An Achievement of Sorts.

6 months and 20 surveys on…

It’s now been six months since I began surveying. It’s been one hellava ride, and I’ve learnt a lot, troubled a score, perfected the art of standing perfectly still with a smile frozen on my face without jumping from person to person, annoying people both, in person and virtually, and the list goes on.
So here’s me trying to make a list.
Here goes nothing.

The Cherries and Rotten Tomatoes of Being a Surveyor:
* I know everybody’s handwriting in school
* I hold the codes to publicly embarrass anyone (in school, at least.)
* I have to carry a 300-page notebook everywhere, all the time. Someone once noted that I always had my survey notebook with me, did I carry it with me in the shower too? (Not making it up)
* I am publicly known as the survey girl now.
* I must face this question about five times every survey: “What would your answer be?”
* I must face this question 50 times: “How’s your psychology project coming along?”
* I must face this question for the rest of my life: “Why do you do this?”
* My computer teachers must think I secretly sneak off during computer class and attend psychology.
* I creep people out everyday. No one’s beaten my record yet.
* I have memories! But then, so does everyone who has the link to here. (and do I make sure of that!)
* Self-promotion. Except it isn’t really self promotion because it’s not my work, but a compilation of everyone else’s brain power. And then again, it’s mine.
* My notebook might end up being more interesting than I am.
* I have learnt to write while walking down the stairs.
* DELEGATING WORK. “That’s a great answer, can you write that down for me?”
* The satisfaction of walking into a new classroom where I don’t know a soul and walking out with fans. (Or, people who’d really want me to leave. :P)
* Half my interactions with people now revolve around surveying.
* Other people are more excited about a survey than I am! (Except at 7 a.m.)
* I hold the key to the ultimate judgement book. Kind of.
* My notebook is practically public domain.
* I’ve spoken to many new people!
* I’ve been asked a number of times to sit down with the results of 10 surveys and conduct a psychoanalysis of a person. Maybe someday.
* One day, years later in my life, I can proudly put in my résumé, “Professional mental troublemaker”. Anyone who’s had to spend more than five minutes trying to answer one of my survey questions knows this.
* My contact list is overflowing. My mother has now given up on me.
* I’ve learnt to bug people even after they get home.
* I’ve learnt to phrase the same question in 20 different ways to someone who hasn’t answered the first 19 times.
* Need a little patience, yeah
Just a little patience, yeah
Some more patience, yeah
Need some patience, yeah
Could use some patience, yeah
Gotta have some patience yeah
All it takes is patience,
Just a little patience
Is all you need

Very zen.
* Economy talking: Say out a question at triple speed, and you maay just be done a little faster. Fifteen seconds. Now subtract the time people spend chewing the back of a pen and saying, “ummm…”
At the end of it all, you still hear: “Can I get back to you?”
* Rejection? What rejection?
* When you get home with the satisfaction of 20 people having answered your survey, and then you realise that it’s you who is going to have to type in all those answers…
* You find yourself saying this every once in 20 days: “Pal, you’re a fast typer, can I pay you to type out my survey for me?”
Response from the other end: “Aren’t you broke?”
* Eye sores. Eye sores. EYE SORES. And you swear you’re going offline for a week. And then it’s Monday again.
* I have enough material to write a 1000-page long joke book.
* You learn not to judge. I guess.
* You sometimes know people by their answers. “Hello, aren’t you the one who said…?” “Can I ask you my next survey question?”
* Here’s a little fact: The notebook has so much more creativity in it than even what anyone will read on a published survey. People like reading others’ answers, and often, pretty amused, they leave comments on people’s answers. Sheer standup, sometimes. Otherwise, my notebook also happens to be one of the most vandalised in school.
* My notebook looks like a telephone directory. Sometimes, people leave me their numbers so I can text them the links when I complete a survey. The jokes haven’t ended. For the sake of decency, I won’t divulge examples!
* I get to sneak in little rock song references every survey or two. Who’s got them so far??


This is in no way an exhaustive list. Add to it! What’s surveying (or answering one) brought out in you?

Survey #21

Boomingly recurring searches: Black, lost souls. Makes you wonder if mixing all colours together really gives white, or indeed black.

Q: What does the homepage of your life look like?

Aayush: Windows ’98 wallpaper XD and chai.

Anshul: It’s a front page, and in order to access it, you’d need an occulus rift. Once you look through it, you’d see darkness all around, except one patch that says “Hello darkness, my old friend.”

Vedika: 404 Error: Page not found.

Nirmiti: That dinosaur when the Internet doesn’t work in a bikini doing Kathakali and painting graffitis.

Shlok: Link not found.

Pranav: kali-dragon-middle


Shrinjay: A mashup of every game I have ever played.

Krishnan: Music production; FL Studio Pro XD.

Lakshit: Bullshit.

Nishidh: Tech.

Harshuday: Sports.

Raghav: Games and Bhai.

Pranav: Blank.

Mahima: Trash.

Sakshi: image
Deepan: A bed, a guitar, a thought.

Sapna: Darkness (It’s for you to see 😉 )

Zahida: Lost in an imaginary world!

Ashay: A pixelated box saying “Error 404: Life not found”.

Mahwash: Unicorn and icecream pictures with pizza and doughnuts.

Nethra: A dim-lit, empty room. A vinyl record player.

Aakansha: A huge collection of things (favourite bands, languages, anime, Japan, dogs, dolphins, books, TV shows, fandom a and PUNS).

Tanishi: A page full of drama, emotions and sarcasm!

Yusuf: My favourite movies and cars.

Sudhanshu: Page full of storms: dangerous, and sad life full of ups and downs.

Harneet: Friends, Harry Potter and my report cards. (#goals).

Anjali: Error 404: Webpage not available.

Aryaa: There is a black background with brilliant stars swimming about. Galaxies and red stars all in a whirlwind of colour and among those spots is a tiny dot. If you click on that microscopic dot in this confusion, you’ll arrive at my “page”! (We are all just small specks in a world of infinite space.)

Sanyukta: The homepage of my life has a black rectangle in the middle with bright colours all around.

Manasi: Buffering forever. page-loader

Eva: Homepage of the Cannibal Cafe forum.

Ovee: Homepage of these crazy aesthetic pictures with like these mood boards.

Charul: A picture of me and Mahwash.

Rishbha: Motivational pictures to do something in life.

Diya: I just want to grow up and Marty a rich hot man (or maybe my boyfriend *wink*)

Girisha: Books.

Unnati: Motivational shit!

Kritika: ?? x100 on a blank background.

Lamha: Rainbows, unicorns, cake, skulls and darkness on one side!

Sakshi: Chill the f*** out!!

Saif: four letters – VLAD

Ajinkya: Games.

Shreya: Drama.

