“Alright, James, this is it.

Our big moment. Our day in the sun. Our breakthrough. The beginning of the dream.
No longer will this old life continue. This is the start of fame and fortune, and a successful career.

James, oh James!
Make a bold statement, James!”
“I already did, Lily, here it is, in bold, and italics too. Good luck paying for the printing.”

Finals Approach

And I’m at my productive best, ain’t I?


I mean approaching, formally. Like the absolute value of the difference between my math final and I, is getting really small and fast. And thank goodness for that absolute value, because this distance would’ve been negative without a doubt otherwise.

Also, mathematicians must hate physicists. And computer science first years too, probably.

Here’s A New Comic To Keep You Company

Just a little something I’ve been working on instead of studying, which is something I’ve should really really do given I’m 48 hours away from TWO midterms.

But really, people just panic first and never bother trying to charge their phones.

Must be fun being in the IT department.

Then again, it must be fun writing proofs to show people your code must run alright all day.

Cheers from the Dazzling Department of Computer Science!



God bless Thesaurus. Or whoever you may believe in.

They deserve it, and as someone who is up at 12 in the morning trying to finish a 1500 word essay and is slowly running out of collective nouns to express what I feel about a group of people I’m tired of calling a choir, I hereby give my wholesome and heartfelt thanks to Thesaurus. 

Dearest Thesaurus,

Thanks for the miscellany of words. When the assortment of phrases in my head has begun to wear thin, you sure brought me bags and bags of relief. You’ve got to believe that, among the conglomeration of emotions I am currently experiencing, gratefulness is definitely one.

Collectively yours,(???)


In the process, I feel like I’ve really got to brush up on the words I can use to give thanks. If I don’t break my habit of beginning essays really late, I’ll be using those words a lot more often than I’ll be using, “Whew, that’s gone through in time!”

Seriously though, Thesaurus probably is the best. You’ll just realise that one night, at 11:58 PM.

Remember me on that day.