithium carbonate salts are used as antidepressants.
That’s probably why the Nirvana song Lithium is named so.


Reverse biased diodes:
a) something that’s existence I will need to know about, and very well too.
b) A description that works bloody well for me.

By the way, it’s a diode with a lower potential at one end. Sounds like someone?


Zero error: Something that doesn’t exist for me.


Hmm… Going by my physics journal’s guidelines, every phenomenon has a characteristic curve… Wait, what am I thinking!?


If you happen to have a biology journal to complete/are a biology student/are interested in biology (in more than a primitive-sex instinct kind of way) find out what an aneurysm is.

I’ll just tell you it’s a great Nirvana song.


Last week, while surveying, I met a friend. She had a bandage on her thumb. I asked her, what happened?
She said that she’d completed her biology journal last week.


What would happen if a guy named Rio got stunned/paralysed?
He’d become rheostat.

And I thought I’d hit rock bottom yesterday.


Oh, when you have the Potential to do it, but your Current situation sucks ’cause the Resistance is too much.
Practicals can can be a lot like Literature: it takes many readings.

Speaking of which, Reading festival is from 25th August this year, and I’m super stoked: Muse will be headlining on Sunday!

Glastonbury was last week, and Foo Fighters rocked Saturday night.

I wonder, if I were to try the Glastonbury traffic, would I complete my journal on the way? (It can take up to 16 HOURS. The traffic gets terrible.) (Super hypothetical situation. I haven’t been to Glastonbury yet. Sigh.)


Smriti Mandhana scored a century today, and India beat West Indies. More than beat. I’ll do a separate, proper post on that, sorry I haven’t been putting up too much of the Women’s Cricket World Cup lately. The Tournament’s been really exciting so far, and hopefully, there’ll be less washouts than the Champions Trophy.


The day I’ll really appreciate physics is when we can make it rain where it needs to happen (here. HERE! SURFS UP!!) and stop it from raining down on our parades (and matches.)


Physics: Plot a graph.
Architecture: Graph (sketch) a plot.

Life is complicated.


You know the statue The Thinker?
It’s been sitting in one position for how many centuries.
I’m rivalling it. Soon.


From all the precautions we have been given for our practical experiments, it really seems like someone out there cares for us.
That’s why they wrote us 9 precautions, each three lines long. Because no one ever gave them a copy of
Precautions to Take While Experimenting with Adolescent Human Anatomy
(The Complete Hand Care book)
– Foreword by Donald Trump.


My wish for the day:

All the downpours came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay

Oh you Pretty Things (raindrops)
Don’t you know (your absence) is driving me insane

But it looks like the original will stay, no sign of rain.

All the nightmares came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay.


I think journal writing is getting to us all:
My class was so close to having an official class discussion on weed today.

Also. Any physical test to determine whether a reaction has evolved acetic acid involves doing a nose test to check if it smells like vinegar.

So we are legally given marks to sniff acid!?


Here’s a trick question for you: what’s the difference between accuracy and precision?
What’s that you say, they’re the same thing?

Haha, joke’s on you, no they’re not. Welcome to the world of physics.


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet, quot possit his ne.
Yes, I actually did that.


6 experiments to go!


A friend told me that electrons might have a “consciousness”. There’s speculation.

If they did, I wonder, if each electron in my body volunteered to smear a dot of ink across this paper in front of me, how quick would I be done?

(Yes, we are science students. Please believe me.)


Dad says to mum, delete her data. Am I being invalidated?


Things I’ve learnt from my mother:
Don’t disturb her when she sleeps. You physically cannot.

The other day, I was ill and puking my guts out. My mother volunteered to sleep next to me, so that if something happens at night, she’d be right there.

Later that night:
I’m in the bathroom puking again. I have the soothing sound of my mother’s snoring for moral support.

Lesson: she will sleep through my marriage if it’s in a different time zone.

(PS: That ain’t happening. Ever.)



There is such a thing as Reverse Breakdown voltage. I suddenly relate to physics. Or not.

Everything is probability, after all. 😉


I showed that bit to my mum. Now I get to hear the history of my life again. I am getting detailed descriptions of every one of the ten thousand-and-one pukes I puked as a baby. (And boy, did I puke till I was two.)
This isn’t about the physics anymore.


My little sister has been given a pamphlet in which to write down her favourite cartoon character. I’ve been nominated.


If I cross a bridge that’s 100 centimetres long, would I have successfully used a metre bridge?


Me to my battery:
We Gotta Hold on to what we’ve got…
It does make a difference if you don’t make it!

11% left. Charger.


Cool thing called Zener Effect. It happens when the reverse bias value becomes much larger than the forward potential, the electric field pulls electrons directly out of their bonds to join and increase the current. Sounds like forced army recruitment.

I wonder then, if electrons do have a consciousness, is this unjust?


If there was no gravity, the trust fall test would fail.
– said the Optimist.

Ouch, said the Pessimist, rubbing his broken arm.
Only 5 to go!


I’m sorry Teach’, but when I’m doing transformers here, I’m thinking of Bumblebee.
The dilemma of a follower of British English: when shortening stuff, would you rather colour retain it’s ‘u’, or you retain some time?

