Staying up late at night to study has its own merits and demirits. I do some work, my mind wanders, poetry happens. Often.

I don’t always want to reach for my phone at 1 in the morning, it really messes up my rhythm.

So this is my new outlet.

I’m doing poetry on paper napkins! I could go all poetic about how fragile they are and everything, but you know the real story behind it; I’m just lazy.

I’m not sure how legible my handwriting is, it also happens to be my 2-AM-attempt-at-being-neat, so while it’s an aesthetic (I guess? That’s my alibi, after all!), I’m still going to transcribe it, for readability.

(Let me know if the Earth has launched out of our solar system and it’s actually readable enough for me to not need to transcribe it!)

So here goes nothing.

Einstein was right
Yes, time is relative
It’s relative, to space and sound
And all the people you’re around
Silence echoes louder than sound
Perhaps it does to some
For me, the white noise of my own thoughts
Begs sound’s intervention
Break through my inertia
Set me free
Take the place of disturbance
At once growling and motherly
For 9 PM and 3 AM
Are now the same to me
Bind me to my looming,
Growing responsibilities
Free me, speak in my mind
How screwed an I if I disagree?
Coerce me, coax me
But get me through the shitstorm
I’m singleminded in the wrong ways
Steely resolve to absurdity
Break down my statue
A memorial to eternity
And then know that you’re free
To haunt my whisking dreams.

(Just a note, that’s my math textbook in the background. I’m truly sorry.)


Am I in poor taste?
The product of fallacy and haste?
When life strolls by in everlong grace
I follow in her footsteps and fall on my face

Another assignment laughs at my state,
Remarks I’m the child of a miserable fate:
Endless procrastination and always being late
And my rotten luck
Could give a pessimist run for the buck
Glass half empty or full, I think I broke it

Clockwork world ticks on by
I’ll sit and watch unfazed
I don’t think I can make me try
I’m a waste, waste, waste.

Blue fish
Changing everyday
Idolised by all the parents
For what not to be

Fickle minded, star struck-blinded
Nothing seems to make any sense
Every move’s at my expense
What’s new if I care?

Clockwork world ticks on by
I’ll sit still and unfazed
Nothing you say can make me try
I’m a bored, frustrated waste.

One step forward, two back
Is a life motto- give your toe a crack
Scribble poetry as you sit in the dark
Life’s an amusement park

I’m out of juice and bone dry
I’ll sit around in a daze
Doing nothing is sitting high
Just a bored, frustrated waste.