Some walls were built
Just to be melted
Some blood spilled
For some extra colour
Some holes faded
To make way for new ones
In the end, you’re jaded
Like you never were
Some lights dimmed
For an added perspective
Polished and trimmed
Unfinished product
Add preservative
Keeps you up till three
Miss your finest moment
You’re half asleep
How far can your mind bend
Promises aren’t to keep
You smell like varnish
Or something worse
And can you furnish
Something concrete
Can you remember
And can you forget
Did your ember
Set off alarms again?
Can you waste today
When you have no tomorrows
Search for hay
In the needlestack?
Are you there
Or has your mind gone blank
Or do you care
To go back to bed
Is just an illusion
Did you know you were lent
Your misery?
Are you there
Or has your mind gone blank
And do you care
To head straight back to bed?
Hit the brew
You’ve got a new best friend
All a sinking ship’s crew
The parrot flew away.

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