Pride’s the factor. Screw the colour coded resistors, it’s the spelling that matters. (And I try to assert that I’m a science student. Hah.)

If you told me a robber was in town, I’d probably first say, “Where’s my journal?”. Four and a half to go!

Just four to go!
I wonder if the reason why it’s absolutely necessary for us to cover our journals with orange paper is because some officials feel uncomfortable staring at naked notebooks?


It’s 12:30 am. I look like the Nevermind smiley.

Goodness, how did kids in the 1700’s survive without all this physics?

No wonder there are so many wartime poems. And wars. Physics leaves no time for that shit. Overthinking needs time. That’s where extra deep/nonsensical war poems come from?


My grandparents will laugh at me- my legs hurt from all that sitting.
To say nothing of my wrist.


Writing bulb experiments brings back sad anecdotes: for a period of time in sixth grade, despite knowing the spelling of bulb, it always came out ‘bubl’ when I wrote it, because I wrote with cursive. It drove me mad, my friend would laugh hysterically.

I gave up cursive, now, partly. I’ve taken up cursing. Believe me, I’m learning. 😛 Or not. Probability.


“Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed”, said Lavoisier, I think. Yet all that is born must die.

Valhar Morghulis.

What if the multiple universes present are connected like a parallel circuit, with some weird glue “current” flowing through them all, binding them together?


Ah, the experiment procedure says “Step 1: Procure needed materials.”



If you really want a high, try staying up real late. You’ll get all light headed and feel like you’re floating real high around.


I’m not giving up, only just pausing our blockbuster for today. The Box Office has had enough for a day. The climax comes tomorrow in physics class.

1. School’s rained out.
2. Class smells after PT and no one can enter.
3. The rat does it’s job. (I need to elaborate on this, but there’s a rat in our class. Occasionally. But I can see it freaking our teachers out.)
4. Fortune decides to favour the poor, underslept unfortunate.

If not, watch out for the smoke alarms!

3 experiments to go.

Pō pai! (Good night!)



I finally decided to man up and face things head on. Here’s the next day.

Journaling my Journal

Trying to work on finishing my lab manual.

How blockbuster.
I have until sundown to finish writing all my physics practical experiments. Great job, Teach’.
That was delivered to cinematic perfection.

I had all holidays to do it, but I didn’t. I told myself, once my tests are done, I will write the damned thing, it’s all in a day’s work.
And then I let it go.

Till today. Teach’ drops it in so casually, you couldn’t have imagined it causing any damage till the damage was done.
Plenty whaaaaaaat?????’s follow.

I’m writing a physics journal write now. Oh, sorry, I meant right now.
But I’m also journaling my writing of my journal. ‘Cuz I’m bored.

Disclaimer: I don’t suppose this is going to be all grammatically correct, since it’s just a draft of thought. My main aim is to finish the journal, this is ‘cuz I’m bored. And why not, it may even be a guideline to someone else who’s on the last minute thing. (Don’t leave it to then!)

Well, here I am then, physics journal. But I’m doing maths. I’ve planned it out.
20 minutes an experiment. 15 experiments. 5 hours? I should be done by 12! Joy, I may get a few hours of sleep!

Fact: My last journal writing period was exactly like this one.
One day to go, a whole journal to complete.
It took till 1 then, but the good part was that I finished listening to (and pretty much learned by heart) the whole Sounds of Silence album.

I have too much journal work left to include a link. But Google exists and thrives for a reason. Give a listen sometime.

Update on my journal: I’m thinking of throwing in some Lorem Ipsum in the procedure and listening to Nirvana.

Journal writing can be a very creative process.
You need to think of the shortest word to replace a sentence and still need it to look convincingly long. I don’t even have a very big handwriting.

Did you know you can covert a galvanometer into a voltmeter? All you need is a little patience, very high resistance converted in series luck.

14 experiments to go!

Mean heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart

These are not only Tourette’s lyrics.

Hello darkness my old Friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because I plan to see you and then shut my eyes again
And resume my sleeping

What an idea would bunking be tomorrow?
I’ve 14 experiments and, like 7 hours before the day changes.

Did anyone watch England’s incredible 377-7 against Pakistan in the Women’s World Cup yesterday?? Shame it was rained out, as today’s game (SA vs NZ) looks to be heading to, but Pak had their task cut out. Ayesha Zafar batting pretty well, though.

I feel like Usain Bolt.

“You take a 98% concentration fuming nitric acid and add the acid to three times the amount of sulphuric acid. Do this in an ice bath. Then add glycerin with an eyedropper, drop by drop. You have nitroglycerin.”
Nitroglycerin is a dynamite.

Fight Club is the one time you’ll love chemistry. Unless you love it already.
The part I love, is that I actually understand what he’s saying out there.
Now back to the physics.

I just cut down a three line point to half a line. Then I realised that doesn’t work. Then I had l lengthen it. Manipulate your manipulation. We lead sad lives.

A friend once said they felt wrong being ungrammatical in notes. I think we’ve passed that stage a while ago. I’ve lost all my articles. And most words under three letters. Unless they’re absolutely necessary.

