Survey #38

Hot and fresh, come and get it!
Unlike the other stale ageing, golden surveys I’m putting out from over two months ago (a mark of the procrastination league), this one’s from today. Probably the last one for this year, too. Happy holidays!

Q: Suppose you grow up to become famous and anonymously edit your Wikipedia page. What would you add?

Anisha: Please send me chocolate.

Shubhankar: Get me some too, please.

Arjun: I am a noob.

Satchit: can i haz lyf?

\\ Λ_Λ
\( ˇωˇ)
/ ⌒
/ へ\
/  / \\
レ ノ   ヽ_つ
/ /
( (ヽ
| |、 \
| 丿 \
| |  ) /
ノ )  Lノ

Aakansha: Is a jack of all master of none person but as they say it is better than master of one.

Khushi: balle balle

Rishbha: the amount of time I wasted doing nothing.

Saif: I’ll talk about wrestling.

Anandita: “Early life: Known for speaking harmless things to the face at the wrong times.”

Punyam: “My mom thought I was dyslexic.”

Aryaa: “Has the ability to talk to trees.”

Shreya: “She was never like this.”

Shivani: I’d add my death date.

Anushree: (redirect to Snarky Puppy and Jacob Collier)

Aayushi: *insert a picture of Arjun smiling*

Sakshi: (at the end of the article) “Whatever is said here is all wrong.”

Amrita: “There’s more to this person than what’s stated here.”

Manvika: I’d add some cool things about me. I’d proofread it: my article shouldn’t have a comma out of place!

Aaliya: I wouldn’t add anything. I’d be pretty entertained by what’s already

Harsh: “I’m more than what is written and you’d kill yourself if you knew.”

Manya: “Most amazing meow ever. Cats can’t match it!”

Eva: “Died: 21st December 2017.”

Manasi: I’d make a fake page.

Netra: I’d proudly declare I’m a food freak because people think I don’t eat.

Shania: I’d create a ‘Did You Know’ section and tell them about my awesome cooking skills.

Shreya : “This is all fake :)”

Karina: Delete all the fake stuff and add some amazing things about me.

Anushka: I’d leave it the way it is.

Nithya: I wouldn’t add anything

Daivya: “I’m a sceptic and an atheist.”

Marc: At the end, I’d add “PS, I like pizza.”

Aditi : “Stop thinking you’re unique.”

Satchit: Punctuation Matters ^

Arjun: I am lonely and need company, please contact me.

Anshul: “Is a secret friend of Kim Jong-Un and played shooting range with Osama bin Laden.”

Anisha: That I am actually the devil.

Vani: I’d add that I’m secretly a wizard, so don’t mess with me. I’d fuck you up.

Lamha: “She found unicorns at the chocolate town at the end of the rainbow (and it’s true).”

Anjali: I wouldn’t change anything,  except maybe my age when I grow old!

Aayush: A link to a page which suggests gown Wikipedia should improve their  choice to award pages.

Manasi: I’ll add pompous shit about myself, hype myself to no end. I’ll also make some memeworthy stuff about myself and write bad shit about my enemies and rival parties in such a way that I look like an angel and the good guy.

Diya: I would definitely put a better picture of mine.

Pranav: “Wants to kill every human ever.”

Vedika: Real bitch in real life.

Aditya: “It was rumoured that he once built a secret nuclear lab near his school entering through a trapdoor, taking inspiration from a friend’s adventure. It is said that the entrance was protected by a cacti collection. However, all known attempts to find it have ended in failure.”

[I claim full responsibility for this. And it’s true.]

Pallavi: “Had met many K-Pop idols.”

Hmm… all this self history editing has got me thinking… maybe I should check out what’s my WordPress bio says. I’m never more than half awake when I settle on it. I once mentioned something about psychosis… never mind, it’s in the past!

Happy holidays, folks!
(Yes, it’s back to them books for us.)