Cruise Control (Is Lost)

I’m sitting and doing some physics. (Yep, I’m pretty much still running yesterday’s state.)
I’m sorting out a tangle of wires and looking for potential where there is none.
I’m up to date with all current affairs.
Kirchhoff’s laws are looking good; everything’s starting and meeting at a point. Beautiful.

If you look at it, Kirchhoff’s laws are basically Valhar Morghulis for the layman.
All current, potential or EMF that generates somewhere must return to that point (and hence end it’s journey). All born must die.

But yeah, my loops are sorting themselves out, calculated values are looking weird as ever (and as I’ve come to learn, that’s often a sign that things are on track!), and basically, I’m in control. I’m so in control, I’m listening to Green Day while doing my numericals.

And then dad calls.

They’ve been going through my grades to send to colleges, and apparently I’ve got an A in a chemistry. (Where I want to send my grades, an A+ is kind of a prerequisite)
I’m prepping for my pre-boards right now (and blogging… Could we skim over this bit?). Ever since my December SAT scores have come in, I’ve also got new colleges to send applications to (because for once, things worked out in my favour, and they were good! Unfortunately, that only meant that a whole new race had begun!)

So dad reminds me I’ve got two college applications to write.
Their submission deadlines are around the 1st of Jan. My pre-boards begin from 2nd Jan.
I was the one in control.

And then, in my ears, FOD by Green Day takes foreground.

Stuck down in a rut
Of dialogic and smut
A side of you well hid
When it’s all said and done
It’s real and it’s been fun
But was it all real fun?
Let’s nuke the bridge we torched two thousand times before
This time we’ll blast it all to hell.”


Now I just want to sit listening to FOD on repeat and satisfy myself sorting out wire loops much messier than I.  *electricity crackles*

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