Rain, rain, please leave England
I believe you’re better appreciated here than in no man’s land
Please flood the school entrance till no one can enter
If you’d like to keep going, the more the better
We’ll decide how much to grade my journal based on synchronised swimming with excuses.
(I’ve picked up quite a few on the last survey.)

Hamlet’s eternal dilemma: to take a bathroom break, or not to take a bathroom break.
I’d thought a phone break was out of question, to be honest.

I’m thinking of the song Friday I’m In Love. Would it have hurt to have been a Friday?

Enough with me being a Negative Creep. I’ll be more positive now. Not for the wrong reasons. But I may just finish.

Last year’s physics journal anecdotes:
A friend finished his journal with quite a flourish last year: his procedures included half the class’ names and movie dialogues.

Another pal began writing her journal with music on. Her aim turned out to be a lyric. The page found it’s way to the dustbin. She later tells me, I mostly listen to instrumental stuff while studying.

We’re losing handwriting. And time.

How many pens will I finish in one sitting?

Only twelve to go!!

Spherical Mirror Parallax removal: The one time looking in a mirror is not vanity.

Past journal anecdotes: (not mine this time)
Our physics teacher had once told us that an examiner had been unhappy with a graph in a mirror experiment that labelled ‘u’ (object distance) and ‘v’ (image distance) because she felt it could get mistaken for ‘u’ – initial velocity and ‘v’ – final velocity. Speeds in a mirror! We’ve seen it all.

I actually don’t know who I’m trying to entertain throughout my journal writing.
My chances of finally making it in time? Not.

It started raining suddenly and hard this evening. A cat got surprised and yowled in agony. And again. And again. For ten whole minutes!

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour
And heaven knows I’m miserable now

– Sounds like me all of last week. And the holidays.
(The song is by the Smiths.)

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday
(and tomorrow, forevermore, procrastination)

I’m not half the man I used to be
There’s a shadow hanging over me
(under my eyes)
Oh yesterday today came suddenly

I He said something wrong now I long for yesterday
(and all my nonexistent summer break)

Soon to come: An Ode to Coffee.
We’re not yet at that stage, it’s like, 8 o’ clock. Still running.
Have I mentioned I feel like Usain Bolt?

My little sister these days knows more practical science than me.
We’ve reached a point where Facebook videos have better science ideas than a 12th grade physics/chemistry textbook.
Who knew the worth of a hot glue gun.
(Soldering guns can be used to fix pickups. Guitarist, alert!)

11 to go!

This countdown seems worth it. Almost. If only it could move as quick as the doomsday clock.

If only this work were cheese
Everyone would be at ease

Cheese and fine wine are a few things that only get better with procrastination, unlike my situation.

Wait, introspection when I’m only 5 down? What am I doing!

I’m looking hopefully to the sky for a number of reasons:

a) When the zetas fill the skies
It’s just our leaders in disguise
b) Rain. Rain? Rain! RAIN!?
c) Looking for the odd-lightning bolt to strike and turn me into the Flash. I need the speed.

At 9:30, as I sit and write a lens experiment, my instincts open up. My situation is clear before me.
Everything comes into ‘focus’. 😉
(Naw, have I fallen this low?)

My book cautions that in an optical bench experiment, “tips of the needles should be as high as the lens.”
I don’t know what to interpret anymore.

I just misread sexiest as sexist. Am I getting defensive, or is the work getting me?
(Don’t worry, it wasn’t in the physics book.)

10 to go.

Declare this an emergency
Come on and spread a sense of urgency
And pull us through
And pull us through
And this is the end
This is the end
Of the world

(There will always be a Muse influence on me. Sue me.)

Teacher, leave us kids alone!
All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall
All in all, it’s just another prick in the wall.

Sigh. 9 to go.

9 still to go, but I’ll keep updating here!

Someone get me a fast forward button for the night.

I’ve realised my maths assumption at the start of this Herculean task was probably as screwed up as I’m going to be by tomorrow morning.

Journal/Practicals anecdote: We were doing an experiment with a travelling microscope.

A pal of mine, great guy asks our teacher, “Ma’am, if I take a microscope with me for a weekend drive, does it become a travelling microscope?”

Practicals fact: My chemistry lab partner and I have set off the smoke alarms in the chemistry lab twice in two weeks already.

Test tubes can get awful c-c-cold
(Talkin’ ’bout my generation)
Why not break some before you get old
(Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

Been there, done that.

I got no motivation
Where is my motivation
No time for the motivation
Smoking my inspiration

(Lyrics to Longview by Green Day.
I can see those alarms going off a third time.)

Has someone taken your faith?
Its real, the pain you feel
You trust, you must
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

Yes, I must confess, I didn’t imagine it was this much. I told a friend in the evening, that with 12 experiments to go, I’ll probably complete by midnight!

She laughed nervously and said, honey, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that ain’t happening. Not today.

Shit, I suppose.

Oh no love! You’re not alone
No matter what or who you’ve been
No matter when or where you’ve seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain
You’re not alone!

Oh, dear, I actually want someone to tell me this right now!

