An Ode To The Doubtful

No, there’s nothing wrong with you
It’s just something you do comes off as new
Don’t mistake their curious look for a stare
Live your life, don’t have a care
Half of your doubts are only your own
And what it makes you do depends on you alone
When you know you don’t have a crystal ball
Don’t be your own downfall
Don’t try to interpret, read their minds
You may never know, a search won’t bring up any finds
But worse, don’t draw a blind
Set the rope on your wrists, bind
You’re someone, so is the next
What you are, only you can do best
Your doubts may reflect in the rest
So know that we’re all the same
Yet we’re all different
Don’t try to blend in, don’t try to stick out
Just stand as naturally as you can.

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