As a traveller through unfamiliar lands
I’ve quite a specific quest
The idea is to get home
And you’ve no idea that’s a fucking test

Because I’m walking the plank
Where the captain toots a horn
At 160 decibels or so;
My mental drapes have torn

One step forward, two steps back
Is a waltz in my head
Only it’s played on a landmine:
One wrong step, kiddo, and you’re dead

I’ve nearly slipped and drowned
And I was only walking on a road
My treasure chest is getting heavy
And so are my breath, my curses and my groans

I threw away the map
After tearing it to shreds
Around these parts
Only my eyes can get cred

And my legs seem made of lead
The green man’s laughing at me
Only fifty metres away
Arrive to give the dust company

Who’d have thought crossing a road was hard?
Who could possibly have known?
At just a few hundred metres distance
I’m still a long walk from home.

Road Tripping

Rugged, rocky and shifting
Like a tectonic plate
The land curves up and down
Like the highs and lows of life
Unsteady, unstable, unpredictable
Every move I make
Is a move I contemplate
Running from the clicking, roaring wild beasts
As I trek through the grays
Scramble to a top, from a deafening roar
As the waterfall drains under me
Wind channel tunnel
Take a deep breath and lose yourself
The jungle gifts your nose more gray
Navigation ain’t about a GPS:
Survival of the fittest
Survivor weed gets run over again.
Symphony of dissonance
Crescendoes to cacophony
Fortissimo, presto!
As you trek through the grays
Walk through the silver haze
When you look to the opaque skies
Glass canopies block your gaze
Home’s the forest, the concrete jungle maze.