We’re now in the next day. Crap. Aborting mission? Almost at that! Maybe a few more…

She says we’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got.
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot.
For love we’ll give it a shot.
Whoaaaa, we’re half way there
Whoaaaaao, Livin’ on a Prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear
Whoaaaa, Livin’ on a Prayer

It actually doesn’t make a difference anymore… It’s sleep or coffee, every cell for itself!

So… I end the day with 7 experiments to go… Not too bad progress! I’ll have to fend for myself tomorrow, but I gotta admit, it’s been an interesting journal writing session.

Thanks for keeping me company all these hours! (Sort of.)

Sparks will fly and smoke alarms will ring tomorrow.

Good night!


This is after school, the next day.

For anyone who’d want to know about the smoke alarms, or how the day after went, I’ll let you in on this.

You know, life has funny ways of going about itself.

I decided not to bunk, despite the fact that I slept at 12:30 and got up at 7.

50% of my class bunked. Was that encouraging? We actually had 50% of the class present, that was a surprisingly big number of people attending! 😛

So our present population also had a big number of people who hadn’t completed their journals, and we figured,

If we die, we’ll die together,

And then the first period for the day begins.

It’s English. Our teacher’s busy next week. She wants some extra teaching time.

Guess what? She’s decided to borrow time off physics. Not ten minutes or so. The whole period.

I’ve lucked out! All that was running through my head was this: ‘Well, what do you know! I guess sometimes Fortune does favour the brave!’

So in the end, I have a great experience behind me, and all’s well that ends well!

Just 7 experiments to go!

So how did today go?

I’ve decided that both I and other readers would be pretty fed up with scrolling down endlessly through till we both have finger sores (wait a minute. I’ve written a journal for, what, a net worth of ten hours, are we talking about my finger sores?), so Day 2 of my conquest is a separate post.

Follow the madness here!

(And thanks for keeping me company through those lonesome early hours of the day!)


Getting bored again, messing with the Phineas and Ferb theme.

No matter how old you are, you’ve gotta admit that Phineas and Ferb rocks, and greeting people with a “Hey <person>, whatcha doin’?” was probably standard. So forgive me if I inadvertently (on purpose) end up ruining your childhood… I love Phineas and Ferb too. Here’s me messing around with the theme song.

I wish there were a 104 days of summer vacation
But school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.
Like maybe:
Not doing homework or doing a project
Or climbing through a pile of textbooks
Learning of something that doesn’t exist
Or reviewing notes for an hour!
Surfing the Internet
For creating answers
Or locating Guam or Israel (“it’s over here!”)
‘Dentifying a dodo bird
Learning stuff you’ve never heard of
And driving yourself insane!
As you can see there’s a whole lot of stuff you know we’re not to do till fall
So stick around and do not fret about, and do nothing at all!
So stick around and chill about a while; you’re gonna kill us all.
(“Ma’am, these guys think they’re gonna get away without doing their homework!”)

Do tell me, whether you liked it or want to kill me now.

Survey #28

It is said that the average human brain uses about 10% of it’s total capacity. But many a times, we humans have proved science wrong. We’ve shown people how, most times, particularly when they have to think fast, humans can amazingly drop this number to 1%. Or 0.1%.

A survey conducted among teens (and others) last week has the groundbreaking results up ahead.

Q: What’s the lamest excuse you’ve ever used?


Aakansha: None I remember because either I tell the truth or I have a very well thought out one.


Sachit: I was reading Philosophy.


Aayush: I didn’t do it, but I did it. #mewow


Ashay: Its a mosquito bite. [“get imaginative”, he says.]


Lakshit: I was busy eating (not lame though, totally legit).


Pranav: I’m having stomach ache in my head.


Saahil: Teacher:- Why are you late?
Me:- I just really didn’t wanna come.


Arjun: I’ve to study bio, I was stuck in traffic.

Sakshi: -Why are you late?
– I don’t know!

Anshul: Why were you late?
“I was working on my…”
“my what?”
“Flight logbook.”
(P.S I don’t work on logbooks until I fly “officially”.)


Aayushi: I slept really late.


Aayush: (observed) I didn’t break the test tube, gravity did.


Satvik: I don’t have time.


Punyam: I am bored (True story).


Niket: My dog ate my homework (show my dog’s picture/video).


Anushka: I woke up late/ was busy.


Aaliya: I didn’t know.


Rishabh: Probably, I overslept.


Sakshi: I don’t use excuses, sorry.


Sanyukta: My brother chewed on my book.


Eva: All my excuses sound legit damn.


Sai: I was out of balance. (calls)


Shlok: “Tell them I’m in the bathroom.”

Harsha: (if late) “I come by Meera Road.”

Raghav: Heart attack in my stomach.

Ajinkya: [true story from the day I conducted this one]
[he and a pal, laughing at something, teacher notices and inquiries.]
Ajinkya: I remembered something funny.
[teacher: and your pal did too; telepathy, wonderful!]

Shrinjay: LATE.

Hardik: (when asked to go out) “My sis is alone at home.”

Priyansh: That I exist. [credits: Aditya]

Mahwash: I bunked school because I had to study.