Manya: It would have book quotes with a background of Virat and Ranbir pictures.

(pseudonym) Annabeth: Music notes on my textbook, and Harry Potter, Newt Scamander and Percy Jackson doing a James Bond pose.

Shania: Plain white screen. No words. Keep scrolling forever… nothing. 🙂

Website with everything going on, but pointless.

Pragya: Harry Potter, Maze Runner, artistic stuff.

Anushree: Lungi Dance and temple tops as backgrounds with flashing ‘THALAIVA’, BGM: (full volume), every time you try to close the page, the song speeds up.
(Text size: 72; centr (‘e’ can be skipped) with Rajnikanth picture. Page closes with ‘Enna Rascala, mind it.’ {Gold letters}
When you finally close the page, a 3 x 4 ft portrait of of Rajni is delivered and pinned to your living room wall.

Vir: A torrent site.

Shamila ma’am: ‘Want to be free’.

Manish sir: ‘Take it easy as be free’.

Anandita: It’s a dynamic screen that changes its colour like the sky in different weather. (It has Aurora Borealis!)

Anushka: Depressing quotes.

Joshika: ‘Life’s tough but smile anyway.’

Gauri: An open space with too much going on at the same time, like a solitaire game open, a video playing, an ebook open.

Jahnavi: Collages of pictures of the most beautiful places like Switzerland, New York.

Swaraj: Blank screen.

Rishabh: Motivational pictures.

Vidhi: Everything related to pizza. Makes for a lovely Pizza Hut like wallpaper.

Rashiv: image.jpeg
Priyansh: Khoti Pateli.

Hangry di Cappuccino: ~Baller boys only~
[can’t ever be too sure of that!]

Manvika: Hot pink.

Kaanan: Error 404.


Adhya: It’s pretty blank right now,

Shefali: Really cool.

Aninthitha: BLACK. Nothing else, but darkness.
Malcolm Merlyn. Pizza.

Aditi: Solid blue.

Radhika: Black.

Shailee: Gray/grey.

Rhea: A lamppost/streetlight in the middle of a dark night.

Shivangee: Aesthetic pictures and “fitspiration”.

Pratyasha: Tumblr doodles.

Meghna: Grief wrapped up in a metaphor, so you will always find it pretty.

Sakshi: Aesthetic and Tumblr-ish.

Niyati: ‘Rebel without a cause!’

Khushi: ‘What? Why? How?’

Oleina: A huge grey wall made of jello.

Tanya: I don’t know. Lol.

Aditi: Idk.

Daivya: Jazz.

Anamika ma’am: Chaotic, a mess, but beautiful.

Anisha: The homepage of my life looks like a Garfield comic page.

Kruthika: What life. Black and blank.

Arjun: We are on different pages.

Survey #20

Welcome back to anger management class. Today, we’ll teach you all the tricks there are in the book, when it comes to dealing with someone you detest. When you walk out of here at the end of fifteen minutes, there’ll be no one better (worse) than you at throwing about comebacks and last laughs, and in the most (un)professional manner too! No money back.*

*Insurance subject to market risks.

Q: What’s the best opening line you could use to start a conversation with an enemy?

Shefali: “Wish you weren’t alive!”

Eva: “Will you marry me?” :3
[Anonymous surveyee commented/responded, “Yup. ;)”…]

Siddharth: “Hey! how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! Hi!”

Shania: (gets down on one knee) “Person, I think, I’m in hate with you. Will you leave me alone?” (Gives them a rotten banana peel ring) (Applicable only when meeting after a long time.)

Anushka: “Hey! Can I punch you in the face?”

Sakshi: “Praises to Satan, I’m the better half of this enmity, would you mind saying hi!”

Daivya: “Do you know your physics?”

Khushi: “I wanna live life and never be cruel
live life and be good to you,
but we never change, do we?
We never learn, do we?
So I wanna live in a wooden house.”

Maulishri: “Fuck off.”

Neha: “Hey, it’s been a while. How’s Hell this time of the year?”

Jai: “Niga fuk u or ill punch you in the throat.”

Netra: “Waddup Homie.”

Manish sir: I don’t talk to my enemies at all,

Shamila ma’am: I don’t even look at them! 😦

Marc: “You @#*£&$%!”

Aayush: “Good morning Ma’am! :)”

Lamha: “Hiiiiii[ix150, you get the idea] !!! Fuck you!! But love you!!”

Hruditha: “Hi.”

Sakshi: “How’s your sex life? ;)”

Radhika: “I don’t like you!!!!!”

Rishabh: “Would you mind getting out of here!?”

Riya: “If I had a glass of water and you were burning, I’d rather drink it.”

Sara: “I think my IQ is bigger than your dick!”

Devyani: “Get the fuck out of here, you dickhead!”

Anush: “Eat pussy, get money.”

Anushree: “Hey you! Taher Shah is better than you because at least I can stand his songs, unlike your presence. (Cheeky smile follows)”

Arjun: “I’m about to have the worst conversation of all time.”

Aakansha: “You know what? “A face like yours belongs in the zoo, don’t you worry, I’ll be there too, not in the cage, but laughing at you”.” [It’s a nursery rhyme.]

Pranav: “Lol, you’re gonna die.”

Mahwash: “Hey sweetheart. ‘Sup?”

Anjali: If I really hate them, I’d start talking about the things they hate.

Sapna: “Guess who’s back, bitches?”

Ovee: “I see you’re working on your ‘resting bitch’ face.”

Adhya: (Waits for the opposite one to start the conversation.)

Aninthitha (#1): I’m Batman I’M BATMAN.

#2: Kill them and laugh it off.

#3: “Anderson shut up, you lower the IQ of the entire street.”

#4: “If you committed suicide from your IQ level, unfortunately, you’d still be standing.”

#4: “Barry Allen: My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.
Evil speedster: Fuck you.”

#5: ” *throws aloe vera, because it burns* ”

#6: “Batman’s Enemy: *dies*
Anonymous: *stares at watch* “You’re late.”
Kyle Rammer: In the brightest day and the darkest knight.”

Anandita: “Hey I’m Andy Karak. (With a victory sign and a big crazy smile) (I really do that!)”

Abhinav: “Okay, we meet again!”

Aditi: “Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?”

Akanksha: “Bye.”

Rishbha: “Can you please die?! :D”

Zahida: “Knock knock, who’s there? Your enemy…”

Binita: “Hello, how are you?”

Anshul: “I would have used a punchline, but I’d rather punch you.”

[comment by a so-called anonymous surveyee: “Great way to mask your inability to make a punchline.”]

Yusuf: “Let’s Zumba!”

Rashiv: “Let me show you a trick, and by the prestige you’ll die.”

Ashay: ” ‘Sup.”

