Here’s A New Comic To Keep You Company

Just a little something I’ve been working on instead of studying, which is something I’ve should really really do given I’m 48 hours away from TWO midterms.

But really, people just panic first and never bother trying to charge their phones.

Must be fun being in the IT department.

Then again, it must be fun writing proofs to show people your code must run alright all day.

Cheers from the Dazzling Department of Computer Science!


Underground Again (Gotta Save The World)

Hamlet’s got a problem again.

The world’s at stake, and guess who must get off their butt to save it again: yep, none but I.

I’d love to keep you all posted, but this time’s Mission is just too Top-Secret to even be using my phone, everything depends on this. To blog or not to blog is the question, but we both can see the clear answer here.

So I’ll be gone two months. I promise I’ll make it out alive, and you will hear the story. But only once it’s been declassified. Only once the world is at stake.

I’ve done it before, I can do it again, no sweat, (you can relive the action though, it’s here: Saviour Of The Universe.)

* gasps for a big gulp of air *
So wish me luck! Got a planet to rescue, I’m going under again.

See you when I’m back!

(No, I kid you not, this is true. I’m not trying to excuse the fact that I’ve really got to study for the last exams I’ll ever write in school, nor am I trying to think of how the next time I blog, unless the Resistance is defeated, will be when I’m 1. An adult  2. Not in school anymore.

I’m only just a secret agent who needs to save this planet. You all included! Really!)