Christmas has come and gone

And I never knew what was going on

Until the next day’s dawn

When I looked up to see a purple sky

Then realised Christmas passed me by

Chemistry textbook kept me warm and dry

Before me lay a blank sheet

With an exclamation point that said incomplete

Forget Yuletide, I had a deadline to meet

Forget Yuletide in favour of Yaletide

Essay screen be your bride until those eyes have cried

With the old year my last reserved of sleep too may have died

But that’s alright

For there’s a friend in the still, slick black they call the night

Although the clock wouldn’t agree quite; what a sight

Officer, I hope this essay keeps you warm at night

… And an old, abandoned Chemistry textbook squeals with all its might…

Never mind

Life on rewind

Except rewind may bring back all the sleep we’ve left behind—

Coffee on my mind–

Coffee for two:

For one, with some sugar and a little hot

For the other, a charger plugged into a slot

For which the payment is a thought

… In the corner, an old, abandoned Chemistry textbook is left to rot…

But it will have its day (tomorrow)

Have the last say

And the last word will be chemistry’s

Specifically, on page five seventy three

And you may pick the best flowers for me…

But tomorrow.

For today, drown in the season’s greetings all around

Be happy, truly experience the consequence of sound

The click of laptop-typing ought to provide a lovely background

And if I don’t make it, we’ll say I tried

But till then, greetings for Yaletide.

(And an old abandoned Chemistry textbook slowly cries… andante.)


I just received a mail from Yale!
That just rhymed so perfectly, I had to do something about it. So I did this.


When you sleep just four hours you’re gonna wake up quite pale
But it doesn’t really matter ’cause I’ve got a pretty tale
Just doing the job for two months I’ve been doing without fail
Trudged to my inbox and checked my email.
And there, under Promotions, was an automatic mail
Check, recipient; woohoo, a mail from Yale
It said, Matt we’re so glad you’ve added us to your Common App!
All that’s left for me now is to run the first lap.
Except it didn’t say Matt, because that’s not my official name
But it was addressed to that geeky science kid all the same.
Blimey! thought I, a mail from the Ivy!
And looked down at that belly,
That was now trending in the science fraternity,
With uncertainty.
For five minutes, I found the thought of attending an Ivy to be quite funny
And I laughed myself silly till I thought about the money
And then I laughed some more, because it’s funny to think
Of just how much my chemistry paper’s date and their deadline are in sync.
But then again before the electronegativity gets to me
I think I should be back at my table, studying chemistry
Until I get a phonecall from dad,
‘There are essays to be written, this could make your undergrad!
You’re only going to have to overwork a tad’
The next few days are going to be a bit mad
Let’s get to work, there are cups of coffee to be had!