Aayushi: ” *bitchslap* ”

Satchit: “Hi Donald!” / “My marks!” / “Tomato ketchup!”

#2: “Everyone on the survey: Hi! Witty answers!”

Deepan: “Hello Darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.”

#2: “There’s no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark.”

Aditya: “Didn’t I cut you up and throw you into Tartarus? No? Then let me rephrase. I am going to cut you up and throw you into Tartarus.”

Manasi: “Oh shit, Waddup?! *snazzy goggles on and thug Lydon theme in the background, throwing some comebacks* #2kool4U”

Vani: “I don’t like you.”

Tanishi: “Hey you foolish piece of shit! (In a sexy voice)”

Pranav: “Lol, you don’t exist then.”

Kaanan: *Ignores* Why should I start a conversation?

Kruthika: “Don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street.”

#2: “Hey, you have something on your chin, no, your third one down.”

Vidhi: “Hi.”

Manvika: Look ’em dead in the eye and walk away.

Sanjana: “I’m so broke, I can’t even afford to pay attention to you.”

Satvik: “I am wondering how I can still find you outside of the mental asylum.”

Honestly, good luck with that and see you in a Fight Club near you soon!

Survey #19

Admit it, you’ve probably fancied yourself for the role. You may even feel you’re better than the guy you see before you. You taunt like a pro, you can quip, you can throw in the suspense, you were born to roast humans. No cannibalism promoted. But what if you pulled the strings? What if you decided what to focus on?

Q: If you were to host a reality show, what would it be about?

Vyashnavi: Food.

Anushka: A debate on how not to force students to study if they don’t want to and stop pressuring them to take science.

Daivya: Piano.

Anand: Myself, mainly, but talking about religious entities, Kali. (Not Maa Kaali, but Kali, two different beings)

Ovee: Astrology.

Rishabh: Sports.

Satvik: Psycho-spiritual stuff I’ll make sure they get bored of.

Priyansh: Problems faced by teenagers!

Siddharth: Why gaming is better than everything.

Arjun: Something bio-related, along the lines of Koffee with Karan.

Aakansha: On all animals that can be tamed.

Satchit: Fight Club – Now in HD!
“One fight at a time.”

Anshul: Debate on the most controversial aviation disasters with discussions by the best and most experienced people and simulations to save the disasters and methods to do that.

Aditya: XI D.

Mohak: F1 Drivers in a Toyota Prius.

Aditi: Slow walking people.

Akanksha: Hamsters.

Ashay: How to be uncool.
[comment from a fellow surveyee: “A personal story.”]

Satchit (again): Goats. Just goats. And “spray pants”. [comment: baa]

Pranav: (presets: font size: 72. Bold, italics, colour: red) FOOD! TASTY FOOD! REAL TASTY FOOD.

Anush: Reality TV is a piece of fucking shit. I’d rather host a show on YouTube where I talk/rant about gaming/ Tech./ YouTube.

Vedika: Anythint that has drama.

Sanyukta: Food.

Manasi: Awkward questions OR celebrity chefs go to student hostels or university dormitories and then at midnight when students are sleeping, the chefs are supposed to use the food and utensils they find to make a fancy meal.

Manvika: Stupid challenges to test how far people are willing to go to win. The show would be called Parasite. [Parasite, host, geddit?]

Charul: A lot of drama. Or. Cocktail with Charul.

Shamila ma’am: How to treat animals!

Shania: Food. Period.

Tanishi: Tequila with Tanishi! (Talkshow). Or a dog show.
[comment from a fellow surveyee: You are 16!]

Anamika ma’am: Wrestling, Hunger Games.

Sakshi: Fucked up relations.

Aninthitha: A roast of anything and everything that’s walked the planet. Beginning with Taylor Swift and ending with pineapple on pizza.

Suchi: About people discussing they favourite fandoms.

Aaliya: Torturing people I hate. [comment from a fellow surveyee: I would watch the heck out of it. A+ choice.]

Riya: People’s life journeys.

Pragya: About the ups and downs of contestants’ lives.

Kaanan: School drama.

Aninthitha: Murder mysteries. Not the shitty kind, but the freaking hard ones. All seemingly different, but at the end of the season, they all fit together like one big jigsaw puzzle staring right in your face.

Aninthitha 2: Nitpicking all shit movies and songs, sorta like Cinema Sins, but with sass.

Aninthitha 3: Victorian Knights come alive in the modern world and search for the one cat that can take them back. They end up killing the cat because they didn’t like cat’s attitude,discover that they are gay, adopt a dog and live in Scandinavia.


Aninthitha 5: Norse and Greek gods meet and have a dance off to see who’s the coolest. It ends with Surtr burning their faces off and claiming, It’s too hot in here. Of course Loki and Poseidon escape and become broseidons for life. Of course Apollo escapes to sing bad haikus for life.

Aninthitha 6: Ninjas gone wrong. Ninjas doing ninja stuff and hilariously failing.

Aninthitha 7: Force people to listen to Jacob Satorius, although I don’t think physical and mental torture can be shown on national television.

Aninthitha 8: Keeping Up with the Kardashians sucks: a parody. On the same lines as Vampires suck.

Aninthitha 9: (insert preset) FANDOM WARS (imperial march starts playing)

Aninthitha 10: Guess who’s gay? Pretty self explanatory.

Manya: Virat vs Ranbir.

Niti: Beauty pageant.

Shreyash: Interschool/ college event.

Anushree: Teacher’s gossip.

Keerti: Greek myths, Percy Jackson, Detective Conan, Sherlock Holmes, music, books.

Aayush: On the psi-ness of psi Ψ.

Saahil: Rap battles between celebrities.

Yusuf: Singing while performing stunts.

Deepan: A battle of philosophies.

Rashiv: Quiz show on TV series and superheroes.

Priyansh: A talk show on how Man City can get fan support.

Swaraj: I would host the next Academy Awards.

Shubham: Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends together.

Riddhi: Hunger Games.

Vaishnavi: Acting.

Kruthika: Death.

Vidhi: I won’t host it. There’s nothing real about a reality show. I’d rather host something like the Tonight Show.

Aryaa: It would be a fight to death (replica of the Hunger Games) wherein along with humans, forces of nature like wind, water, fire would take human form and have some amazingly cool abilities and makeup for all the rage inside of them. Basically it would be a venting session of the various supernatural competitors and humans being at their mercy.

Vani: It would be about puppies.


Survey #18

In the movie Fight Club, while getting on the bus, the narrator asks Tyler Durden, if he could fight anyone, who’d he fight? The conversation went as follows:

Norton’s Character: If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?
Tyler: Alive or dead?
Narrator: Doesn’t matter. Who’d be tough?
Tyler: Hemingway. You?
Narrator (visibly with some pride): Shatner, I’d fight William Shatner.

