Survey #17

The one about defying some laws.

Our favourite pastime as kids. Back when no one had told us that one person’s law governs your movements, and another’s rules your chances in life. A third rules the very fact that you’re alive, this survey, they broke free from it.

Q: If you could choose to defy any law of nature, which one would you choose to defy and why?

Arjun: Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Why? I don’t know, sadistic reasons.

Aditya: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, because then the future and the past becomes the same.

Satchit: The 1st Law of Thermodynamics. Infinite stamina! Also the second law of motion (F=ma). Infinite acceleration! Slow down time!

Nirmiti: Everyone in our class: ★ insert smartass lame laws, ‘cuz pretentious bitches ★ #HAIRFLIP

[I’m legitimately looking to hire someone to translate this into English. Salary offered: a brownie-giver’s contact] [it works]

Sakshi: Age. I would defy aging, because maybe that’s the only thing that makes me more afraid than death. [comment (on REQUEST) from a kind-soul commentator: “Olay”.]

Aakansha: Murphy’s law, because this way, nothing will ever go wrong in my life.
[For those still in the stone-age club-banging Flintstones-neighbouring darkness, Murphy’s law states that “All that must go wrong, will go wrong.”

The Flintstones “rocked”.]

Satvik: Nature does not have many laws. That’s why it’s hard to he differentiated from a jungle.

Keerti: I’d want to defy any law that states that human beings having superpowers can only happen in fiction.

Manya: You should get to choose your real hair colour and type!

Kritika: Gravity, so that I can let myself down one more time.

Aayush: Law of conservation of energy, meh, I don’t like it.

Anamika ma’am: I’d like to defy the law of entropy, because of which you can’t time travel, and the constrains in the space-time continuum.

Daivya: First law of thermodynamics, to prevent energy crises.

Rajveer: I will fly. Because I want to.

Anush: Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

Riya: The laws of gravity, so I can fly.

Deepan: Hawking Radiation. Wanna see what Blackhole excreta seems like.

Rashiv: Bring magic to life.

Ashay: Natural selection because why not.

Saahil: “The more food you eat, the fatter you get” has to be changed.

Harshuday: Gravity. To fly.

Hardik: I don’t know shit.

Nihar: Newton’s third law. [action-reaction] ‘Cause life.

Hardik: Gravity to fly.

Nishidh: Gravity.

Akanksha ma’am: I’d want to fly. The current laws of nature don’t allow me to. So yes, Gravity.

[she’d had a rough day,]

Nethra: Time travel laws. I’d just vanish during chemistry.

Eesha: Law of conservation of energy, because I want to create energy!

Vyshnavi: I’d defy the law of conservation of heat, ‘cuz I’m too hot to cool down! (Just kidding!)

Siddharth: I would violate the law of conservation of energy so I could gain more energy in some situations (maybe? I don’t know,)

Shania: Nuh-uh! I abide by all laws, natural, man-made or school ones too! 😉

Neha: I’m not sure if this counts, but I want magic to be real – proper Harry Potter level stuff.

Anandita: Create magic like a real Harry Potter wizard.

Eva: Not sure if it’s a law of nature, but you’re sitting free the whole day, and the moment you step inside the shower, your mum needs you, the world needs you, your city is under attack and Christ has come back to life. I just want to have a peaceful shower for once!

Khushi: If probability were a law of nature, I’d break it down and turn uncertainty of the world into certainty.

Anand: I would defy the law of Survival of the Fittest. Why? So that everything could survive.

Aayush: I would defy the laws of our country like shooting an animal accidentally or running over people and still roaming around free. Oh, GUESS WHAT? Bhai has done it all! #BeingHuman #Sultan #Sal-Bhai #NoDangalOnlyJangalMeinMangal

[#the #world #will #survive #apocalypse #without #so #many #hashes #include]

Anushka: I would defy the law of natural selection and survival of the fittest. No factor in the world can define which species is fit enough to survive. Everybody and everything should exist.
[All hail the dinosaur reign]

Pranav: I’d defy the every living thing dies law, so I could live forever with that special someone.
[This one’s been requested to be highlighted, a request I cannot decline.]