Anjali: commerce kid: I bunked an after exam party because I had to study. True story. [Comments from Shania: “<3 from a science kid.”]

Aninthitha: (Cousin’s anecdote) Couldn’t do a history homework as the book fell in the bathtub.

Manasi: Myocardial infarction in my toe. Mitosis (my-toe-sis) and green-blue fungi grew out of my toes. My PT teacher bought it.


Siddharth: I can’t come for that because I uh… have to go to the airport. Sorry.

Shania: uhh… I’m sick? Yeah.

Daivya: I’m late.

Eesha: Stomach ache. The reason for every single time I bunked in 10th grade.

Khushi: That my mom said no.

[I would love to use that for school one day.
Teach: Why did you skip yesterday?
Me: Mum said forget it.

In truth, there’ve been days when she’s been too lazy to get up/missed her alarm, and I’ve woken up ten minutes to school time and come and asked, Is school off today?
And she replies, no, but I overslept. You won’t make it in time. Go sleep.
Then I rush to the bathroom.]

Joshika: I was not well, ma’am!

Yusuf: I couldn’t hear the alarm.

Riya: Forgot my homework at home.

Maulishree’s excuse on this survey: I couldn’t think of an answer.

Saarthak: Ma’am, I did my homework, but I left it at home.

Manish sir: (inputs from Shamila ma’am) I take time to get ready. (1 and a half hours.)

Shamila ma’am: I am very sweet, I only give genuine excuses.

Richa: That my parents said no.

Jai: Dad gets up to piss late at night, so I can’t sneak out.

Archit: Everybody at home is asleep, can’t call.

Anand: I’m sorry.

Akshay: I didn’t want you to know as it would’ve ruined your day.

Satchit #2: I was chilling with the principal and the head mistress.

Harshit: Mom wasn’t awake, dad was out of town, I had to dress my brother, so I got late.

Saif: My eyelashes hurt!

Vrinda: I just didn’t want to show ups

Rishbha: I don’t have clothes to wear for the occasion.

Gauri: Parents won’t let me leave.

Shefali: Because I wasn’t in the mood.
[Sentences mustn’t begin with ‘because’,
Your Grammar Teacher.]

Manya: I am not well.

Kritika: I’m sorry.

Aditi’s excuse: “I don’t know. I never give bad excuses.”

Deepan: I have classes, actually.

Priyansh: I have classes, actually.

Rashiv: I have classes, actually.

Adhya: Events. Always events. 😀

Mohak: I was too lazy.

Nishidh: IDK.

Krishnan: I forgot.

Jatin: My dog ate my homework.

Mahima: Want 2 die.

Lamha: Because chocolate dudhu.
(Used it. Got blank looks.)

Vedika: My mom said no.

Pranav: A raccoon came in out of nowhere and destroyed it.

Suddhandhu: – I forget.
– I was studying.

Yatin: I was drinking tea but by chance, the sugar fell on the table. While I was away to get a dish towel, a few ants came and finished off my project.
[Used it in 7th grade. Result: Principal’s office, with his mum laughing.]

Charul: I was busy doing nothing!

Tanishi: My parents won’t allow me!

[note: this one often works before you ask them.]

Khushi: My neighbour’s cat peed on my notebook.

Riya: My brother spilled water on my notebook.

[Me: The rained poured down on my notebook. If there’s any discrepancies with anyone’s answers, it ain’t me.]

Shreya: I pooped my diaper.

Simran: I had to sit at home and just sit.

Shreya: Stuck in traffic.

Soham: I’m depressed.



Fair Game

There’s a construction going on behind my place. It’s got two whole levels of parking and an open space above that before it leads up to the first residential floor, which is narrower than these first three.
I’d observe it from my window sometimes, and for some odd reason, I’d assumed the open space would be a play area for the kids. But pretty soon, it turned out to just be a third level of parking.

I think back, how naïve of me. That was never going to happen.
A play area? What play area; it don’t exist, you wanna play, I’ll give you a tablet, go play.

On second thoughts, I’d rather you didn’t waste your time, go study. Look at the time, it’s nearly two, time for your tuition coaxing coaching classes [thank you autocorrect. I wasn’t looking for that word, but it does fit.], you’ll be back only by eight; when will you get the time to study?

And then we blame the lifestyles of the “kids these days”?

The World Cup begins!

Wasting absolutely no time, the two opening matches today are India vs England, and New Zealand vs Sri Lanka.

England have won the toss and elected to field first, New Zealand have won the toss in Bristol and appear to think the same.

Indian openers are in to bat, Punam Raut and Smriti Mandhana, and Mandhana is on fire. The swashbuckling 20-year old opener from Mumbai has faced 19 balls and sits on 36, with 5 boundaries and a six already, while Raut is playing the stabilising role from the other end.

Natalie Sciver Katherine Brunt have been singled out by Mandhana for the choicest of shots, including three identical cover drives off the back foot off Brunt, all going for boundaries, off consecutive balls.

Fun fact: 8.4 ov: This is the first single of the match. All runs for India so far have been either boundaries or twos.


India stand at the end of 9 overs with 53 for no loss. Mandhana moves on to 40 off 25.