Tyler: Ok, any historical figure?
Narrator: I’d fight Gandhi.
Tyler: Good answer.
Narrator : How about you?
Tyler: Lincoln.
Norton’s Character: Lincoln?
Tyler: Mm hmm.

Then later, in the bathtub:

Tyler Durden: If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?
Narrator: I’d fight my boss, probably.
Tyler Durden: Really.
Narrator: Yeah, why, who would you fight?
Tyler Durden: I’d fight my dad.

And again: Tyler: How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?

So, I decided to do some research.

Q: If you could pick a fight with anyone, who’d you fight? (Fictional, non-fictional, dead or alive.)

Aayush: Arjun! Kyunki half the time, it’s that only!

Arjun: Aayush! I might fair well as I do have some experience.

Satchit: Tyler Durden.

Aditya: Thalia Grace and Zöe Nightshade! Because I want to see Aegis.

Satchit #2: Donald Trump, but it wouldn’t be a fair fight with his tiny fists (and brain.) [To be roasted by people not a fourth of his age, if that much math ain’t an overload on his clearly preoccupied, non-existent brain, is an achievement for sure. At least the guy achieved something significant in his life.]

Aakansha: I could fight anyone I like if I’d wanted to, I just choose not to do so, because it’s too much effort.

Netra: [a fake answer on request, a petition, in fact, approved by the FDA and having received 15 signatures.] A.U., because I love him! Because you only fight with the people you love!
[and because you do not begin a sentence with a because unless you add something after that, go back to grammar basics!]

Keerti: I would fight Ares, the Greek god of war, demigod style.

Pratik: Nawaz Sharif.

Anjali: I would fight with Anisha, because she is a bunny.

Swaraj: I would fight with Yo Yo Honey Singh because he is a pain in the ass.

Athrava: I would fight my sense of humour and the undertaker.

Niti: Rather than fighting with someone and spoiling a human relationship, I would fight myself to try and be a better person each day!

Tanisha: I’ll fight with Niti because she stole my idea! [above]

Ashay: Mosquitos, those hoes need to be killed.

Shrinjay: I would want to fight Aayush. (It’s impossible to win.)

Aditi: VOLDERMORT/ LOKI/ ANNIE (Aninthitha)

Aayushi: Mahima (she’s A1 tip-top.)

(guest alias appearance) Mahatma Gandhi: Violence is not the answer.

Krishnan: I would fight Baghdadi.

Sudhanshi: I would fight… Nah, it’s too troublesome, I am too lazy, instead I would love watching clouds.

Ayushi: Won’t care what others think about me or do to me. I don’t have to waste my time on them!

Satvik: It’s better to fight with my limits. Not because I wanna be better but because fighting a human would get me beaten up. *insert a colon and a closing bracket*
[:). The works.]

Saahil: Donald Trump’s hair in the wind.

Ajinkya: Rahul Gandhi.

Nihar: All the IITians.

Hardik: Arvind Kejriwal!!

Lamha: Loki, ’cause it’s Loki, and I get to meet him! And the Joker!

Aaliya: Lamha! Because she’s crazy!

Sakshi: I don’t give that much of a fuck to people. 🙂

Shreya: I would fight with all those who mess with me!

Akshat: Hasan.

(Guest alias appearance) Narrator: Tyler Durden.

Manasi: I’d fight with a ceramic plate,

Aakriti: I would fight a child Hitler so that I could prevent all the tragedy that he has caused.

Anandita: Fight with fate (yeah, as weird as that may sound).

Abhinav: I’d fight with Ashay, because it’s fun.

Mohak: The colossal titan.

Omkar: Xi Jingping because he’s irritating and selfish.

Adhya: Ashay.

Kaanan: I’m too lazy and no one’s that important.

Shania: Aladdin. I don’t like him.

Tanishi: Yusuf, because I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!! [I lost count.]

Anshul: Conor McGregor. I’ll lose, but it’s still worth it, man.

Mahwash: Bestie. [inside joke]

Priyansh: Hagan.

Yusuf: Priyansh, Akshat, Divijaswani.

Deepan: The shortcomings of Indian society.

Anushree: Baka kun, because I think I’ll beat him.

“Satvik-2”: I’d kill myself, cuz no use of myself – PEACE

Vidhi: Stereotypes.

Rashiv: Reservation.

Manya: I’d fight my brother. I’d get gifts in return.

Aninthitha: Taylor Swift. Brand new diss track. Although she’s done nothing to deserve a fight with me. (In the bad sense)

Rishbha: Reservation.


Sakshi: I’d pick my sister, since she’s closest to me. I know we’ll patch up soon. 🙂

Vani: I’d pick a fight with my best friend because that would basically mean that we would bicker for pretty long until we start laughing and it’s just cute.

Nithya : I’d pick [a fight with] my friend so either of us take offence.

Aaditi: I’d fight everyone everywhere. I like it, maybe.

Saif: Vlad Dracula! I’d want him to bite me.

Pranav: Usui Takoni. Cuz why not!

Kritika: People who walk slowly, because they are the worst.

Sanyukta: I’d like to have a verbal fight with people who hold stereotypes against women.

Rishabh: Reservation.

Radhika: Satvik. Cuz I hate him.

Netra: Pick a fight with someone really out of proportion so that people don’t underestimate my size.

Akshay: *******, to break down his ego. [unedited]

Khushi: No. Bcos energy preservation.
[Practise what you preach, check!]

Anushka: I’d want to pick a fight with Josh because she ditches me everyday! No offence. [smiles]

Eva: Mike Pence, because of all his plans and opinions, plus there’s at least a 90% chance I can take him down.

Vyshnavi: Ron Weasley, because I wanna kill him so that someone better marries Hermione.

Eesha: SpongeBob, because a fight with him is practically a tickle war.

Siddharth: I would pick a fight with Lamha because she’d just want to lose and would be really happy at the same time.

Sakshi: …….

Jai: Ashay, because he can beat Parthiv, not me.

Ashay: I love ↑.

Satchit (again.): I love ↑.

Shania: Myself. That’s how strong I am. (Shows off nonexistent muscles)
Krithika: Pokémon. Because that would mean that Pokémon exist, and I could drop my studies and go on an adventure and stuff.

Richa: I would pick a fight with anyone who thinks it’s cool to dab.

Daivya: Anand, because everything reflects.

Aayush: Marine animals – puffer fish.

Shamila ma’am: Dad – I want to be able to talk to him more freely.

Kruthika: Darth Vader.


Australia vs India, 2nd Test

Here, hopefully, is a fair-enough build-up to the 2nd test of Australia’s four-match test tour of India that begins tomorrow in Bangalore.

