Mission Report: In Hostile Territory

Confidence comes with practice.
–Mother Dearest.

One thing leads to another, and I find myself sitting in a parlour.

I mean, as an undercover agent, no one should be able to recognise me for longer than three months. Some might say that’s just an excuse for a terrible new haircut.
But I kid you not, my latest disguise has me looking like an overgrown five day-old chick with a bedhead. What’s that? Of course I can’t tell you the purpose of my mission.

But the real test for an undercover agent is for hostile forced to never catch you. Unfortunately, I think some of them run our local parlour.

Somehow, they managed to convince my mother that I needed a face clean up.

Me on the brink of university, my mother readily agreed anyway. No prizes for that.

All of a sudden, I find myself taken into a small room and locked inside. A woman, part of the network no doubt, follows me in. She hands me a black cloth bag.
Off with your shirt, she says. Put on the bag. Then she leaves the room.

I’m trapped. Guess I have no choice. I obey.
She comes back in and I’ve worn the bag the wrong way.

Of course it’s my first time. Preferably my last. She laughs and tells me how to really wear it.
Turns out you don’t just drape it around your neck like a preschooler playing a brinjal in the vegetable dance for junior annual day. You take your arms out through the elastic of the bag, which I actually found pretty pointless. If you’ve got a problem with baring and stuff, with the amount of skin you’d be ‘covering up’ wearing a thin see-through black bag, I don’t really get your net gain.

But then of course, I was reminded that I’m an ace in a very allosexual world.

Anyway, I did what she told me to and the put me down on the only bed in the room. Relax, she said picking out her towels.

This reminds me of a suspect about to undergo a waterboarding interrogation.


I think my disguise may have been blown. My identity has been compromised. They’ve got me! And there’s nothing more I can think, so I close my eyes as she brings on a wave of creams and rubs them up my nose.

I’m learning to breathe in time with the few short breaks she gives me between blocking off my air passages.

The lines from the Dire Straits song are running through my head.

And I get trouble with my breathing
She says boys don’t know anything
But I know what I want

I want out.
She then brings a wide flow of steam and focusses the blast on my face.

I keep my eyes closed and steady my breathing. She’s rubbing something around my mouth. Then on my mouth. I am adamant. I keep my lips sealed tightly shut.

I won’t break down. I am better than that. She won’t get any information out of me. She won’t get me to confess. She won’t get a word out of me.

Then she’s pinching my nose, rubbing my eyes to the point where my focus is a bit messed up even now and the torture begins. She’s silent the whole while. I mirror her. I’m not coughing. I’m stronger than that.

She seems to realise that. We’re taking this a notch higher, it seems.

She dims the lights. The bright squares on the ceiling are gone. There’s now a blue light coming from somewhere on the floor. I try to lift my head to see where it’s coming from.
“What’s the matter?” she asks. Very courteous. Very polite. Almost like she wasn’t trying to force a confession out of me.
Two can play that game.
It’s almost a mockery of everything that’s happening around me, but I simply say, “Nothing,” and put my head back down.

She’s turned on cheesy music.

I’d once heard that the CIA had broken someone down by playing Red Hot Chili Peppers on loop. (Not that I would mind them,) It seems she has a similar plan.

But she complies with my request to turn it off as she brings another round of shady liquids.

I turn up YouTube. There’s something I’ve been wanting to listen to, and there’s no other time I can think of where I’d get 49 unbroken minutes to listen to it. (She’d told me it would take half an hour.)
(Since I’m on the phone, I can’t use YouTube and blog simultaneously.)

So I bring my set list into the square middle of an attempted interrogation.

I’m being layered with mysterious liquids with potential side effects, to Gustav Holst in the background.

I swear it feels like I’m in a movie.
I also know know exactly where the Star Wars theme’s inspiration lies.

She probably thought I was listening to Hans Zimmer or something.

We’re mentally jumping through hyperspace in the middle of an interrogation.

And finally, she’s rubbing my face in time to Gustav Holst. Oh my.

Then suddenly, with no warning, she flicks a switch. The lights come on again, harsh, bright, glaring in my eye.
This is going to get serious, isn’t it. She isn’t going to let me go so easily. Her colleague walks in.

“Your hair hasn’t been dried properly,” she smiles. Sinister.

I’m given my two minutes alone to put on my shirt.
To put on my shirt, they say. It’s really just to gather my wits, prolong the torture, give me two minutes alone with myself, to realise the futility of my resistance, the end in store for me, how my fate is sealed.
Two minutes alone to cry in silence, for the hopelessness to echo in the remotest recesses of my mind, for the breakdown to begin.

I sigh, put on my shirt and open the door.

I’m told to go to the room my mother’s in.

I pause by a mirror. The disguise is effective, because I need to double take. I don’t really know the person in the mirror.

Mum seems okay. I wonder if this is another part of the interrogation. Mum’s getting her waxing done. I wonder if they’re trying to scarr a confession out of me. Mum seems satisfied, she even suggests I get myself in the same position.

No freaking way.
I don’t know if she’s actually in cahoots with them. Or maybe they’ve brainwashed her into saying that.
But I’m a grizzly bear, and do plan to remain so in the near future.
The lady working on mum is encouraging too. She says, once you get it done, you’ll be back every month yourself!

God, they get payed to mess with your brains so bad. That doestdo sound good.

And then I have to go. They can’t see an unfinished product walking out into the free world. The transformation must be complete. The message must be strong and the damage… lasting.

