Why should he suck in again
Just to feel more pain
Hanging on by a thread
Wishing he were dead
Lost to the world, the world was lost to him
Caved in so long ago, never did begin

And he runs with the wolves
And howls into the night
Cut loose,
The further you get, the smaller the link
But open your eyes and you’re back
His shadow’s free, but his mind is bound

Why should he believe
There’s someone looking out for him
That someone’s looking out to see
That his next step’s not down a hole
When every step he takes leads deeper into the black
There’s nothing to look ahead to, everything’s painted black.
Parading on his very life, unraveling all his work
To nought
Stand next to him and look into his eyes:
A world that washed the lies
Left the truth behind
See the weaknesses, see the scars
Find it in you to tell him it’s alright

Crawled away from the world every day
Getting further every time
He finds solace not in his like but in the lifeless dark
For now there’s disorientation
And will he ever know?
He’s not sure if it’s us or the dark
that’s black.

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