The first test saw a first of many kinds. There seemed to be a role reversal of sorts: India, generally the most threatening and dominating of teams on spinning, subcontinent pitches, with seemingly impervious foundation and structure to their innings with both bat and ball, the team that seemed to make the most out of the dangerous spin in the pitches, and yet seemed unaffected when batting on the very same wickets, for whom a day on the field was not a normal one if it didn’t involve either a century or a century stance, who have been absolutely dominating and subduing the best of international attacks (as debatable as the term “best” may be, let’s say the best around right now), found themselves almost spectators to the very show they always put on, their part being played by another team.

The last time Australia toured India, they went home with a 4-0 scoreline, and not a 4-0 in their favour either. The team hadn’t won a match here in years (since 2004). They had a go at a spinning practise session in Dubai before landing in India, something that had some ex-players raising eyebrows, many said, are Australia focusing too much on the spin factor, batting wise? Australia named themselves underdogs before the match, (as said their captain Steve Smith) and then went out and did just the textbook thing underdogs are created to do: turn the tag onto their opposers.

Australia took the spin to the Indian batting attack, spinning them right out in their own backyard, while a few handy knocks by the odd-Aussie turned out to be crucial as the game progressed. A 68 by Matt Renshaw and a 61-run show of grit by Mitchell Starc in the first innings, and a century in the second by Steve Smith were the biggest runs to come by in the match, all Aussie.

A 64 by KL Rahul was the only sizeable score for India in the first innings, and in the next, eight of eleven batsmen fell for 10 runs or below, as India bundled up for just over a 100 runs in both in innings. A better analysis, of course, can be found here, but what I’m here for, is the run up to, and proceedings of the second match.

Some people complain that test matches can get monotonous. Trust in me, blogging every ball of a test match, and I never said this, dad, can get that teensy little bit, well, dry.

So for the general benefit of mankind, for however long I am going up to keep a tab on thid match, I shall strive not to describe every little ball down to the theta of its projection, instead, I shall try to make it a bit less dead in this virtual space of dead air, and make it a bit lively, maybe funny, if one agrees with my sense of humour, and graphic. May not always be cricket graphic. Prepare for one hell of a time with the page loads. (Especially since you’ll have to refresh continuously for a live update!)

So here goes.

The mood in the Indian dressing camp can be described as such.


In the meantime, the Australian camp would want it to last forever, naturally,


And it’s all but credits to the one guy who now has the best ever Test figures by an Australian against India, Steve O’Keefe, whom the team obviously loves, as evident from a letter I found by the Aussies addressed to their dear teammate. Excerpts:

In the meantime, while the Aussies enjoy a pint, the Indians go into damage-control.


I’d promised it would get graphic.

Join me tomorrow for the main action, and let me know what you think. Company would be appreciated, and it’s not even a foreverdamned 3 am match!

Match begins 9:30 AM IST, that’s 3:00 pm AET, 12:00 pm AWST.



Hello, and many apologies for skipping days one and two, joining in from the post-tea session of Day 3.

Australia ended their first innings today, just about overs before lunch for 276.

India put in to bat for the second time, in 47 overs, are 148-4.

Josh Hazelwood’s taken 3 wickets, Steve O’Keefe’s taken the other.

He’s bowling right now, with figures of 1-16. Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara on the field for India.

He’s had a good over, just one run off it, India 149-4.

Starc is his partner from the other end.

India are comfortably taking all singles (on offer), and only two of those have been so far.

In a completely unrelated update, (related only by location) Brett Lee is educating the comm box on the volume, surface area, taste of the contents, etc. of a water tank.

Pujara takes a call on another single, 3 in total this over, India 153-4. (49)

Steve O’Keefe is back on, and Australia are looking to curb the singles. This is India’s best run rate so far, at 3.12 RPO.

50 overs up! India 153-4.

A change of bowling, Mitchell Marsh replaces Starc.

This innings celebrates a 50… the only one in the Indian camp to be celebrating.

50.3: And our bowler throws in the towel. Literally. Marsh stops mid- run up, because his towel fell out.

50.4: And returns the next ball strongly, pitching the ball outside and nailing it on the pads, LOUD appeal. The balls just going down the on side.

52 overs up, India 155-4!

53 up, India 156-4.

O’Keefe in.

53.1: Ball just beating the offstump. Dot.

53.2: Are Steve O’Keefe and Peter Handscomb secretly preparing to surprise the team by singing in the Christmas choir this year? The batsman seemed to Steve to have clipped the ball with his glove, and while the umpire, and half the team, didn’t think so, O’keefe and Handscomb appealed in perfect harmony. Maybe even Smith too. And Christmas is so far away too. Ind 157-4. (54)

Pujara joins the party! 125 balls on, he’s completed his half century! Brings it up with a flick of the wrist and a dash to the non striker’s end. 158-4.

What do you imagine this constructive devotion of energy from the Aussie trio ought to be monickered? The Steves + a Pete band?

Another Peter (not currently) in the Australian side, Peter Nevill actually used to be in a rock band at one time. He’s quit it once he went international. In musical terminology, he’d have ‘sold out’.  😉

Drinks have been called! 54 up, it’s 159-4!

And our soulful trio get a vocal break.

Jeez, who fell asleep in the middle of replay music selection? Highights were supposed to be fun. At least, in the hair. On screen, that may depend more on which side you support. Or what music plays in the backdrop! Summer-sixties’ synth like stuff, for those curious.

India 163-4, in 56!

Josh Hazelwood comes back in, and Pujara takes his first ball for a boundary at square, opening his bat face very late to a ball outside the offstump. FOUR runs!

56.2: Next ball, a comfortable run for two. 6 runs off the over already!

56.3: A good looking, good sounding shot, only a single though. Played to the square leg man.

The fifties follow! This run brought up the fifty run stand between Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. It also maintains Cheteshwar Pujara’s Test average at 50.09.

India end the 57th over at 164-4.

57.1: Lyon flights the ball, Rahane steps down to his knees, and with a confident sweep, he’s taken a boundary!

57.3: Wider from Lyon, same result, this time to the on side boundary!

End of a scoring over, India 178-4!

Hazelwood comes back on.

58.1: A confident cover drive from Rahane, but an even better stop from the fielder. No run there.

Coming back to the Keefecombs, let’s speculate on the composition of the band.

58.4: Another good shot, and half a stop, India take a single.

India 180-4.

India 2nd innings R B 4s 6s SR
View dismissal KL Rahul c Smith b O’Keefe 51 85 4 0 60.00
View dismissal A Mukund b Hazlewood 16 32 1 1 50.00
CA Pujara not out 60 140 4 0 42.85
View dismissal V Kohli* lbw b Hazlewood 15 25 1 0 60.00
View dismissal RA Jadeja b Hazlewood 2 12 0 0 16.66
AM Rahane not out 31 64 2 0 48.43
Extras (b 6) 6

59.1: Pujara uses his feet, and a single. The Indian scoreboard is ticking! The last 5.2 overs have yielded India 25 runs, a good sign for them.