And they do it, they do their job well. They pull on it and run their brushes and spray cans and heaters through them. Their relatively short length cannot save my hair from certain fate. It’s straight, flat and rounded down midlenght. God, they’re so professional at it, I don’t even know what to call what they’ve done. But this time, the execution is perfect. I got to sit through the entire process, eyes wide open, I get to watch every shred of my identity being torn away. Ironed out. Falling into line.

It’s done. We’re done. The transformation is complete.
My face looks dull, my eyes bleary and I look like a porcelain china doll.

They’ve got me. The System got me. I hate what I look like. But the job’s done well. My mission is incomplete, abandoned, and headquarters doesn’t recognize me anymore (and neither does my little sister).

And so, I’m going under again.

Cranberry Soda

It isn’t the holiday season until you’ve created a new weird combination by mixing perfectly normal food prepared by someone else and claiming credit for it, and then enthusiastically shoving it down everyone’s throat.
Heck, with you as excited, chances are, you’ll get a super excited response from them in the form of a throw up. But oh well, guess yoghurt and pasta isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This time, it was cranberry soda. Just mix cranberry juice lying around in the fridge with Sprite. Somehow, I claimed credit for it!
But with the sparkling bubbles and dark red liquid, I found it quite symbolic of Christmas.

After messing around a bit with juices myself, I took it upon myself to treat everyone who comes home with a cuppa cranberry soda. Of course, the only ones heading my way were mum and dad practicing weightlifting with their grocery shopping.

It actually went better than I’d expected. Their cups were in the sink before I could realise it… I mean, I do realize that could either be because keeping it too long would have it lose all its fizz, or that they gulped it down like a nasty medicine shot…

Got the best reaction from my little sister though. She hates fizzy drinks anyway. I’d have got a money shot had I a camera on me then!

Anyway, ’tis the season where you can momentarily forget that there’s a truckload of integration and semiconductors and benzoic acid that lies waiting (at least for me), so grab the opportunity, eat what you like, sleep, read, blog, and then INTEGRATE!!

Well, till I blow a fuse then.
Happy holidays! (Because we all deserve ONE day off.)

We’re Journaling On The Run Again

Do you remember that blockbuster time a few months ago when I had a physics journal to complete, and only twenty four hours (realistically, less) to do that? (Those either really bored or curious can check it out here.)
Well, turns out it wasn’t the end.
What I really did do that time was make twenty three experiments seem like twenty five. Thanks to my small handwriting, despite my three-day endeavour, my teacher couldn’t believe there were even twenty three of those in only hundred pages. (Not too far off the mark, but it was close enough to pass for 25. Still there was a momentary doubt: is this it? Will it all end like this? All that work for being called a bluff?)

Now look here, if I were in 11th grade, it may have passed. Not now. This year is supposedly the real deal. (Cue cut to rising background music
“Tell us,
tell us your final wish
Now we know you can never return”

Nope, this is the final stage. No turning back from here.)

So indeed, old ghosts return to haunt me. The work’s finally caught up with me. So here I sit with a journal in front of me to complete, yet again.
Might I mention, this time I need to draw the diagrams too.

But before I begin, there’s a little secret, a small triumph I could share. I may have “journaled” my physics journal writing process, but you won’t see that happening for chemistry.
That’s because I delegated that work to mum. (Mweeheehaahahaa.
In spite of all the evil villains out there, I still find one of the most impressive evil laughs to belong to a Disney character, from a Disney princess movie at that: Ursula from the Little Mermaid. Go figure.
(And for my mean, lean, rough, touch credos, please don’t ask about the Disney princess background!) (Another helpful pointer: it was left behind in the distant past. Distant, dusty and hazy. Don’t get lost on Mars.))

So, back to mum doing my chemistry journal… you won’t find me grumbling about it— and I wonder if twenty two salt analyses produced a piece of sheer frustration and boredom, or creativity, from my mother?
She just swears she’s not drawing my physics diagrams anymore.

My journal needs to be submitted tomorrow. (Wide smile)

What say we grab our coffee mugs and prepare for this time’s all nighter?

Two experiments, and twenty five diagrams to go!

(Note: I’ll keep updating thos post if and when I do. If you’re on this live, you may need to refresh.)

Well, here goes!
One thing I’ve gotta admit, it’s probably not a great idea to be beginning at 11:50 in the night when I’m expected in school at 8 the next morning. I have not an outlandish chance of completing everything!

I suppose the whole reason I’m even slightly motivated to begin is because I bought a new pen today. Nice, slim, sleek, very dark blue and unused. Something exciting about new stationery, if not exciting, then motivating. For at least 10 minutes.

Come to think of it now, I’m in deep. I need to figure out how my mum writes. It’s very different from my own writing. I don’t mean the way the hand works, mine is apparently one of the most wrist breaking styles in that department. Mum’s been trying forever to get me to “unhook” my hand, but it’s just comfortable. Guess it’s a lefty thing.
I’ll begin my undercover poseur training another day… Two experiments still to go for now.

I can imagine the scenario on Practicals exam day:
Let’s start over again
Why can’t we start it over again?
Just let us start it over again
And we’ll be good
This time we’ll get it…
Get it right
It’s my last chance… Ignore and forgive this, I couldn’t possibly write it again!

… After so many days of following SAT/America’s english model, putting a comma before every ‘and’, it’s almost kinda liberating to be following the British model again!

Great, it’s the day of my submission already!(post-12) I’ve started preparing my Ode to Coffee already…

I can’t believe this! I’m writing a three-page experiment to “identify a diode and a capacitor”, among others. My eyes haven’t given up on me yet!
Wonder if I should mention in the apparatus list that I used my eyes for this one?