Ronan: Probably a law of magic, because Harry Potter is awesome.

Yusuf: I would defy the law if evolution [reproduction], so there’s now be no females involved.

Shamila ma’am: The law of “Everything born must die.”
[Valar Morghulis.]

Akshay: Law of love and friendship.

Manish sir: Something to teleport, to fly, to talk to animals.

Rahul sir: Conservation of energy law should change.

Shreya: A sunrise.
[On further inquiry, she says, no, she doesn’t mind sunsets. Just cancel out sunrises. The sunsets can remain. ]

Rishbha: I’d want to violate the “Work hard and you will get the fruits” law.

Sakshi: … [in an earlier posing of this question she’d said “A law that gives the formation of cement. That way, there’d be no concrete buildings.” Then it changed.
Law of volatility and vacillation of human beings, I’d say!]

Ovee: The flowering of plants. I’d want flowers to always blossom. 🙂

Jahnavi: Time travel.

Vrinda: Nothing. Everything happens for a reason and changing it will only make it worse.

Zeba: I wouldn’t change anything. It’s bad enough.

Shivangi: I’d stop time.

Unnati: I’d defy the law of gravity because I am super clumsy and like, fall all the time.

[Neo-grammarians, does the comma go before or after the ‘like’ when used in the filler-sense?]

Priyansh: The law where a retirement would not really mean a retirement. (Reference: Massa)

Mohak: A law where’s Mercedes is always OP.

Anshul: I would want humans to be magnetic, with me being the strongest so that I can call myself a “chick magnet”.

Manvika: The pituitary gland should secrete equal amount of growth hormone in every human being. No height disparities!

Aaliya: I’d defy the law of attraction, because it gets a bit unfair. I’d make it less painful for the girls.

Manasi: Everyone should be able to reproduce and no one should go through periods. So everyone should be fertile throughout the year.

Aparajitha: Law of attraction because it really gets unfair, and also everyone should be able to reproduce, it’s unfair.

Priyanshi: Nothing’s to change! Everything is perfect, it’s us people who gotta change.

Saif: Gravity, no more carrying heavy stuff!

[Just a random thought, the idea of stairs and elevators becomes redundant right there. Just float up fifteen floors and put the lift operator out of business.]

Adhya: Gravity, because I wanna fly. So lame bro.

Mahwash: Newton’s 3rd law of motion, the one where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, because well, I am very “active” that way.

Vedika: I would stop answering your questions, ‘coz why not??????
[Because that’s the number of question marks over her life?]

Shefali: Laws of thermodynamics.

Sanyukta: Law of death. People shouldn’t die.

Lamha: The law of the fact that unicorns don’t exist. Because I love unicorns!

Zahida: The law of life. Why do we have a life cycle, where we are born and are dependent on someone? Why have a cycle of interdependence? How about just dropping out of the sky and having no expectations or dependence on you?

Aninthitha: Extreme telekinesis. Too long to explain really, but why break one law when you can break a whole bunch of them?
[The “too long explanation”: With telekinesis, you pretty much have pyrokineses as well, as well as the ability to control anything with just your mind, helping you break more than just one law. ]

Hrutvi: I’d like the basic law of nature to be defied and have rain falling upwards.

Pratik: Travel at the speed of light.

Kruthika: Gravity.
[Me: It’d be pretty cool! Until, of course, you crash into a ceiling or something.
Kruthika: Yes, and hopefully die.
Me: And, like, float away along with your body, instead of the whole soul floating away from it, sort of thing?
Kruthika: Who said anything about a soul. ]

Vidhi: Gravitation. We’re made to fly high.

Aryaa: The force which binds everything together with meaning and system. I would want to see the world in chaos. It would be wonderful to see how it became so systematic and oriented and trace back steps and see how everything began in the first place.

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