59.4: Runs, runs runs!

59.5: Ooo. A heroic sommersault dive from slip, but doesn’t get to it. Heartjumps for the batsman, who touched a ball that turned and bounced.

O’Keefe’s back. Handscomb’s at the back. India will face the music this over.

(Yesss, I am proud!)

3 runs off the over. No, Handscomb went solo this over, shouting out encouragements to his buddy at the other end every ball.

61.3: The square leg fielder jumped over the moon ball. It races to the boundary, a fielfder races after it, and the TV umps are checking if he managed to push the ball in before distorting the ropes.

And no, he didn’t. He tried. 4 runs to India!

62.1: O’Keefe-Handscomb duet. The Aussie team should keep an 8-hour-on microphone there. Then release it as a single. It would still be better than a lot of stuff out there.

Keefescomb’s new single, “Sounds of Life: The Slips & the Cracks” is out now! Head over to our official website and check it out today! Available in Vinyl, CD and Digital format.

– Official Australian team announcement


India 194-4, 64 overs!

63.4: Rahane on strike, the ball gets to him, he offers no shot. The constructive part of this ball was Keefescomb have more material.

63.5: Boundary the next ball!

India 198-4! Moving on!

Peter Handscomb seems to be a nice guy, say bloggers/commentators. He’s doing live stump-mic commentary. Makes life easier for them, they say.

Apologies, it’s Wade behind the stumps. The record company’s mad, and regrets, and understandably so.
We need a new band name. Crisis.

Wade and O’Keefe are back at it.
Handscomb’s close by, though, he’s at short midoff. Come on, Matthew and Steve! Let Peter back in… he’s so close by, and the more voices, the more appealing the… appeal.

More importantly, (or is it?) India 199-4!

67.4: A lovely looking shot from Rahane, who goes down on his knees and clobbers the ball down the on side, a single, but it brings up the 200!

67.5: No touch from the batter, behind the keeper the ball goes, and a fielder after it, but four byes it is.

India 205-4!

68: Guess who’s back, yes who’s back, Steve is back.

So far, dot, dot, dot. Wade’s very hepful behind the stumps. He’s practically dictating the field to me now.

India 207-4! (69 ov.)

Oh, the line I just used up is more valid here.

Guess who’s really back? Mitchell Starc is back.

5 minutes left! How many overs more, one, possibly two?

The Aussies want one, they call for drinks, the umpire sends the man back.
The now call for the physio, he’s sent back.

Tick, tick, tick, Rahane plays out this over, and there will be one more!

Last over for the day! Over 71!

And four runs! Played behind, India gain a boundary!!

Last ball for the day! The crowds on its feet, the mood is upbeat, India haven’t lost a wicket this session, or will they?

Last ball, a bit off the line, batsman Rahane plays it on the on side, and run for a single to end today on 214-4.

Overall, a good day for India, KL Rahul, India’s batting star early on today, called batting a bit easier today, called the Rahane-Pujara partnership to be “fanstastic”, and says about a 100 runs more should be good for the team, and feels the wicket will deteriorate by day 5, and concludes that the longer India bat, the harder it will get for the kangaroos.

P.S.: Please, someone out there who will get to interview anyone on the field today, ask the Aussies about the band. O’Keefe and Wade have either the same strand of DNA contributing to their voices, or have been practising. I suspect both.

So, to sum up today in scorecards!

India 2nd innings R B 4s 6s SR
KL Rahul c Smith b O’Keefe 51 85 4 0 60.00
A Mukund b Hazlewood 16 32 1 1 50.00
CA Pujara not out 79 173 6 0 45.66
V Kohli* lbw b Hazlewood 15 25 1 0 60.00
RA Jadeja b Hazlewood 2 12 0 0 16.66
AM Rahane not out 40 104 3 0 38.46
Extras (b 10) 10
Total (4 wickets; 71.5 overs) 213 (2.96 runs per over)
Bowling O M R W Econ 0s 4s 6s
MA Starc 9.5 0 45 0 4.57 35 4 1
JR Hazlewood 16 0 57 3 3.56 64 6 0
NM Lyon 27 2 69 0 2.55 113 4 0
SNJ O’Keefe 16 3 28 1 1.75 77 1 0
MR Marsh 3 0 4 0 1.33 14 0 0

Fall of Wickets:
Australia:  1-52 (Warner, 21.1 ov)
2-82 (Smith, 41.2 ov)
3-134 (Renshaw, 66.3 ov)
4-160 (Handscomb, 76.4 ov)
5-163 (MR Marsh, 79.6 ov)
6-220 (SE Marsh, 100.2 ov)
7-269 (Starc, 117.6 ov)
8-274 (Wade, 120.1 ov)
9-274 (Lyon, 120.2 ov)
10-276 (Hazlewood, 122.4 ov)

India:  1-39 (Mukund, 10.4 ov)
2-84 (Rahul, 24.2 ov)
3-112 (Kohli, 34.2 ov)
4-120 (Jadeja, 38.1 ov)


Now, about the band. Handscomb is definitely in. Wade and O’Keefe sing. Wade’s the drummer. O’Keefe fronts with a guitar. Handscomb is bassist and occasional harmonica player. And the band is still called Keefescomb. Because they liked the name. They’ve promised Matt the album will be called “Wading in Deep grass and Navigating with my Hands”, because O’Keefe decided a frontman can be anonymous and generous.
They shot for it hours after the end of game’s play, on the Pune pitch, which had by then grown long stalks of grass, perfect for the album. Watch for the album. Artwork will be released soon, the first single, “Sounds of Life” is out already.

The band have decided, for half the album, to go raw. Who needs overdubs. Who needs more than one track, how old is that. Ditch conventional. The new single consists only of Matt and Steve, though, and the lyrics of the song, while at times more incomprehensible than Smells Like Teen Spirit, are rumoured to go (in no particular order) as such: “Aaaaaaaoooooo”, “Aaaaouuuuuwwweeeeezaaaaat” and a lot of harmonic “aaaaaaaaaaa”s. The single’s been heard numerous times already, so grab your gramophone, shake your chilled Powerade and put on your headphones.


The Aussie captain asks for a review… is he referring an umpire, or a music critic?
They celebrate, but a wicket, or the success of their new single?
But what are they listening to?
Surely the good mates’ latest effort?
Yes, mate, they’re just as proud.


Until next time!



Day 4! Joining in the overs just after tea.