Capacitors have the capacity to be chameleons. (See what I did there?)
They can be backstabbing bitches, basically. They’ll be friendly to one component of you, and totally ignore the other. They work perfectly fine with alternating currents, but the minute it turns steady, the friendliness disappears: it just won’t work anymore. Picky.

My sister was studying some biology earlier today. Jogged my memory about vaccins. Though this is not a rant about how those needles scare the hell out of me. I’ve been liked the wrong way enough times.
I was reminded about the guy who came uo with the concept, Edward Jenner. It just made me think, the quality of Jenners has dropped now. All they seem to do is get famous for having done absolutely nothing I could imagine thats notable… Or maybe big lips are an achievement? I’m the wrong person to be attempting to answer such questions, let’s talk physics again!

For an experiment, this one’s pretty un-technical. Gee, I can’t imagine what the procedure says. “Pick up a piece and look at it. With enough training, you should know that it’s a transistor. Now say this in 20 words instead of 10. You’re done!”
Such stuff requires a high level of expertise. Kids, don’t try this at home!

“… When both ends are touched together, there should be continuity in both directions,”
Sure doesn’t sound like the traffic.

It’s nearly 1. My internal Hab will soon be breached.

I’m currently reading the Martian, if that explains it.
It will also explain my mother’s new headache. After vacillating between five different possible career options last year and finally settling on one, I’ve been triggered again.
I’ve been wondering (in no small part thanks to this book) whether I really should be picking physics as my college major. It’s not the first time I’ve suggested this, but this is just after all my college essays have been written!
My mum’s been smacking her head, but hey, when wasn’t physics cooler than computer science?

The last time I had to write a physics journal, I ended up listening to the entire Sounds of Silence album start to finish, thrice. (It’s Simon and Garfunkel’s. And it’s definitely worth a listen.) I’m wondering what to get through now.
But then again, that’s probably the reason why it took me three days. That doesn’t take away anything from the fact that twenty three’s a big number. Especially when compared to two, which is what I must complete today, and get some sleep.

Last year, we had an experiment on resonance frequencies in a resonance tube, and they brought us tuning/pitch forks to use. Safe to say, the musicians drooled (unashamedly and justifiably, in our defence. How often do you get something to brighten up an uneventful day?) and it eventually turned into an hour of ear training tests.

In the movie the Martian, Mark Watney is a botanist. What they don’t tell you there but is made plain in the book is that he’s actually a double major. Botany and mechanical engineering from the University of Chicago. Damn. Here I was wondering how I’d juggle a Computer Science major with other things… but the pull of space is strong, isn’t it? (Yes, despite the crazy amounts by which it varies in different places, from one-sixth of the earth’s on our moon to one so strong in a black hole that even light, the fastest moving thing currently known, cannot escape it.)
My physics journal beckons. And my will is the moon’s gravity: weak. It’s nearly 1:30! In the morning, by the way. This is familiar.

Capacitors are cool that way. Infinite resistance. An invading army would love to have that. But then again, it’s only for DC sources… The Empire Strikes Back.

One done,one to go!
… Maybe keeping my mouth shut, or rather, fingers typing, instead, is not such a bad idea after all…

My situation:
Don’t confuse
Baby you’re gonna lose
You’re own game

But I gotta admit, it’s fun doing this. Until you look at the clock , at least.

If you’re up for too long, after a point, you’re gonna get light headed and really won’t care or register much any more. I still do care, but the trick is to balance your concern for finishing with your concern for lost sleep. Do this preferably before 12 AM.
Kids, make this a learning experience (just like it was three months ago… Guess I’ll never learn.)

Change of plan: I’m listening to MJ instead. It’s 1:59, so this plan needs to change soon too.

The way practical exams really work is as such:
Every breadth (and other readings ) you take
Every move you make
Every misstep you take
Every reading you fake
I’ll be watching you.

We have a new plan, and it’s to sleep! Effective immediately. I’m done, and the diagrams can very well wait another day.
The handwriting wasn’t too bad for 2 AM… Goodnight, clutch your journals tight, don’t be sleep deprived.

Bake Yourself a Happy Holiday Season!

I’m writing this one because I couldn’t not.

It’s that time of the year: vacation!

It’s the time kick back, have no fear, to give a cheer, and throw those books high in the air…
No, that wouldn’t be necessary. They already pile up that high.
Besides, I’m not one to throw books.

And that was the most pointless introduction I’ve ever written.

Anyway, let’s cut right to it.
Holidays are here, and while no one’s holidaying, it has been a pleasure to wake up at 11 am.
I won’t say anything about sleeping at 2… that’s sort of become the norm, hasn’t it?

I have, to my utmost satisfaction, replaced a computer textbook with a Ludlum book- of the Jason Bourne series- for  a while… that’s ephemeral.

But anyway… holiday season.
Allow me to address some myths.
Some folks worry that all the holiday spirit and sweet will, well, do what sweets are apparently supposed to do.
Tell that to someone who’s cupboard cleaning has finally caught up with them.
Or to someone who’s turned the house upside down whilst looking for a lost novel.
Or to someone frozen in a kneel-down position, carefully filling the floor with chalk powder.
Or someone stretching out to six feet in height to reach that nail on top to hang some lights.
Or to someone who’s spent their vacation the way a twelfth grader does. Sigh.

Holiday season… that time of the year when wearing itchy embroidered netted weirdly shaped clothes is no longer an accepted form of torture, but a must.

