Head In The Clouds


Everyone has those zoned out days where you’re just gazing off into the distance, the thoughts running through your head worthy of belonging in a published philosophy book (or so it seems at the moment, anyway) and the thoughts in your head fill the quiet afternoon.

Today was this needlenose’s day.

The CN tower, with its head in the clouds.


Enjoy your afternoon!

How Good A Low Hanging Fruit Is Might Be Debatable…

But can you debate the beauty of a low hanging cloud?


Just passed this on my way to class this morning. I was kind of running late, but since I’d resolved not to run because I’m realizing I’m not getting there any faster and I’m saving all my embarrassment for my basketball game tonight.

But it was worth hanging around for a second longer, because I have some pretty cool pictures now. That extra second probably helped me adapt better to the cold too (fingers crossed? Winter isn’t even here yet…)!

In fact, fall’s barely begun (or should I here be a Brit English snob and say, ‘autumn’?)

It’s left infinitesimally small traces, but traces there are, and I’ve got proof:

Good looking proof too.

Happy Fall, y’all.