Cells run dry, you’re stuck in time
Frozen in a frame of mind
Stranded by the tide unkind
Tripped a moment and left behind.

Watch for the sun to come up or go down
You’re living in an old ghost town
Is now forever? Or just a flicker from the past?
What would be the future, and just how long does it last?

As the motor winds down, nothing matters in the end
Lie jaded all over again, we’ve another day to spend
The clock jeers in your face again
As the minutes and hours, light and dark blend…

It’s actually a pretty interesting thing I’ve noticed recently, living without time. None of the clocks at home are working, we’re stuck in the seventh hour for eternity. It’s been 7:30 for days, and my life’s revolving around how far we are from 7:30.
I found myself wondering what it’s like living out of time, or without it altogether.
Is it really time, or pace, that sets your life?

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