All you like
With a glide
In your footsteps
And pride
Hold your chin up
Like you have somewhere to
And purpose to show
In every pace you
And they approach
Calm, composed
With the briefest look in the
That doesn’t give away my
Push on
One step
Back to my back

To let it all out
In a jelly wobble.

Walking through new buildings looking for a study space is one of the most psychological experiences I have in a day.
I know most people are only trying to help, but when I’m in a new building and looking around for someplace I might want to plop and get working, I really don’t want you asking me, “Where do you want to go?”
Am I lost? Yes, I’m lost. Can you help me? No, because I don’t know where I want to go. Yes, you’ve been around this building for years and years and know every inch of it by the inhale at the start of the syllable it begins with, but you still can’t help me, and I don’t want to stick around and hear it.
I know you’re being nice, but I’m just feeling like there’s impending judgement. Just don’t acknowledge me. I’ll find somewhere to sit.

Apart from that, exploring new buildings is also admittedly one of the coolest things you can do, because as a student, you’re legally allowed to just walk into a random building and it’s not trespassing, and you get to live out your Dora The Explorer dreams.

I got me supplies, let’s go!

What do you find exciting in a normal day? And what terrifies you, even though it’s totally normal?

Down In The City

Our residence halls at university are trying out something new to prevent unsuspecting frosh humans from turning into sunlight-hating, antisocial vampire-monsters. Alright, I take back the part about sun-haters. The winter tends to fix them, I think.
But we’re trying out an open-door policy for when residents are home, as an invitation to people to come over and socialise.

I did some candy shopping for just this purpose and landed on move-in day with two bags of Reese’s, but I’m now learning that no amount of candy is ever enough (I’d thought two bags was too much for a semester).

I’ve actually got some eye candy for all of you reading too, and I sure hope it’s satisfying for you! (My meagre WordPress storage begs to differ, but as with the junk in my under packed-for room, all nitty-gritties can just be stuffed under the bed for now.)

(I’m sorry, it’s 1 AM, I promise I’ll revise this tomorrow, but I need something to convince myself that a university computer science kid can have a life outside thei–
–r… computers…)


So these are from my walk in New York City last month. We took a bus from New Jersey and spent the whole day walking around, so forgive me if it’s a little cliché an album.



We then took the subway down to Manhattan, though I didn’t take any pictures on the subway. People on the subways tend to keep to themselves a bit. It’s not as bad as on the Tube though.



The art student in me winces in shame and runs away



I wonder though, today, is the girl just standing up to the bull? Or is she also in some way looking capitalism in the eye, standing up unafraid and challenging all the skyscrapers and the orderly white and black suits that sit within them? Is she the new generation, about to shake up all the order and rules that the masters of trade hold dear?


Right in the middle of the floor-to-ceiling glass towers, a throwback to the old stone that set the foundation upon which the city grew back when. Who’s to say that NYC isn’t poetic in its own right?


I guess the heat got a bit too much. Fire department got in some action that day too.




Lady Liberty in the distance! It’s the best a phone camera can do…



Look up to the skies…
Disclaimer: not this tall in real life.

I personally liked this bit much better than downtown New York City, but to each their own. NYC at night, all lit up, in and around Times Square is pretty much on every tourist’s bucket list. Of course we went back. Here’s New York, Midtown West (I kind of did use Google maps all day, so forgive me) after dark.


All in all, New York was kind enough to give me a few parting gifts. I got tons of pretty decent photos, if I do say so myself, aching feet, a few smiles from a rare few friendly New Yorkers (that city’s got a busy vibe to it), a last-ditch all-or-nothing vacation before university, a blog post, and an idea: Toronto is really more my speed.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Road Tripping

Rugged, rocky and shifting
Like a tectonic plate
The land curves up and down
Like the highs and lows of life
Unsteady, unstable, unpredictable
Every move I make
Is a move I contemplate
Running from the clicking, roaring wild beasts
As I trek through the grays
Scramble to a top, from a deafening roar
As the waterfall drains under me
Wind channel tunnel
Take a deep breath and lose yourself
The jungle gifts your nose more gray
Navigation ain’t about a GPS:
Survival of the fittest
Survivor weed gets run over again.
Symphony of dissonance
Crescendoes to cacophony
Fortissimo, presto!
As you trek through the grays
Walk through the silver haze
When you look to the opaque skies
Glass canopies block your gaze
Home’s the forest, the concrete jungle maze.