Also known as burned thumb photography, do excuse any shakiness!

(In all honesty, I do not want to delve into how the burn happened. It’e embarrassing.)

I got some pictures from the lunar eclipse yesterday, although I remembered that there was one only too late… I missed the blood moon, and there isn’t going to be one till 2028! Oh well. I got something.

The first lot is from home, there were some branches in the way, so I was having trouble getting the camera to focus on the moon instead—not that I really could have with the limited zoom my camera offers, anyway!

But feast yer eyes!




There you see the eclipse! This was in the last half-hour.


Finally! Got it to focus! Sort of.


After this, good sense got the better of me and I got the terrace keys.

I met a lady up there who wasn’t from the city. As I got busy with the lenswork, she asked me from behind, was I into photography? I replied that I’d only just begun to get interested in it. Then she began talking to me.
Not a big fan of city culture, she.

She was lamenting the loss of the stars, and I agreed with her that you could hardly see but a faint glimmer of starlight out here these days. Light pollution’s increased.

She proceeded to show me her nature photography.

She’d captured a few sunrises and sunsets on her phone. I suggested her get a camera, since she liked photography so much. She replied that if she did, it would probably be the next day before she got around to taking pictures, with all the preparation that was needed!
That’s why I’m working on my running speed and on skillfully manoeuvering corners and turns instead! It’s an obstacle course-race to the cupboard; eclipses won’t wait!

She said she’s a big fan of the moon. “I’m always taking pictures of my moon”, she sang. She showed me atleast fifteen photographs of the seaside moon! (Not that I don’t live on the coast myself, but this is city stuff.)

All through this little talk, here’s what I got.

Almost gone!



And then we were done. She’d had her share of city-moons, she was headed back to town. Not that any place is too particularly safe from our menace, but the city was much too much for the nature lover in her.

I stayed back for some more terrace photography.

City skyline.
Light pollution, I see you there…
Light pollution can make even a construction look decent…

Here was one last thing I clicked. It was only really a shadow on a wall, but it looked so much like an artistic mural, I had to capture it!

Don’t worry, moon-entusiasts: There it is in the sky!
And all done. Until the next one!