India’s last session resistance yesterday lasted about 50 runs, before India had a sort of a collapse, bundling out for 274 , Hazelwood’s 6-67 setting Australia a target of 189 runs to go up in the series 2-0.
However, things weren’t as cherry as they seemed to be, though Australia skyrocketed early, they then fizzled out, having lost their fourth wicket in 20 overs.

Blasting Queen too loud: He was Stopped, on 92.

At tea, 101-6, with tea coming after Matthew Wade and Peter Handscomb’s partnership was broken. [MIGHT I MENTION, THAT’S TWO-THIRDS OF THE BAND]

Tea’s up, and Mitchell Starc’s the man to face the ball.

29.4: ASHWIN GETS THROUGH AGAIN! The ball broke right through Starc’s defences and crashed into his stumps! Australia lose another as he walks back! Aus 103-7. 85 to win: Aus. 3 wickets to win: India!

Big smiles for anyone in my camp. Steve O’Keefe’s the new man to walk in, joining Peter Handscomb.  🙂

Ashwin’s taken 4 so far. Australia 107-7 (32 ov)

There won’t be any appealing now, except from the opposite end!

Batting card thus far:

Australia 2nd innings (target: 188 runs) R B 4s 6s SR
View dismissal DA Warner lbw b Ashwin 17 25 0 1 68.00
View dismissal MT Renshaw c †Saha b Sharma 5 12 1 0 41.66
View dismissal SPD Smith* lbw b Yadav 28 48 3 0 58.33
View dismissal SE Marsh lbw b Yadav 9 19 1 0 47.36
PSP Handscomb not out 24 59 2 0 40.67
View dismissal MR Marsh c Nair b Ashwin 13 16 3 0 81.25
View dismissal MS Wade c †Saha b Ashwin 0 5 0 0 0.00
View dismissal MA Starc b Ashwin 1 6 0 0 16.66
SNJ O’Keefe not out 2 7 0 0 28.57
Extras (b 8, lb 2, w 1) 11
Total (7 wickets; 32.5 overs) 110 (3.35 runs per over)

Bowling card of a much improved Indian side:

Australia 2nd innings (target: 188 runs) R B 4s 6s SR
View dismissal DA Warner lbw b Ashwin 17 25 0 1 68.00
View dismissal MT Renshaw c †Saha b Sharma 5 12 1 0 41.66
View dismissal SPD Smith* lbw b Yadav 28 48 3 0 58.33
View dismissal SE Marsh lbw b Yadav 9 19 1 0 47.36
PSP Handscomb not out 24 59 2 0 40.67
View dismissal MR Marsh c Nair b Ashwin 13 16 3 0 81.25
View dismissal MS Wade c †Saha b Ashwin 0 5 0 0 0.00
View dismissal MA Starc b Ashwin 1 6 0 0 16.66
SNJ O’Keefe not out 2 7 0 0 28.57
Extras (b 8, lb 2, w 1) 11
Total (7 wickets; 32.5 overs) 110 (3.35 runs per over)

32.4:  Oo, bouncer. Handscomb ducks. Good pace from Umesh Yadav.

The crowd, for a test match, on a summer weekday in Bangalore is incredible. They’re turning up the energy level knobs, they keep cheering and chanting, “India, India!”
Good stuff, end of the 33rd, Aus 110-7!

Ashwin back with the ball, back with a purpose.
Peter Handscomb’s using his feet, and doing it well.

33.5: Handscomb attempts to get down and sweep away, well outside the line, however. No run, end of the over, AUS 110-7.

Here we go, Yadav’s been taken off, and Jadeja’ back from the other end. Indian Captain Kohli is looking for wickets.


34.2: Jadeja spins a low web, and O’Keefe misses it, it crashes right into his stumps! The ball is pitched just in line, Aus now 110-8! O’Keefe goes for 1, bowled by Jadeja.

34.3: And Nathan Lyon is the next bat in.

34.5: Lyon offers flight, but it doesn’t carry. Kolhi looks like he feels there could have been a chance. Maybe jut maybe. Definitely maybe.
End of 35, and a tight line being employed successfully, Aus  110-8.

35.2: Ashwin’s the bowler. The ball swings in a bit from outside the line, Handscomb takes the bait, he miscues, he skies it! ‘Keeper’s catch, and Australia are down to their last! a hard-fought 24 run resistance from Handscomb ends, Australia 110-9!

Ashwin’s bagged a fifer, but his focus is obviously now on the last one…

35.3: Hazelwood’s the new man in. Dot ball.

35.4: Ping. … and pong!!
Lyon taps the ball back to Ashwin, it’s still in the air, and right into Ashwin’s eager hands!! IT’S ALL OVER!! INDIA WIN THIS MATCH BY 75 RUNS!

With this, India tie the series 1-1! Ashwin’s bagged 6 in total, for 41 runs, and Australia just lost 6 wickets for 11 runs.


Rahane: “We just wanted to play session by session.”

Pujara:”We knew batting would get difficult on Day 4.”

Rahane:”We wanted to rotate the strike and maintain the pressure. Sweeping was a goodoption.”

Pujara: “We felt anything over 200 was impossible to chase on this wicket.

Going into Ranchi, we’ll have a psychological advantage, and we’re back into it with our batsmen.”

Ashwin: “I stuck to the line and length and stop the flow of runs.”

Umesh: “Kept trying to hit the deck hard, keep taking wickets.”

Ashwin: “I talked to Virat, we kept rotating the bowlers, short spells helped me throw the ball up.”

All in all, the match in scorecards, very much courtesy ESPN,

India, winning the toss, electing to bat first, KL Rahul being the most important contributor to the total of 189, Karun Nair the only other significant contributor.

India 1st innings R B 4s 6s SR
KL Rahul c Renshaw b Lyon 90 205 9 0 43.90
A Mukund lbw b Starc 0 8 0 0 0.00
C Pujara c Handscomb b Lyon 17 66 1 0 25.75
V Kohli* lbw b Lyon 12 17 2 0 70.58
Rahane st †Wade b Lyon 17 42 2 0 40.47
K Nair st †Wade b O’Keefe 26 39 3 0 66.66
R Ashwin c Warner b Lyon 7 14 1 0 50.00
W Saha c Smith b Lyon 1 14 0 0 7.14
R Jadeja c Smith b Lyon 3 16 0 0 18.75
U Yadav not out 0 6 0 0 0.00
I Sharma c Handscomb b Lyon 0 1 0 0 0.00
Extras (b 12, lb 4) 16
Total (all out; 71.2 overs) 189 (2.64 runs per over)

Fall of wickets 1-11 (Mukund, 2.5 ov), 2-72 (Pujara, 27.5 ov), 3-88 (Kohli, 33.5 ov), 4-118 (Rahane, 47.3 ov), 5-156 (Nair, 57.2 ov), 6-174 (Ashwin, 61.5 ov), 7-178 (Saha, 65.3 ov), 8-188 (Jadeja, 69.2 ov), 9-189 (Rahul, 71.1 ov), 10-189 (Sharma, 71.2 ov)

Nathan Lyon starred with the ball for the Aussies, with a record 8 wicket-haul:

Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Economy 0’s 4’s 6’s
Starc 15 5 39 1 2.60 73 6 0
J Hazlewood 11 2 42 0 3.81 48 7 0
O’Keefe 21 5 40 1 1.90 96 2 0
M Marsh 2 0 2 0 1.00 10 0 0
N Lyon 22.2 4 50 8 2.23 95 3 0

Australia in their first innings put on a decent batting show,only collapsing towards the end, to take an 87-run lead on India.

