I’m Underground

That’s my excuse for not having blogged in a while.

Allow me to quickly update by bio, I’m a bit of a freelance agent, and I’m on a job right now.
And the job’s kept me under ground level, and far from a wi-fi signal.
If you’re reading this, I probably got very lucky one day and caught an open wi-fi!

The job has me sitting in a hidden, underground cabin, doing some intelligence work.
I’m sifting through data ranging over fifty years, learning all I can, compiling it into reports marked for certain eyes only.
I don’t know how all this will help any of you anytime soon, but I’m told it will.
Alright, let’s go with that.

It does get long and lonely at times, and all I have to keep me company is a small potted cactus and plenty of paper.
I’ve definitely used some of it to write stuff other than my work… there may be more material in tow here!
– Me wasting time when I haven’t any.

But anyway, Headquarters estimates that with good efficiency, I shouldn’t be in here longer than a week.

And when I’m back, you may end up being better informed about where all your vanishing spray actually vanishes too.
Or you may not.

My mother had once (or maybe fifty times) said, hard work never goes a waste.

To infinity and beyond!
Till I resurface, face front!


… Alright, I’ve got exams going on this week.
Designers across the world are “editing” occupation titles to make them seem livelier.
Engineers are now imagineers. Anything that sounds better than your dull ol’ truth.
I like the ‘intelligence officer’ angle more. Do you?

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