I’m staring at a possibility of being put into one and told how ‘cute’ it looks this year.
How can a seventeen year-old look cute.
But I’m not here to rant. I’m making an observation.
I imagine male traditional must be a lot more comfortable than female trad.
The worst that can happen in Indian male trad? Embroidery. Heavy embroidery. Terrible fitting.
But female trad?
The way most of the upper clothes are made is quite different from your average tee.
They’re made to narrow down around the rib cage and the waist. The male ones aren’t, they ‘flow’.

You wear a fem trad by pulling it over your head. Think of the discomfort of pulling something that narrow over your chest.
Female chest, might I remind you.

Then there’s the next level, who’s levels of discomfort I cannot even begin to imagine: the sari.
All I can do is wear the most constricting military can get, and salute.

Yet, it might finally catch up to me- the dreaded trad!
(This comes from a T-shirt wearer!)
So wish me luck!

So, holiday season… I lost my rangoli making virginity.
First time, and I went straight in with the powders!
Incidentally, my mum gave up and bought stencils this year.
I gifted her a protractor that made its way back during a cleanup session, which she promptly returned.
“I’ll leave the technical aspects to you”, was her succinct reply.

And so I did.

Here’s the world-famous twelfth grader entering familiar territory…

What else can you expect from me.

I went ahead, went overboard and made a Bakelite rangoli.
You can’t argue with me, because it’s symmetrical.


I got an immediate reaction from mum: a facepalm. But she does admit I did a much better job than her!
Heck, even the structure’s accurate, check with the IUPAC!

So did I study today, or did I not?
(Except that isn’t a valid question… despite all my rants, I don’t study everyday, not until we’re two weeks away from apocalypse!)

So sleep a little more, and happy Diwali from me!

Journaling My Journal (The End of it)

The victory post.

Following up from my physics journal completion tryst from over the last two days.


Well, life lessons are everywhere. And today, I suppose I learn that the resilient do win!


So today was school. I didn’t bunk, there wasn’t the slightest rainshower, we had our classroom changed (and hence no rat in the picture) and we didn’t get a PT period.

Basically, all my checkpoints failed.

But I won.

I completed one experiment during some free time I had in the morning in school, and I said to my friend, we’ll take it as it comes.

And it came in the form of victory, and it was sweet.

Our physics Teach’ came in today, and asked for the journals straight up. My major concern at this point was that I hadn’t drawn any diagrams in my journal. (I was hoping here that I would get away with two teeny experiments less.)

Teach’ then said it was alright not to have drawn the diagrams or observation tables at the moment, that could be done later. (We wouldn’t have the time later in the year to write the whole big mess, the tiny details could be added in later. That was the purpose of having given us this task in the vacations in the first place. But well, chances like that are sort of wasted on us!)

I did turn in my journal, and though I almost got in trouble because I have a sort of small handwriting, and because of that, it seemed to Teach’ like I had written a hundred and fifty pages worth of experiments rather than two hundred, (and I choked back shock and a yawn here) things turned out fine, and I got the coveted tick against my name.

That’s it. Just a tick.

Everything I have done, over three blog posts, no less (:P), just for a tick.

But it felt good; I felt accomplished.

I don’t think I’ve ever fist pumped for having finished school work before, but I did today. I looked at my bored buddy beside me, I said, hell yes! She glanced up and said, yes, alright, sure. Congratulations.

It was a victory, in a way, and I can really sleep tonight.

In the end though, Teach’ did relent and prolong his deadline to Monday. Who can resist that weekend bonanza. Go right ahead, kill Saturday already!

A friend of mine came up and told me that he would begin his journal today.

Suit him, and good luck to him.

As for me, I have a beautiful, unsoiled weekend ahead, with a juicy double header Women’s cricket World Cup matches on Sunday.

So all’s well that ends well.

This is awesome. 🙂

Journaling My Journal (Again.)

Day two of trying to complete my physics journal.

Working on my journal again, a follow up from this.

Here we go again, how much can I finish today? All of it, I hope!


Lithium carbonate salts are used as antidepressants.
That’s probably why the Nirvana song Lithium is named so.


Reverse biased diodes:
a) something that’s existence I will need to know about, and very well too.
b) A description that works bloody well for me.

By the way, it’s a diode with a lower potential at one end. Sounds like someone?


Zero error: Something that doesn’t exist for me.


Hmm… Going by my physics journal’s guidelines, every phenomenon has a characteristic curve… Wait, what am I thinking!?


If you happen to have a biology journal to complete/are a biology student/are interested in biology (in more than a primitive-sex instinct kind of way) find out what an aneurysm is.

I’ll just tell you it’s a great Nirvana song.


Last week, while surveying, I met a friend. She had a bandage on her thumb. I asked her, what happened?
She said that she’d completed her biology journal last week.


What would happen if a guy named Rio got stunned/paralysed?
He’d become rheostat.

And I thought I’d hit rock bottom yesterday.


Oh, when you have the Potential to do it, but your Current situation sucks ’cause the Resistance is too much.
Practicals can can be a lot like Literature: it takes many readings.

Speaking of which, Reading festival is from 25th August this year, and I’m super stoked: Muse will be headlining on Sunday!

Glastonbury was last week, and Foo Fighters rocked Saturday night.

I wonder, if I were to try the Glastonbury traffic, would I complete my journal on the way? (It can take up to 16 HOURS. The traffic gets terrible.) (Super hypothetical situation. I haven’t been to Glastonbury yet. Sigh.)


