The Madness Continues

It’s that time of the year again.
Bring on the pounding drums, the drama, the dark circles, the late nights, light heads, manic laughter.
Bring on anxiousness and double checks.
I’m a twelfth grader, and a science student at that.
And no, I’m not talking about my exams.
The time it is, for my little sister’s half-yearlies.
And our house is losing it.

Neither of my parents have been very big on history. I’ve always kinda liked it, and they’ve always looked at me like I was insane.
I’ve been urging them to apply for posts as history professors now.

See, my sister is one of those people who belongs on the face of a meme.
She so chill.
She don’t care.
Be like her.

When her exams come rolling by, which thankfully isn’t as often as mine do, our entire house loses it.
And it’s a funny sight.

There’s my mother sitting with five books open before her, my dad making notes for her from work, or on a weekend, pouring over maps and battles of old, memorizing names of rulers and dictators and dates and dates like they’ve never been on, placing bets on which questions seem important and will most definitely be asked, sitting with pencils in hand and underlining as they read a history textbook; I don’t believe they bond more than they do over a geography book these days, discussing battles and climatic zones, and wildlife and Constitutions, rights and duties, and there, sitting beside them (hopefully), yawning and stretching out in a corner, purely there for moral support, is my little sister.
Every once in a while, she helpfully glances over at her textbook to add a little excitement to their study sessions, you’d see my mum shuffling back and forth between studying¬†teaching my sister and feeding her because she can’t dirty her hands as she studies, and you’d see the little party at 11:30 in the night, my sister sitting as calm as a still lake while my parents prepare for their test the next day… wait, I meant her test!

My dad has reported having had dreams of historic battles.
My mum’s had the classic exam bell ringing dream before my sister’s papers.

When she brings back her test scores, they feel like they’ve just finished their own exam week.
I swear I’m not making this up, they hold hands, heave a sigh of relief and cry out, thank goodness!
The hardships are over with! We can finally sleep!
(And there’s me laughing my head off in the background: hey, I’m the twelfth grader here!)

My parents have an arsenal of knowledge now, they pretty much know the timeline from the B.C.’s to today.
I’m sure mum would be embarrassed and would give me the look for posting this one, but I can’t help it, it’s hilarious!

It’s like the Muse song went, “Is it just Madness keeping us afloat?”