Interval Moods

Like scales, chords, modes and dynamics, intervals have feelings and moods too. And god knows they can vary. 

Today, I sit alone in silence and figure out what moods each interval holds to my ear. But this could just be for today. The mystery and charm with music is that the same piece can sound very different from day to day. Based on your mood, the music’s mood changes. One day’s mellow becomes the next day’s rumination, one day’s euphoria becomes another’s pensiveness (not even kidding that’s possible).

Are you a musician? What do little snippets of music sound like in isolation to you? Are you a non musician but an avid music lover? What does music sound like to you? 

What do you feel about my interpretation?

Fifth – courage

Sixth – augmented 

Fourth – lost

Maj third – safe

Min third – thinking/reflecting

Maj second – waiting

Min second – dissonance

Octaves – echoes 

Min seventh – weirdly happy 

Major second – stretch

The order’s a little up and down here, but that’s sort of on purpose.

I’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Interval Moods”

    1. Wow, I read your post, and I have to say I agree! And I’m actually quite curious to see how this may change tomorrow for me: I was sitting at my window and just listening to the notes sounding off my guitar and penning them down, and today was quite a calm, lovely day. We have snowstorm in tow with a severe weather warning for tomorrow, I wonder if I’ll be in half the state of mind I was today!

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      1. Yes, that’s the wonder of creativity, and life, that each day is different, what felt like the way, the answer, one day, can feel forced and uncomfortable the next. I’m constantly having to remind myself of this, as I like to have a routine that works and that can make me a bit too rigid!

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        1. You’re right, it does really play on the bigger idea of change in life. Thanks for pointing that out! It’s really easy for me to forget too, what with school and generally falling into a routine that makes you forget that life doesn’t always follow the timetable.
          For example, I’m off for half the day today. 😀 The snow forced uni to shut early!

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