Smriti Mandhana scored a century today, and India beat West Indies. More than beat. I’ll do a separate, proper post on that, sorry I haven’t been putting up too much of the Women’s Cricket World Cup lately. The Tournament’s been really exciting so far, and hopefully, there’ll be less washouts than the Champions Trophy.


The day I’ll really appreciate physics is when we can make it rain where it needs to happen (here. HERE! SURFS UP!!) and stop it from raining down on our parades (and matches.)


Physics: Plot a graph.
Architecture: Graph (sketch) a plot.

Life is complicated.


You know the statue The Thinker?
It’s been sitting in one position for how many centuries.
I’m rivalling it. Soon.


From all the precautions we have been given for our practical experiments, it really seems like someone out there cares for us.
That’s why they wrote us 9 precautions, each three lines long. Because no one ever gave them a copy of
Precautions to Take While Experimenting with Adolescent Human Anatomy
(The Complete Hand Care book)
– Foreword by Donald Trump.


My wish for the day:

All the downpours came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay

Oh you Pretty Things (raindrops)
Don’t you know (your absence) is driving me insane

But it looks like the original will stay, no sign of rain.

All the nightmares came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay.


I think journal writing is getting to us all:
My class was so close to having an official class discussion on weed today.

Also. Any physical test to determine whether a reaction has evolved acetic acid involves doing a nose test to check if it smells like vinegar.

So we are legally given marks to sniff acid!?


Here’s a trick question for you: what’s the difference between accuracy and precision?
What’s that you say, they’re the same thing?

Haha, joke’s on you, no they’re not. Welcome to the world of physics.


Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet, quot possit his ne.
Yes, I actually did that.


6 experiments to go!


A friend told me that electrons might have a “consciousness”. There’s speculation.

If they did, I wonder, if each electron in my body volunteered to smear a dot of ink across this paper in front of me, how quick would I be done?

(Yes, we are science students. Please believe me.)


Dad says to mum, delete her data. Am I being invalidated?


Things I’ve learnt from my mother:
Don’t disturb her when she sleeps. You physically cannot.

The other day, I was ill and puking my guts out. My mother volunteered to sleep next to me, so that if something happens at night, she’d be right there.

Later that night:
I’m in the bathroom puking again. I have the soothing sound of my mother’s snoring for moral support.

Lesson: she will sleep through my marriage if it’s in a different time zone.

(PS: That ain’t happening. Ever.)



There is such a thing as Reverse Breakdown voltage. I suddenly relate to physics. Or not.

Everything is probability, after all. 😉


I showed that bit to my mum. Now I get to hear the history of my life again. I am getting detailed descriptions of every one of the ten thousand-and-one pukes I puked as a baby. (And boy, did I puke till I was two.)
This isn’t about the physics anymore.


My little sister has been given a pamphlet in which to write down her favourite cartoon character. I’ve been nominated.


If I cross a bridge that’s 100 centimetres long, would I have successfully used a metre bridge?


Me to my battery:
We Gotta Hold on to what we’ve got…
It does make a difference if you don’t make it!

11% left. Charger.


Cool thing called Zener Effect. It happens when the reverse bias value becomes much larger than the forward potential, the electric field pulls electrons directly out of their bonds to join and increase the current. Sounds like forced army recruitment.

I wonder then, if electrons do have a consciousness, is this unjust?


If there was no gravity, the trust fall test would fail.
– said the Optimist.

Ouch, said the Pessimist, rubbing his broken arm.
Only 5 to go!


I’m sorry Teach’, but when I’m doing transformers here, I’m thinking of Bumblebee.
The dilemma of a follower of British English: when shortening stuff, would you rather colour retain it’s ‘u’, or you retain some time?

Pride’s the factor. Screw the colour coded resistors, it’s the spelling that matters. (And I try to assert that I’m a science student. Hah.)

If you told me a robber was in town, I’d probably first say, “Where’s my journal?”. Four and a half to go!

Just four to go!
I wonder if the reason why it’s absolutely necessary for us to cover our journals with orange paper is because some officials feel uncomfortable staring at naked notebooks?


It’s 12:30 am. I look like the Nevermind smiley.

Goodness, how did kids in the 1700’s survive without all this physics?

No wonder there are so many wartime poems. And wars. Physics leaves no time for that shit. Overthinking needs time. That’s where extra deep/nonsensical war poems come from?


My grandparents will laugh at me- my legs hurt from all that sitting.
To say nothing of my wrist.


Writing bulb experiments brings back sad anecdotes: for a period of time in sixth grade, despite knowing the spelling of bulb, it always came out ‘bubl’ when I wrote it, because I wrote with cursive. It drove me mad, my friend would laugh hysterically.

I gave up cursive, now, partly. I’ve taken up cursing. Believe me, I’m learning. 😛 Or not. Probability.


“Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed”, said Lavoisier, I think. Yet all that is born must die.

Valhar Morghulis.

What if the multiple universes present are connected like a parallel circuit, with some weird glue “current” flowing through them all, binding them together?


Ah, the experiment procedure says “Step 1: Procure needed materials.”



If you really want a high, try staying up real late. You’ll get all light headed and feel like you’re floating real high around.


I’m not giving up, only just pausing our blockbuster for today. The Box Office has had enough for a day. The climax comes tomorrow in physics class.

1. School’s rained out.
2. Class smells after PT and no one can enter.
3. The rat does it’s job. (I need to elaborate on this, but there’s a rat in our class. Occasionally. But I can see it freaking our teachers out.)
4. Fortune decides to favour the poor, underslept unfortunate.