9.1: Shortish ball from Sciver, Raut chips it up, it lands safely; two runs.

9.2: Raut joins the run fest! Now she opens the face of the bat, good shot to the covers for four!

The captain chills with a book, and rightly so. India are going well at 59-0 at the end of 10 overs.

10 overs up, and spin’s been introduced! Danielle Hazell is who England turns to now.

The match is available online, and on telly, depending on where you stay.

11 overs up, India 63-0!

12 overs up, 66-0. Mandhana moves to 43 (31).

A run rate that was once flying at 7.5 has been pulled back to 5.4. England are keeping things quiet.

12.2: In the air, and missed it! That was a dropped chance there for England, bowler Hazell is disappointed, what will be the cost?

End of 13, India 69-0.

Gunn returns. She’s given just 3 in her 1 and a half overs.

In the other game, New Zealand have snagged their first wicket already, 14 overs on, Sri Lanka are 49-1.

14 overs are completed here too, India stand 70-0. Mandhana 45(37), Raut 21(45).

The Indian batters have slowed down after their flyer of a start. But they’re the calmest things on the field here.

15th over, and Hazell will bowl it.

Speak of calm, the kids in the audience are not! Spirited, painted up and full of energy, they’re making no bones of who they’re backing, they’re shouting out their support! Nice to see.

15 overs up, 71-0.

Gunn it is, and Mandhana swings away, for just one.

2.2: Mandhana goes up, chipping, and the ball stays up, and up… And Tammy Beaumont’s made a hash of it! She misjudged the length, and the ball just lands behind her as she falls.

15.5: Well timed, and it’s four, and a fifty for Smriti Mandhana!

45 balls, and gets it with a drive to the fence!

16 up, 79-0!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All heart. Bad photography. Real bad. Apologies.

Run rate’s down to 4.82.

18 overs up, it’s 86 for no loss.

The drinks come on.

21 overs up, and India’s first 100 comes up!

Mandhana 65, Raut 33.

There’s a bowling change from England now, Alex Hartley comes on to bowl.

21.2: Danielle Wyatt makes a dive to stop what could’ve been a four on the boundary. A cheer from the crowd.


21.3: slower one, with a little width from Hartley, gets carefully batted away by the batter.

22 overs, 108-0. Heather Knight is brought into the attack!

Little fans.

23 overs, 113-0.

Alex Hartley takes the ball again, the second batting powerplay is in effect.




23.2: Slogged, and four! Down on a knee, and great stuff from Raut!

24: Mandhana’s at it again! Two back to back four’s for her in the last two balls. The swings and sends the first to the third man boundary, the second through the covers to the fence.

She moves to 88 in 68 balls, India 135-0 in 24 and a half overs.

Nervous nineties!?

Smriti Mandhana moves onto 90 off 71, India 139-0 (26)!

And now Punam Raut gets to her 50!

Taking on Knight for a boundary, she’s reached the milestone in 86 balls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh dear, oh no, Mandhana’s been caught! Her innings ends on 90, caught in the covers by a delighted Wyatt. Smiles around the English camp and applause from the crowd, Mandhana is out. Captain Mithali Raj is the new batter.

146-1 in 27 overs.

The catch
Bowler’s delight
A memorable innings comes to an end.

The captain is taking her time to settle in. India 149-1 in 29.

29.3: 150 comes up for India! Where can they get from here?

All roads lead somewhere.


Consolidation and acceleration:

41 overs are done,  India have crossed 200 and are looking for a big score here.

220-1 in 41.3 overs, Mithali Raj is on 42, Punam Raut is on 85, off 129 balls.

Shots have been scored, all around the ground, running has been tight, but could have been better, catches have gone down twice. The score predicted is near 270, and England are going to try to set a field to stop that.

42.3: AND THEYVE DONE THAT! Danielle Wyatt stationed on the ropes gets a catch right before her from Punam Raut, easy one, and she has to go! Danielle Hazell picks one up, Raut goes for 86, it’s a Nelson, India 222-2.

Harmanpreet Kaur is the new batswomen in. 43 overs, 223-2.

7 overs to go, and two world class batters at the crease. Can India post a score that will really trouble the English batting lineup?

Raj moves on to 44.

43.3: Oh, double misery for England. A misfield in the circle, and it’s a no ball too. Jenny Gunn has to rebowl that one.

The free hit yields just one, keeping it tidy. India 227-2 in 43.5.

Kaur on strike, a careful play to the midwicket region. Two runs to end the over, India 229-2 in 44.


A boundary to Raj this over, and it also brings up her 50! It’s come off 57 balls.

46 overs, India 241-2.

India’s highest score against England ever has been 244. Red letter day, today, eh?

Mithali picks another one for a boundary, and India have crossed their highest previous total against England. 46.3, it’s 246-2.

46.4: A widish ball from Hazell, it slips through behind Kaur and the keeper, and not only is it four runs behind that’s slipped away from England, it’s a wide too. Five wides, in all.

250’s up, it’s a good day! (Weather wise too. It’s still overcast, but there’s been no rain today. Something that marred the Champions Trophy earlier this month.)

