Here’s A New Comic To Keep You Company

Just a little something I’ve been working on instead of studying, which is something I’ve should really really do given I’m 48 hours away from TWO midterms.

But really, people just panic first and never bother trying to charge their phones.

Must be fun being in the IT department.

Then again, it must be fun writing proofs to show people your code must run alright all day.

Cheers from the Dazzling Department of Computer Science!


Survey #34

We’ve often looked at medieval paintings, been in Scottish castles (that may be rubble by now) in gaping wonder, not only awed by how majestic they are, how weird their sense of dressing is, (“Is that a skirt?” “Shaddup, you, it’s a kilt!!”) and wondering what it’s like to have people in chainmail and weird hats around you twenty four-seven, but also with genuine respect for how this guys managed to live their WHOLE lives in darkness. Perhaps not literally.
But no electricity, meaning no TV, no wifi, no Fangirling over your favourite stars, watching reruns all day, firing your employees with a tweet… I’m digressing.
(Yeah, anyway, NO PHONE.)
But this week, we’ve tried sending our own brave adventurers out in the wilderness (or maybe not), with no shields, no phones, left to fend for themselves for the day… With little success.
Well, here’s documenting nothing!


Q: How’d you spend a day without electricity?

Siddharth: I would spend the entire day outside the house, going on a road trip or camping.

Saahil: Die in the heat. I live in Mumbai.

Eva: Sit at my doorstep and study, go to a poolside and study, and find any excuse to avoid communication with any human being because these are moments when I’m extremely pissed off.

[Doubt: I figured the words ‘poolside’ and ‘study’ were antonyms.
Even for a twelfth grader!]

Lamha: Running around, meeting friends, screaming unicorns & balloons & blow bubbles!

Aryaa: Jam to my unchanged phone.

Satchit: Framing my rescue for not finishing my homework because of this.

Pranav: Spend it with my loved ones, lots and lots of pizzas and ice-cream.

Saarthak: Buy power banks & then play games.

Khushi: Go play basketball.

Ritankar: Have lots of food and play cricket and football.

Anushka: Sleep.

Sakshi: Go out for a trek, or a long drive or find a place with electrical supply and live a regular day.

Joshika: Play dark room.

Arshya: Probably go on a road trip or a friend’s house.

Netra: Convert chemical energy into electrical energy through Electrolysis. (PACE STUDENT ALERT)

Marc: Use all the batteries available in a 10 km radius.

Aayush: Pool party yay!

Shania: My phone needs to be charged. If I don’t have electricity, how will I build Frankenstein? I need him to charge my phone, along with other things.

[Anecdote: Between the surveyor and this surveyee, a discovery was made.
We finally know why electricity was introduced into our lives.
We need a distraction from building Frankensteins.]

Yusuf: I’d go to Antarctica!

Aditya: Play outdoors all day along. Or spend the day with a fine novel.

Daivya: Go to the terrace and stare.

Parthiv: Can’t stay without electricity would rather spend my day in my car.

Maulishri: On the beach.

Neha: Complain all day with a friend who would put up with my whinging.

Eesha: Read books. ebooks if the power goes out at night (last power cut, I read Archie comics on my old phone.)

Vyshavi: Go to Imagica.

Richa: Use up all the matchsticks in the house, go out and play basketball and then come home to complain about the water not being cold!

Aayush: Spend all day trying to bring electricity back.

Ashay: You don’t.

Jai: Just keep flicking the PCB main switch all day.

Shamila ma’am: I would spend time with my cats.

Manish sir: Travel, walk, explore.

Akshat: Convert a dynamo to my cycle, go cycling, generate and sell electricity at high prices.

Anushree: I would go walking and probably get lost. It I’d watch Kimi No Nawa and Star Wars and analyse them with Satchit. Yope.

Manya: Dreaming.

Anshul: Study, read a lot of novels, EAT. Use fuel as an alternative to generate electricity and then live a normal life.

Rishabh: Go out on a long drive.

Diya: Stay and build a campfire.

Mahwash: I’ll go out with my friends to the beach.

Kritika: Sleep.

Arjun: Go for a walk.

Vani: Sleeping.

Vedika: Hunting in the forest. [Vani: Because she’s weird.]

Shivani: Run away.

Tanishi: I’d play Dark Room!

Rashiv: I’d go to FIITJEE.

Akanksha: I would lay on the bed hovering between life and death.

[Faker on request] “Dipankar”: I would listen to Pink Floyd and also society is terrible.
I would listen to Lipstick and also society is amazing.

“Dips”: Arjun has dibs on me. 😉

Mahima: I’d go to a farm.

Aayushi: I’d go to Bihar with a lota.

Nirmiti: Complete my novel reading backlog session and many other backlogs. #NotSoPerksOfProcrastination.

Riya: Sleeping and sleeping.

Ani: Go down, go insane, see dogs, read books.
[Ani: hmm.. Day with no fans…
Both of us: Band: No FANS!?]

Sanyukta: Paint, practice violin, pending work.


Well, to all you folks returned reading this on your phone, all I’d like to do is welcome you back to civilisation!

.gif and matches

Kia ora! Only just a few days to go for the Women’s World Cup!

The warm ups are already underway, one that’s going on right now is the India wn vs the White Ferns (or the New Zealand wn).

India called right, batted first, and put up 130 in 45 overs, Poonam Raut high scoring with a 33, Mona Meshram the next highest with 30, eventually running out of partners at the other end.

Clinical bowling from New Zealand, they kept picking wickets at regular intervals, never really letting India accelerate. Hannah Rowe, Bermingham and Peterson picking 2 apiece. With a required Run Rate of 2.89 RPO, the kiwis look to chase this down.

I’m not going to talk about the Champions Trophy. I went in supporting 2 teams, and watched them both crash out embarrassingly.

When your campaign goes shit, eyeball it.

Now, the unrelated stuff.

Everyone loves a good GIF. The lovely spams, the trash that fills your phone memory and 25 SD cards, that’s all over the goddamned Internet, that my friend can’t send me enough of, that now there’s a whole page of on my Whatsapp keyboard.

Lovely things.

So I asked my sister if she remembers a time when GIFs used to be Nokia wallpapers.

Well, she blanked out. No was her answer. But let me hear from y’all, do you remember the moving Nokia wallpapers? The ones with the blue and purple planets, and the red streaks (not a Flash reference) and a really annoying bright green one called Juniper? (No, wait, I can swear Juniper was a .png…)

What else do you remember about the non-touch screen phone times? Tell me about it!

(NO, at seventeen, I am not old or nostalgic, just curious!)

PS: In reply, so far (12 overs) New Zealand are 56-0, and going strong.


PSS: New Zealand chased the target down, Sophie Devine finishing with a six as New Zealand won by 7 wickets and with 23 overs to spare.