If not, watch out for the smoke alarms!

3 experiments to go.

Pō pai! (Good night!)



I finally decided to man up and face things head on. Here’s the next day.

The World Cup begins!

Wasting absolutely no time, the two opening matches today are India vs England, and New Zealand vs Sri Lanka.

England have won the toss and elected to field first, New Zealand have won the toss in Bristol and appear to think the same.

Indian openers are in to bat, Punam Raut and Smriti Mandhana, and Mandhana is on fire. The swashbuckling 20-year old opener from Mumbai has faced 19 balls and sits on 36, with 5 boundaries and a six already, while Raut is playing the stabilising role from the other end.

Natalie Sciver Katherine Brunt have been singled out by Mandhana for the choicest of shots, including three identical cover drives off the back foot off Brunt, all going for boundaries, off consecutive balls.

Fun fact: 8.4 ov: This is the first single of the match. All runs for India so far have been either boundaries or twos.


India stand at the end of 9 overs with 53 for no loss. Mandhana moves on to 40 off 25.

9.1: Shortish ball from Sciver, Raut chips it up, it lands safely; two runs.

9.2: Raut joins the run fest! Now she opens the face of the bat, good shot to the covers for four!

The captain chills with a book, and rightly so. India are going well at 59-0 at the end of 10 overs.

10 overs up, and spin’s been introduced! Danielle Hazell is who England turns to now.

The match is available online, and on telly, depending on where you stay.

11 overs up, India 63-0!

12 overs up, 66-0. Mandhana moves to 43 (31).

A run rate that was once flying at 7.5 has been pulled back to 5.4. England are keeping things quiet.

12.2: In the air, and missed it! That was a dropped chance there for England, bowler Hazell is disappointed, what will be the cost?

End of 13, India 69-0.

Gunn returns. She’s given just 3 in her 1 and a half overs.

In the other game, New Zealand have snagged their first wicket already, 14 overs on, Sri Lanka are 49-1.

14 overs are completed here too, India stand 70-0. Mandhana 45(37), Raut 21(45).

The Indian batters have slowed down after their flyer of a start. But they’re the calmest things on the field here.

15th over, and Hazell will bowl it.

Speak of calm, the kids in the audience are not! Spirited, painted up and full of energy, they’re making no bones of who they’re backing, they’re shouting out their support! Nice to see.

15 overs up, 71-0.

Gunn it is, and Mandhana swings away, for just one.

2.2: Mandhana goes up, chipping, and the ball stays up, and up… And Tammy Beaumont’s made a hash of it! She misjudged the length, and the ball just lands behind her as she falls.

15.5: Well timed, and it’s four, and a fifty for Smriti Mandhana!

45 balls, and gets it with a drive to the fence!

16 up, 79-0!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All heart. Bad photography. Real bad. Apologies.

Run rate’s down to 4.82.

18 overs up, it’s 86 for no loss.

The drinks come on.

21 overs up, and India’s first 100 comes up!

Mandhana 65, Raut 33.

There’s a bowling change from England now, Alex Hartley comes on to bowl.

21.2: Danielle Wyatt makes a dive to stop what could’ve been a four on the boundary. A cheer from the crowd.


21.3: slower one, with a little width from Hartley, gets carefully batted away by the batter.

22 overs, 108-0. Heather Knight is brought into the attack!

Little fans.

23 overs, 113-0.

Alex Hartley takes the ball again, the second batting powerplay is in effect.




23.2: Slogged, and four! Down on a knee, and great stuff from Raut!

24: Mandhana’s at it again! Two back to back four’s for her in the last two balls. The swings and sends the first to the third man boundary, the second through the covers to the fence.

She moves to 88 in 68 balls, India 135-0 in 24 and a half overs.

Nervous nineties!?

Smriti Mandhana moves onto 90 off 71, India 139-0 (26)!

And now Punam Raut gets to her 50!

Taking on Knight for a boundary, she’s reached the milestone in 86 balls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh dear, oh no, Mandhana’s been caught! Her innings ends on 90, caught in the covers by a delighted Wyatt. Smiles around the English camp and applause from the crowd, Mandhana is out. Captain Mithali Raj is the new batter.

146-1 in 27 overs.

The catch
Bowler’s delight
A memorable innings comes to an end.

The captain is taking her time to settle in. India 149-1 in 29.

29.3: 150 comes up for India! Where can they get from here?

All roads lead somewhere.


Consolidation and acceleration:

41 overs are done,  India have crossed 200 and are looking for a big score here.

220-1 in 41.3 overs, Mithali Raj is on 42, Punam Raut is on 85, off 129 balls.

Shots have been scored, all around the ground, running has been tight, but could have been better, catches have gone down twice. The score predicted is near 270, and England are going to try to set a field to stop that.

42.3: AND THEYVE DONE THAT! Danielle Wyatt stationed on the ropes gets a catch right before her from Punam Raut, easy one, and she has to go! Danielle Hazell picks one up, Raut goes for 86, it’s a Nelson, India 222-2.

Harmanpreet Kaur is the new batswomen in. 43 overs, 223-2.

7 overs to go, and two world class batters at the crease. Can India post a score that will really trouble the English batting lineup?

Raj moves on to 44.

43.3: Oh, double misery for England. A misfield in the circle, and it’s a no ball too. Jenny Gunn has to rebowl that one.

The free hit yields just one, keeping it tidy. India 227-2 in 43.5.

Kaur on strike, a careful play to the midwicket region. Two runs to end the over, India 229-2 in 44.