It’s 252-2! (47)

47.3:  Classic Harmanpreet Kaur. Swings it back and a follows with a powerful hit, straight down the ground, it’s four runs off captain Knight.

Every ball is resounding off the bat, India will want to make the most of the last two overs.


48.2: BIIIG SIX BY HARMANPREET! The ball’s tossed up, Hazell’s the bowler, Kaur goes down on a knee and paddles it up and up and the result is a monster six! She moves to 20 off 19 balls.

Raj on 66. Hazell’s made half a century too, but with runs scored against her.

One over to go! India 274 -2.

That’s one way to keep amused, of course.

Last over now.

Knight has the ball.

Raj is picking the ball up, and keeping it there!

First ball, two runs.

49.2: Lofted again, down the grounds for four this time!

49.3: Single. Kaur thinks of going for two, but Raj sends her back in time.

49.4: Tap, fump. Played back to the bowler, dot ball.

50: Mithali lofts it again, and it’s caught. Katherine Brunt takes a good catch ahead of the boundary, Raj (and Kaur) walks off, India have set a score of 281-3.

England will now need 282 in 50 overs to win, the game is on!



And when the dust settles, India emerge as winners.

A strong bowling performance by India held England back to only 246 runs, England losing all their wickets in the chase. They lost early wickets, they took some risks; some worked, others didn’t, all in all, India can credit themselves for four successful run outs of the English batting, and pulling things back, not pushing the panic button when England were looking to break free and score.

Fran Wilson played a lovely knock, and the highest scoring one for England today, looking very dangerous and able to take England over the line at a time when the required rate was pushing past 8 an over. She batted up an 81 off just 75 balls, slogging just about everything she could slog the way. Captain Heather Knight (46) put on a partnership worth 67, bringing down the asking rate to just above 7.

The breakthrough came in the form of a run out, time and time again, in fact.

In the 32nd over, with England starting to look comfortable, Harmanpreet Kaur took the ball. England were pushing hard for a single off everything they could hit, and a direct hit from the bowler to the captain’s end, who was going for a run that was never there, broke the partnership.

Fran Wilson continued on in fine form, notching up her first ODI fifty and sweeping fearlessly to put on partnerships with Wyatt and Brunt, both being broken by Deepti Sharma, catching a ball she bowled, and affecting one of the run outs that won India the game, bowling wise.

Wilson was finally run out at the non striker’s end by Ekta Bisht, just falling short of returning to her crease after a tap-back-to-bowler by the on-strike batter.

Veda Krishnamurthy took a very good catch, a skied ball-six-attempt by Anya Shrubsole to wrap things up for England and hand India a 35 run win in their first World Cup 2017 game.



In the other game, New Zealand won by 9 wickets, chasing down Sri Lanka’s 188 with ease. Holly Huddleston took a fifer, captain Suzy Bates carried her bat through scoring 104, Amy Satterthwaite ending on 78.

Screwing Around

What ends up happening when you get bored in school.

I know, 12th grade is the all-important meta year, but I do get bored, besides, it was after physics.


Rolling In The Deep Muddy Waters

There’s a fire starting in the school
And the smoke alarms ring
Brrriinnggg brriiinnngggbrriiinnnggg
And we all evacuate
And we all eat
And go home
And everyone’s happy
It’s a love story cough cough cough
This is not a love song spurt splurt

We could’ve had it all
But the school burned down


Have you ever found your brain’s capabilities peaking during a class for the wrong reasons?

(Honest, I can’t explain this. The story behind it is as follows: my buddy began singing this part, and for some reason, I felt compelled to complete it, and ruin an Adele song. And then I penned it. And we all lived happily ever after, prince-and princess-less.)
(Disney princess movies promote monarchy. Think over your wasted childhood.)

ICC Women’s World Cup, 22/6

2 more games today, and to sum up today, it was short. And it was the bowlers’ day.

The two matches today were South  Africa vs West Indies at Oakham and Australia vs Pakistan in Leicester.

At neither venue were a full 100 overs bowled.

Winning the toss and choosing to bat against SA, 19 runs was the highest individual score West Indies could manage. Losing their first wicket with 35 runs on the board, West Indies could never recover. From being 4 wickets down for 60, they lost their next six wickets for only three runs, winding up for 63 in 24 overs. Masabata Klaas picked 4 wickets and affected a run out.

In response, South Africa started decently but then looked to be losing their way in the middle, they lost four quick wickets in the space of 4 overs (and 10 runs). (FoW: 45-1 (12.3), 47-2 (14), 56-3 (16.3), 56-4 (16.5))

Things might have been different if WI had more runs to play with.

As it was today, the result was that South Africa beat West Indies by 6 wickets with 31 overs to spare.

In the other game at Leicester, Australia flipped right and put Pakistan in to field.

Captain Bismah Maroof (39) and opener Nahida (51) scored for Pakistan.

Sarah Aley (4-16) and Jess Jonassen (3-23) picked majority of the wickets to restrict Pakistan to 156 in 46.4 overs.

There were hardly any hiccups for a neat Australia today, as they chased the total down in 23.2 overs. (Meg Lanning 40* (34), Beth Mooney 63 (72)).

