Integrating On Windows

Being fair to me, it was my mum’s idea.

After listening to me whine for half an hour about how I was tired of doing maths (chide me, but this is how I spend my little breaks. I’ll never learn.), mum finally got fed up, and asked me, if I was so terribly sick of integrating on paper, why didn’t I change my medium and do it on the windows? (This was an offhand reference to a conversation we’d had earlier in the day about how my little sister used to scribble on just about anything with a chalk.) Afterall, hadn’t I just gone out a few weeks ago and very enthusiastically shopped for marker pens I had no idea what to do with?

And so it happened that mum came along a few hours later to find me, on my toes, furiously solving integral sums on the nearest window I could find.

(Alright, I’ll drop the facade. Not furiously.)


Of course I was using a permanent marker.

So I ascended from the depths of integrals, to a couple of shrieks.

My mum was more concerned about me falling out of the window (no, I cannot explain that), my sister had more objections to the fact that the instrument in my hands was permanent.

I can sort of understand her concerns. I imagine she was already beginning to have nightmares about the pen leaving an indelible mark, integration haunting her every time she looked to the window, for years and years.

I had an answer for her though. There’s nothing a little alcohol cannot fix.

I might have posted about this before, but this is one of the cases so far where my chemistry has come in handy. Organic solvents dissolve organic inks and the cleaning becomes real easy.

At any rate, here’s the result of my work:


Wonder if it’s going to help my grades in any way.


On a completely unrelated note, as I draft this post, mum and dad are in a feng shui shop, looking for something to “improve attention and concentration.”

Oh well.

More Pug All Thug


This apple sums up my life.

It was one of those with a deformity of one sort, and I decided that the least I could do for it was to cure it of its blindness: I gave it eyes.

Criminal 09G6AX5

I almost carved a nose but ultimately decided against it. This guy’s some pug, more thug.

But I’ll be honest, I have almost not seen human chins this well developed. That’s my take, anyway.

In other developments, I’ve gone off any form of screen, two weeks already at least. Surprisingly, I’m not in the least bored, but then again, I don’t have the time to be, nor can I afford to: the big month’s here, and once it’s done, you’ll see me running around singing every song with the word, or notion of, freedom. I may not be kidding you.

But for now, the mission calls.

I’m still underground.