A boundary to Raj this over, and it also brings up her 50! It’s come off 57 balls.

46 overs, India 241-2.

India’s highest score against England ever has been 244. Red letter day, today, eh?

Mithali picks another one for a boundary, and India have crossed their highest previous total against England. 46.3, it’s 246-2.

46.4: A widish ball from Hazell, it slips through behind Kaur and the keeper, and not only is it four runs behind that’s slipped away from England, it’s a wide too. Five wides, in all.

250’s up, it’s a good day! (Weather wise too. It’s still overcast, but there’s been no rain today. Something that marred the Champions Trophy earlier this month.)

It’s 252-2! (47)

47.3:  Classic Harmanpreet Kaur. Swings it back and a follows with a powerful hit, straight down the ground, it’s four runs off captain Knight.

Every ball is resounding off the bat, India will want to make the most of the last two overs.


48.2: BIIIG SIX BY HARMANPREET! The ball’s tossed up, Hazell’s the bowler, Kaur goes down on a knee and paddles it up and up and the result is a monster six! She moves to 20 off 19 balls.

Raj on 66. Hazell’s made half a century too, but with runs scored against her.

One over to go! India 274 -2.

That’s one way to keep amused, of course.

Last over now.

Knight has the ball.

Raj is picking the ball up, and keeping it there!

First ball, two runs.

49.2: Lofted again, down the grounds for four this time!

49.3: Single. Kaur thinks of going for two, but Raj sends her back in time.

49.4: Tap, fump. Played back to the bowler, dot ball.

50: Mithali lofts it again, and it’s caught. Katherine Brunt takes a good catch ahead of the boundary, Raj (and Kaur) walks off, India have set a score of 281-3.

England will now need 282 in 50 overs to win, the game is on!



And when the dust settles, India emerge as winners.

A strong bowling performance by India held England back to only 246 runs, England losing all their wickets in the chase. They lost early wickets, they took some risks; some worked, others didn’t, all in all, India can credit themselves for four successful run outs of the English batting, and pulling things back, not pushing the panic button when England were looking to break free and score.

Fran Wilson played a lovely knock, and the highest scoring one for England today, looking very dangerous and able to take England over the line at a time when the required rate was pushing past 8 an over. She batted up an 81 off just 75 balls, slogging just about everything she could slog the way. Captain Heather Knight (46) put on a partnership worth 67, bringing down the asking rate to just above 7.

The breakthrough came in the form of a run out, time and time again, in fact.

In the 32nd over, with England starting to look comfortable, Harmanpreet Kaur took the ball. England were pushing hard for a single off everything they could hit, and a direct hit from the bowler to the captain’s end, who was going for a run that was never there, broke the partnership.

Fran Wilson continued on in fine form, notching up her first ODI fifty and sweeping fearlessly to put on partnerships with Wyatt and Brunt, both being broken by Deepti Sharma, catching a ball she bowled, and affecting one of the run outs that won India the game, bowling wise.

Wilson was finally run out at the non striker’s end by Ekta Bisht, just falling short of returning to her crease after a tap-back-to-bowler by the on-strike batter.

Veda Krishnamurthy took a very good catch, a skied ball-six-attempt by Anya Shrubsole to wrap things up for England and hand India a 35 run win in their first World Cup 2017 game.



In the other game, New Zealand won by 9 wickets, chasing down Sri Lanka’s 188 with ease. Holly Huddleston took a fifer, captain Suzy Bates carried her bat through scoring 104, Amy Satterthwaite ending on 78.

ICC Women’s World Cup, 22/6

2 more games today, and to sum up today, it was short. And it was the bowlers’ day.

The two matches today were South  Africa vs West Indies at Oakham and Australia vs Pakistan in Leicester.

At neither venue were a full 100 overs bowled.

Winning the toss and choosing to bat against SA, 19 runs was the highest individual score West Indies could manage. Losing their first wicket with 35 runs on the board, West Indies could never recover. From being 4 wickets down for 60, they lost their next six wickets for only three runs, winding up for 63 in 24 overs. Masabata Klaas picked 4 wickets and affected a run out.

In response, South Africa started decently but then looked to be losing their way in the middle, they lost four quick wickets in the space of 4 overs (and 10 runs). (FoW: 45-1 (12.3), 47-2 (14), 56-3 (16.3), 56-4 (16.5))

Things might have been different if WI had more runs to play with.

As it was today, the result was that South Africa beat West Indies by 6 wickets with 31 overs to spare.

In the other game at Leicester, Australia flipped right and put Pakistan in to field.

Captain Bismah Maroof (39) and opener Nahida (51) scored for Pakistan.

Sarah Aley (4-16) and Jess Jonassen (3-23) picked majority of the wickets to restrict Pakistan to 156 in 46.4 overs.

There were hardly any hiccups for a neat Australia today, as they chased the total down in 23.2 overs. (Meg Lanning 40* (34), Beth Mooney 63 (72)).

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets. 

There are no matches tomorrow, this concludes the warm up matches, the real games are all set to begin on 24th, with England facing a much more confident India, and a formidable New Zealand gearing up to play Sri Lanka.

Matches begin 0930 GMT, so whichever part of the world you are in, set your watches, this should be a cracker of a tournament.

Let the games begin!

A short note: All matches will be streamed. Woo hoo.

Trans-Tasman fans, mark 2nd July on your calendars.

The same date goes for anyone looking for The Subcontinent clash (particularly in light of the Champions Trophy finals): India vs Pakistan.

Ashes fans, 9th July.

