I’m Preventing Apocalypse

I’m keeping my windows shut.

No, there isn’t a storm brewing outside, though sitting at home, I wouldn’t mind one at all. But that’s not it.

The bird’s cute. I’m still keeping my window shut. I don’t want it wandering in. The tiny thing may get lost in my room. My room is really dark, because I prefer it that way. I wouldn’t want it wandering in and wondering when the night fell. I don’t want to give it the wrong idea… I fear I may instil unerasable hubris in it if it starts to believe its just flown into a different time zone.

Or worse, lead it to believe it’s discovered a wormhole. In this case, its less advanced contemporaries may believe it has found an unlimited source of food and make it Mayor of the Sparrow Council only to discover no worms on return, leading to community disillusionment and sparrow mayor impeachment also possibly resulting in shattered pride. I don’t want a sparrow psychologist’s million tired curses weighing on me. The Scientific Sparrow Association may run its own hypotheses and declare the sparrow to be a scientific fraud: from where would a sparrow so tiny muster up the energy to open a wormhole? And how did the sparrow then manage to return from the wormhole? Science enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists would get their creative juices flowing. Amateurs would line up for interviews and ask the sparrow to recount the exact moments as it flew through the entrance. Did it feel a sudden change in gravitational fields around it? Conspiracy theorists would proclaim that the sparrow was really a spy infiltrator from the townside sparrow community here to talk up the impossible in an attempt to fluster them and put up their big guns on display and steal their defence data. Mentalists and spiritualists would probe the insides of the sparrow’s mind, commenting that all life is an illusion, such is the power of the sparrow mind. There will definitely be some religious sparrows claiming that the sparrow was in fact, lifted off the face of this sunny sphere and thrown into the Sparrow-Devil’s dark, shadowy realm for a bit, a preview of what was in store for this sinning sparrow once it died. Or that the sparrow really had an apocalyptical vision and rally the entire sparrow country to repent for its grain eating (?) sins.

All it really did was fly into my freaking bathroom.

I think I’d rather keep my window closed.

It does really strike me though, that I actually do have the power to change the world. Go figure.

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