Take the risk

You should know that every time you breathe, you take a risk.
Oxygen oxidises the cells in your body, literally causing a burning to release energy, it’s this oxidising that causes ageing and death at all.
To put it in short, every breath you take contributes to your death.
Yet do you dare stop?
Take a risk in life, learn the lessons that nature has to offer you. You know that breathing at the very end equals dying, but you’ve decided to burn those cells and LIVE first, at least, instead of worrying about how you’re killing yourself a little, every second. If you mourn and worry every minute you’re alive, when will you live? You can’t live when you’re dead, and that’s something pretty important to learn from your own body!
You’re your own best teacher, seems this applies in every way, even in the little things we don’t realise. So go out and live already. Like I said, you can’t live when you’re dead, and you can’t mourn either, which is probably better for you and for the world. Don’t leave behind any regrets!

[I promise you I am not preaching. I am sitting here, putting out this post, when I have to sit for a chemistry paper in just over 48 hours.]

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