Random Musings

How many times have you seen in the movies, an empowered, emancipated person giving an emotional speech, impromptu perhaps, to a number of comrades, associates, or even complete strangers?

There’s a crowd gathered around this person, listening in rapt attention, maybe even re-evaluating their whole lives, agreeing with this wonder who has managed to sum up everything they’ve wanted to say, who’s breaking the shackles, creating a new World Order, or perhaps, retiring.

As they go over a particularly delicate piece, emotion begins to take over, and the cellos behind either snap a finger and disappear, or go crazy to the point where the emotion is lost on you because you actually can’t hear what they’re saying.
That’s also just another one of the million infuriating times you will glance at the glaring white subtitles and miss a moment’s worth of reel and then curse the subtitles for being so distracting.
Honestly, I’m not ranting. I’m just asking for the subtitles to be turned transparent instead of white. Back to the emotional speech.

The camera zooms into the speaker’s face and then slowly pans over to the audience, whose faces match the mood of the cramping, sore orchestra in the recording studio, and then back to the Orator, who suddenly cracks, first a cough, a choke then a sob, and then has a complete breakdown. If you couldn’t follow the speech before, even the subtitles can’t save you this time.

To be honest, the subtitles themselves are confused by this point.
I can only imagine the guilty party would want nothing more than to simply display five whole minutes of “*******” until the madness dies, but since they can’t do that or they aren’t getting called back (and an audio transcription of their phone call with their employers too would match their fine work), so they do the next best thing.

” (inaudible murmurings)”

Yep, that is precisely why you chose to look to the subtitles in the first place.

The look on your face is disruntled at best, but the look on the Orator and the audience’s face is disfigured, the ability to conjure up such a look being what the actors have been paid for.

Basically, the speaker is shook, the audience is moved, everyone’s on the verge of tears and the speaker’s in shambles. Glycerine does its job well. There are red eyes and screwed up eyebrows and glycerine pouring across faces. And you buy it. If you’re watching the movie alone and happen to have your door locked, you crack a sob. If you’re watching with a friend (or any other person), you curse in your head and angle your head away and suddenly want the violins to get louder and the subs to get more outrageously distracting.

But on doing some thinking, I realised I really haven’t seen these earth-shattering speeches work their magic in real life.

Glycerine does its job well. In real life, if you did manage to cook up such emotion (in which situation, the violins would actually seem out of place), there’d be bleary eyes, guilty people looking out of it as they realise something’s amiss and jerk up from their phones, and snot.

Seriously, it’s an image killer if you really think about it. In real life, crying like that would almost always be accompanied by snot. By the time you’ve shed two tears, there would be a new born stream coming out of your nose.

It’s all very nice if you’re myopic and sitting five metres away, but for someone in front, and for you, the speaker, to notice that clear line of dribble trickling down your nose, for its salty taste to fill the top of your mouth as you open it to speak in a situation where you’re already struggling to get the words out— it’s a mood killer!

I wonder how it would work if some hyperrealist filmmaker became obsessed with glycerine pouring down actors noses.

The subtitlers would have a field day:

“(Snot pours)
(Audibly chokes on glycerine snot)”

Let It Roll

“Boys don’t cry”… isn’t that their greatest weakness?
The freedom to let loose and just cry your heart out till you shiver is something stigma robs the boys of, doesn’t it.
I’m not implying that we should all be running down the streets with tears in our eyes; I myself am nothing more than a closet weeper- but what I mean is, crying isn’t something anyone- male or female- should be ashamed of. It’s a mark of one’s humanity, of the fact that, in an age of constant drifting apart from ourselves, we still have emotions. If we can admit to writing poetry, (… I’m turning the closet door…) why can’t we admit that crying is just as natural? We consider other forms of expression art, crying too is release!

One reason why I’m a closet crier is for historic reasons. (My history)
As a kid, if I got upset, I cried. And soon, all the other kids despised me- either avoided me, or bullied me, and heck, bullied me to the point that I’m still skeptical of human goodness, an instinct alerts every time someone’s really nice to me and I find myself wondering how and why anyone could be so nice- weren’t they all out to get me?
But anyway, I’ve been pushing such pointless thoughts to the back of my head and basically learning to smile at almost everybody around.
(I feel it’s really something to think about: if you know what it’s like to have a really messed up day, why would you want to ruin someone else’s day, unless you really have to?)
But that doesn’t change the fact that as mean and rough and tough as I make myself out to be (most of the time), I do need to cry sometimes.
I’ll even admit, there are times when I don’t feel like crying, but I wish I could.
I’m no masochist who likes crying, but it is elevating at times. Rise above it all. After a good cry, your troubles aren’t as big, immediate or threatening. They’re just muddles and puddles on your life.

This post actually began as I was listening to the Cure song, Boys Don’t Cry.
I have noticed that girls are open to talking about anything. There will be a slight apprehension to begin and an initial fear of judgement, but once they start, it’s sisterhood stuff, you can spill and cry, we’ll be right behind you.
With the boys, no matter how much brocode may say ‘We boys stand together’, it’s more about standing in solidarity and silence than talking about it. It’s alright to stand together and cry, if you can’t stand strong, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be?

Everything we are as human beings today is for a reason.
Once upon a time, when humans were still swimming and hunting in water, a white layer from the sclera used to form as a protective film over the eyes, allowing the humans to keep their eyes well open underwater, but no one has those anymore.
Evolution. As we began keeping more and more to the land, natural selection deleted it from our hard drives.
Appendix. Useless today.
Arms and legs, noses and eyes and tongues are still here- at least, at the moment, even as prosthetics and artificial muscles are on the rise (for good, of course)- all for a purpose.

Similarly, if we can still cry, it’s clearly here for a purpose in our stressed human lives. Use it before you lose it, I suppose.

Human beings’ biggest asset has always been their ability to think, and it’s also probably our biggest drawback.
We drew the lines. Evolution has no issues: both males and females have the ability to cry, biologically. It is societal inability that inhibits is, and I guess those stereotypes affect both genders, as in this world of having to prove yourself against every stereotype, a girl finds the need to publicly do away with this release she is entitled to. It bombards the boy before a single tear has been shed: Boys Don’t Cry.
(Don’t worry, the song is against that, not for it. It’s a decent listen too!)
I don’t even know how it must be affecting the third gender. I won’t speak out of non-existent experience.

Are we all sadists? Ironically, by not allowing someone their space to be sad, yes we are.
If the world would frown upon us being happy when things are rough, the least they can do isn’t poke their nose and allow us to be sad.
Let’s not kill ourselves and the few things that separate us from the droids and lifeless planets!
If there were all those songs we’d heard as kids about being happy and knowing it, smile, there’s no shame in it, it’s about time we open up on sadness too. Lessen the load. Don’t kill yourself emotionally.
If you’re sad and you feel it, cry.
It’s nobody else’s business.
Sob, let them roll, stop controlling it. You’ll feel as good as you did when you were happy and smiled.