Fall of wickets: 1-52 (Warner, 21.1 ov), 2-82 (Smith, 41.2 ov), 3-134 (Renshaw, 66.3 ov), 4-160 (Handscomb, 76.4 ov), 5-163 (MR Marsh, 79.6 ov), 6-220 (SE Marsh, 100.2 ov), 7-269 (Starc, 117.6 ov), 8-274 (Wade, 120.1 ov), 9-274 (Lyon, 120.2 ov), 10-276 (Hazlewood, 122.4 ov)

With the ball, it was Jadeja for India who was the pick of the bowlers.

Bowling O M R W Econ 0s 4s 6s
I Sharma 27 8 48 1 1.77 134 4 0
U Yadav 24 7 57 1 2.37 116 7 0
R Ashwin 49 13 84 2 1.71 229 4 0
R Jadeja 21.4 1 63 6 2.90 87 4 1
K Nair 1 0 7 0 7.00 2 1 0

The second Indian innings was where the match began to look very interesting and a result looked certain from here on. The innings saw KL Rahul show consistency with the bat, scoring a fifty, before Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara stood together for 118 runs, to take India to 274 runs before lunch on Day 4.

India 2nd innings R B 4s 6s SR
KL Rahul c Smith b O’Keefe 51 85 4 0 60.00
A Mukund b Hazlewood 16 32 1 1 50.00
Cheteshwar Pujara c MR Marsh b Hazlewood 92 221 7 0 41.62
V Kohli(c) lbw b Hazlewood 15 25 1 0 60.00
R Jadeja b Hazlewood 2 12 0 0 16.66
Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Starc 52 134 4 0 38.80
Karun Nair b Starc 0 1 0 0 0.00
W Saha not out 20 37 2 1 54.05
R Ashwin b Hazlewood 4 3 1 0 133.33
Umesh Yadav c Warner b Hazlewood 1 5 0 0 20.00
Ishant Sharma c SE Marsh b O’Keefe 6 28 1 0 21.42
Extras (b 11, w 4) 15
Total (all out; 97.1 overs) 274 (2.81 runs per over)

Fall of wickets: 1-39 (Mukund, 10.4 ov), 2-84 (Rahul, 24.2 ov), 3-112 (Kohli, 34.2 ov), 4-120 (Jadeja, 38.1 ov), 5-238 (Rahane, 84.3 ov), 6-238 (Nair, 84.4 ov), 7-242 (Pujara, 85.2 ov), 8-246 (Ashwin, 85.5 ov), 9-258 (Yadav, 87.3 ov), 10-274 (Sharma, 97.1 ov)

Bowling O M R W Econ 0s 4s 6s
M Starc 16 1 74 2 4.62 63 7 2
J Hazlewood 24 5 67 6 2.79 108 8 0
N Lyon 33 4 82 0 2.48 140 5 0
S O’Keefe 21.1 3 36 2 1.70 100 1 0
M Marsh 3 0 4 0 1.33 14 0 0

This time, it was Josh Hazelwood with the ball, picking 6.

The second innings needed Australia to now chase 188 for a win. With a day and a half to bat, it looked good for Australia, but the wicket was deteriorating. Australia began losing wickets in the very 5th over, and it didn’t stop. By tea, India were hopeful of a favourable result today itself.

Australia (2nd Innings) Runs Balls 4’s 6’s Strike Rate
David Warner lbw b Ashwin 17 25 0 1 68.00
Matt Renshaw c †Saha b Sharma 5 12 1 0 41.66
Steve Smith(c) lbw b Yadav 28 48 3 0 58.33
Shaun Marsh lbw b Yadav 9 19 1 0 47.36
Peter Handscomb c †Saha b Ashwin 24 67 2 0 35.82
Mitchell Marsh c Nair b Ashwin 13 16 3 0 81.25
Matthew Wade c †Saha b Ashwin 0 5 0 0 0.00
Mitchell Starc b Ashwin 1 6 0 0 16.66
View dismissal Steve O’Keefe b Jadeja 2 10 0 0 20.00
View dismissal Nathan Lyon c & b Ashwin 2 6 0 0 33.33
Josh Hazlewood not out 0 0 0 0
Extras (b 8, lb 2, w 1) 11
Total (all out; 35.4 overs) 112 (3.14 runs per over)

Fall of wickets 1-22 (Renshaw, 4.3 ov), 2-42 (Warner, 9.1 ov), 3-67 (SE Marsh, 14.6 ov), 4-74 (Smith, 20.3 ov), 5-101 (MR Marsh, 25.6 ov), 6-101 (Wade, 27.5 ov), 7-103 (Starc, 29.4 ov), 8-110 (O’Keefe, 34.2 ov), 9-110 (Handscomb, 35.2 ov), 10-112 (Lyon, 35.4 ov)


Bowling O M R W Econ 0s 4s 6s
View wicket I Sharma 6 1 28 1 4.66 24 4 0 (1w)
View wickets R Ashwin 12.4 4 41 6 3.23 52 3 1
View wickets UT Yadav 9 2 30 2 3.33 35 3 0
View wicket RA Jadeja 8 5 3 1 0.37 45 0 0


The spin duo is back.

Smith: “Was  a great test match. Proud of the way the boys played, we were outplayed, the partnership between Rahane and Pujara. Pitch was a bit up and down was a real challenge. Hopefully we’ll keep competing like we have.”

Kohli: “We wanted to bounce back hard, show ourselves how well we can compete. The guys showed intent, belief, we believed we could come back from any position. Crowd backed us well. Panned out just as we thought. Rahane and Pujara a champion paretnership, the two best test players in our team. We thought anything over 200 was competitive would’ve liked 225,. in change room we said the game has to end today. Going into the Ranchi test, we want to gain momentum, no looking back from here.”

MoTM: KL Rahul.


All in all, a good game of cricket, with the added bonus of the discovery of a bunch of talents. Until next time. Keep listening to the single!