The semifinals will be on 18th and 20th of July.

The final is on the 23rd, at Lord’s.

ICC Women’s World Cup: 21/6

21st June, 2017.

The World Cup is just three days away, and are fortunes swinging already. Keep your money in your pocket, sir, there’s no obvious winner here!

Today’s warm up fixtures are include India taking on Sri Lanka at Chesterfield and New Zealand facing England in Derby.

India have bounced back nicely from their complete defeat to New Zealand, taking the opportunity to test the wicket and test their batting, putting up 275-8 in their 50. (Sri Lanka are yet to bat.)

Captain Mithali Raj top scored with a fluent 85, Poonam Raut scored 69 along with opener Smriti Mandhana (44) to put on an opening partnership of 92 runs.



In the other warm up, New Zealand have been skittles out for 130 by England.  Laura Marsh was the pick of the bowlers, taking 3 wickets and giving 7 runs in just 4 overs that she bowled. Gunn, Shrubsole and Hartley picked 2 apiece.

New Zealand lost opener Priest in just the 2nd over (6-1) and never were able to recover from that. England cruising for a victory here, 51-1 in 11 overs, needing 80 to win in 38 overs.


On a side note, I am in shock. I did not know Charlotte Edwards retired. When did this happen!? Heather Knight is now captain.

While we wait for the innings break to end at Chesterfield, here’s some thing to occupy y’all.

When you say ‘Purple patch’, it hardly gets better than this.

And we’re back. Shikha Pandey takes the ball. First over. Tidy. Just 2 from it. Nipuni Hansika and Hasini Perera open for Sri Lanka here.


England still need 63 runs from 34 overs.

Aside: I found BCCI women’s Twitter! https://mobile.twitter.com/BCCIWomen

I’ll do my share of sharing. Here’s me setting off to find all the femme cricket accounts. The official ones, of course.


Nat Sciver goes! She’s caught on 38, b Lea Tahuhu c Katie Perkins. England 110-2, needing 21 off 27 overs.

Early wicket falls for Sri Lanka, just 2 and a half overs in, SL lose Nipunika for 3, it’s 6-1.

(a while later): 11 overs done and dusted, SL 24-1. Need 252 from 39.

Eng vs NZ: Danielle Wyatt goes for a duck! It’s Leigh Kasperek with the ball, Perkins takes another catch, 23 overs up, it’s 115-3. 15 to go, 26.3 overs left.

One’s done. A half century comes up for Tammy Beaumont and England have reached their target. Beaumont remains not out on 51. England 123-3 beat New Zealand by 7 wickets.


India making inroads in the other game. 28 overs gone, Sri Lanka 90-3.

Scorecard so far. (Courtesy icc-cricket.com

Three-fifths of this innings are done!

30 overs up, SL 97-3. Need 179 to win from 20 overs. Gettable? Or will India prove their bowling might?

Over 31 and 100’s up for SL! 176 needed off 19 overs.

33 overs done, and a 50 runs partnership has been put on for the 3rd wicket. SL’s highest so far. 111-3 after 33.

SL’s current Run Rate is 3.4, the required rate is creeping close to 10 an over. (9.93). 159 needed off 16 overs.

SL now need 151 in 14 overs.

Okay, as is promised. A quick Google search, and here’s all the official team Twitters I can provide.

New Zealand
West Indies
Ireland (not a part of this WC)

The rest can be found on their Board’s handles, and are people coming out to support their teams!

13 overs to go, victory 148 runs/ 7 wickets away!

39th over: Weerakodi (39) goes, Shikha Pandey bowls her through and breaks the partnership, 135-4.

136-4. 11 overs to go, 140 needed.

SL 144-4. Almost Nelson, eh? 9 overs to go, 132-4.

And it’s broken! Siriwardena goes, and Ekta Bisht is the cause! 8.5 to go, SL 144-5!

150 comes up and another one goes. SL 152-6, 7.4 overs to go.

6 overs, 123 runs remain to be scored.

120 needed off 5 overs, India warming up clinically.

Oh, dear, Dilani Mandora has got herself out on 49! lbw Rajeshwari Gayekwad, the 7th wicket’s down, it’s 158-7!

162-7, 3 overs to go, the run deficit is 114.

2 more wickets have fallen, an over and a half to go, 165-9.

Wel, that’s the game! 1.2 overs left, but Sri Lanka have lost their last wicket, Mahadevi has been run out, and out of this match.

SL 166 all out.


Good batting, good bowling, India completely outplayed Sri Lanka today. Very decent practice for the women in blue, And that’s it from me for today! Adios!

Take the risk

You should know that every time you breathe, you take a risk.
Oxygen oxidises the cells in your body, literally causing a burning to release energy, it’s this oxidising that causes ageing and death at all.
To put it in short, every breath you take contributes to your death.
Yet do you dare stop?
Take a risk in life, learn the lessons that nature has to offer you. You know that breathing at the very end equals dying, but you’ve decided to burn those cells and LIVE first, at least, instead of worrying about how you’re killing yourself a little, every second. If you mourn and worry every minute you’re alive, when will you live? You can’t live when you’re dead, and that’s something pretty important to learn from your own body!
You’re your own best teacher, seems this applies in every way, even in the little things we don’t realise. So go out and live already. Like I said, you can’t live when you’re dead, and you can’t mourn either, which is probably better for you and for the world. Don’t leave behind any regrets!

[I promise you I am not preaching. I am sitting here, putting out this post, when I have to sit for a chemistry paper in just over 48 hours.]