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets. 

There are no matches tomorrow, this concludes the warm up matches, the real games are all set to begin on 24th, with England facing a much more confident India, and a formidable New Zealand gearing up to play Sri Lanka.

Matches begin 0930 GMT, so whichever part of the world you are in, set your watches, this should be a cracker of a tournament.

Let the games begin!

A short note: All matches will be streamed. Woo hoo.

Trans-Tasman fans, mark 2nd July on your calendars.

The same date goes for anyone looking for The Subcontinent clash (particularly in light of the Champions Trophy finals): India vs Pakistan.

Ashes fans, 9th July.

The semifinals will be on 18th and 20th of July.

The final is on the 23rd, at Lord’s.

ICC Women’s World Cup: 21/6

21st June, 2017.

The World Cup is just three days away, and are fortunes swinging already. Keep your money in your pocket, sir, there’s no obvious winner here!

Today’s warm up fixtures are include India taking on Sri Lanka at Chesterfield and New Zealand facing England in Derby.

India have bounced back nicely from their complete defeat to New Zealand, taking the opportunity to test the wicket and test their batting, putting up 275-8 in their 50. (Sri Lanka are yet to bat.)

Captain Mithali Raj top scored with a fluent 85, Poonam Raut scored 69 along with opener Smriti Mandhana (44) to put on an opening partnership of 92 runs.


In the other warm up, New Zealand have been skittles out for 130 by England.  Laura Marsh was the pick of the bowlers, taking 3 wickets and giving 7 runs in just 4 overs that she bowled. Gunn, Shrubsole and Hartley picked 2 apiece.

New Zealand lost opener Priest in just the 2nd over (6-1) and never were able to recover from that. England cruising for a victory here, 51-1 in 11 overs, needing 80 to win in 38 overs.


On a side note, I am in shock. I did not know Charlotte Edwards retired. When did this happen!? Heather Knight is now captain.

While we wait for the innings break to end at Chesterfield, here’s some thing to occupy y’all.

When you say ‘Purple patch’, it hardly gets better than this.

And we’re back. Shikha Pandey takes the ball. First over. Tidy. Just 2 from it. Nipuni Hansika and Hasini Perera open for Sri Lanka here.


England still need 63 runs from 34 overs.

Aside: I found BCCI women’s Twitter!

I’ll do my share of sharing. Here’s me setting off to find all the femme cricket accounts. The official ones, of course.


Nat Sciver goes! She’s caught on 38, b Lea Tahuhu c Katie Perkins. England 110-2, needing 21 off 27 overs.

Early wicket falls for Sri Lanka, just 2 and a half overs in, SL lose Nipunika for 3, it’s 6-1.

(a while later): 11 overs done and dusted, SL 24-1. Need 252 from 39.

Eng vs NZ: Danielle Wyatt goes for a duck! It’s Leigh Kasperek with the ball, Perkins takes another catch, 23 overs up, it’s 115-3. 15 to go, 26.3 overs left.

One’s done. A half century comes up for Tammy Beaumont and England have reached their target. Beaumont remains not out on 51. England 123-3 beat New Zealand by 7 wickets.


India making inroads in the other game. 28 overs gone, Sri Lanka 90-3.

Scorecard so far. (Courtesy

Three-fifths of this innings are done!

30 overs up, SL 97-3. Need 179 to win from 20 overs. Gettable? Or will India prove their bowling might?

Over 31 and 100’s up for SL! 176 needed off 19 overs.

33 overs done, and a 50 runs partnership has been put on for the 3rd wicket. SL’s highest so far. 111-3 after 33.

SL’s current Run Rate is 3.4, the required rate is creeping close to 10 an over. (9.93). 159 needed off 16 overs.

SL now need 151 in 14 overs.

Okay, as is promised. A quick Google search, and here’s all the official team Twitters I can provide.

New Zealand
West Indies
Ireland (not a part of this WC)

The rest can be found on their Board’s handles, and are people coming out to support their teams!

13 overs to go, victory 148 runs/ 7 wickets away!

39th over: Weerakodi (39) goes, Shikha Pandey bowls her through and breaks the partnership, 135-4.

136-4. 11 overs to go, 140 needed.

SL 144-4. Almost Nelson, eh? 9 overs to go, 132-4.

And it’s broken! Siriwardena goes, and Ekta Bisht is the cause! 8.5 to go, SL 144-5!

150 comes up and another one goes. SL 152-6, 7.4 overs to go.

6 overs, 123 runs remain to be scored.

120 needed off 5 overs, India warming up clinically.

Oh, dear, Dilani Mandora has got herself out on 49! lbw Rajeshwari Gayekwad, the 7th wicket’s down, it’s 158-7!

162-7, 3 overs to go, the run deficit is 114.

2 more wickets have fallen, an over and a half to go, 165-9.

Wel, that’s the game! 1.2 overs left, but Sri Lanka have lost their last wicket, Mahadevi has been run out, and out of this match.

SL 166 all out.


Good batting, good bowling, India completely outplayed Sri Lanka today. Very decent practice for the women in blue, And that’s it from me for today! Adios!