Survey #16

The one about being lost in a forest.

Kia ora! It’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time.

Q. What would you do if you were lost in a forest?

Deepan: Run Forrest, run!

Rashiv: It would be interesting to stay away from civilization. I’d stay there!

Anshul: Pretty much do whatever my sensei has taught me. (Sensei = Bear Grylls)

Mahima: Live there peacefully.

Sakshi: Climb a tree, pluck fruits, make hits, bathe in gorgeous waterfalls and enjoy observing nature in its raw form.

Akanksha: I’d get high on wild mushrooms.

Ashay: Seek and Destroy.

Aayushi: Hibernate.

Shrinjay: Show off my Minecraft skills.

Shefali: I will stay there forever!

Ayushi: I would rather stay there, away from the tension of life.

Aditi: Eplore and die in peace.

Arjun: I’d admire the flora and fauna, it’s a dream come true!

Aakansha: Explore and find creatures with the help of a book called ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ by Newt Scamander.

Lamha: I’d become Tarzan because Jane is too mainstream.

Rishabh: Live and explore peacefully!

Nirmiti: Become Eve and kill Adam and Jesus. #TaylorSwiftRoxx

[Not endorsed by the surveyor.]
[Just making that clear.]

Mohak: I will explore the forest on my Ariel Nomad.

Satchit: Grab a tribe of apes, teach them Kung-Fu, push a revolt against the Ministry of Education, stage a coup, put the funniest ape in his place. If not better, at least the situation won’t change that much.

Aayush: Scream out to the other lost people. [People lost via this survey.]

Aditya: Build the world’s largest forest-based particle accelerator.

Kritika: I’d find a tree and hang myself.

Aditya: (fake entry via creative minds): 3 x 10^-2 x 3 x 10^2 = 3.

Pranav: Well, I’d open my own ‘re-production’ house, producing Godzillas and King Kongs, and maybe even a hybrid of the two. 😉

Satvik: You’d probably find the next George of the Jungle. (Tarzan is too mainstream 😉 )

Hardik: I would hide in it for a few years and the come back when everyone thinks I am dead.

PNM [faker on request]: I’d probably open a reproduction house making mainstream xxx videos and then enjoy them on my own. #Netflix&chill.

Ajinkya: I would create my own territory, tame wild animals and be King of the jungle.

Anshuman: I would make a wooden house and stay in it.

Anushree: I’d find my way out because I know how to turn an analogue watch into a compass. And if it’s night, then I know my constellations well.

Aaliya: I would look for werewolves in the forest.

Archit: Roam around and die.

Aninthitha: Find a wolf and hope I end up like Mowgli. With clothes, though. And also swim all day long. And sing jungle book, Pocahontas and Lion King songs all day because I’m Disney trash. And find my way out with an analogue watch compass when I get bored. (Don’t question this. I wear a watch even when I sleep.) Also, free Netflix. [see above.] [on reading Anushree’s answer: “We are literally the same person.”]

Mahwash: I’d carry a laptop with all the episodes of Suits, take Anjali with me, (and make her carry a backpack full of batteries) and watch Suits.

Manasi: Use all the Man vs. Wild tactics I learnt from watching the show. Live like Robinson Crusoe. And probably die without wifi. No wifi and no pizza.

Anamika ma’am: I’d find a way back, survive. [and I don’t doubt that. Not one bit!]

Sanyukta: I’ll spend all my time painting on the barks of trees and I’ll try to communicate with the animals around me!

Kaanan: Look for a bear, then Mowgli and then join a pack of wolves. Re-enact Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’.

Siddharth: Put my expert survival skills to use.

Harneet: I would start living in the Jungle itself.

Pranav: Find Diya.

Diya: Make a treehouse and live in it with Pranav.

Adhya: Become a female Mowgli and join a pack of wolves.

Shreya: I’d find a way to survive!

Shivam: Roam around in there.

Shania: Learn to climb trees and beat all the monkeys in the race of getting the best mangoes and bananas!

Riya: Look out for the Whopping Willow.

Anandita: I’d look out for the Whopping Willow, the centaurs, unicorns, Hagrid’s new pet and Hagrid.

Eva: It would be like a downgraded version of that Katy Perry music video, whatever it’s name was.

Eeshan: I would try to imitate Bear Grylls’ survival skills.

Anushka: I would live there for the rest of my life.

Arshya: I’m not a jungle-type of person, so I probably won’t go there in the first place.

Yusuf: New Job, #Hunter.

Vyshnavi: I’ll look for Snape’s Doe Patronus.

Jai: Probably call my parents.

Richa: Look for dogs and mobile network.

Khushi: I would make a treehouse and live in it and also look for my Tarzan.

Anand: Try desperately to call for help first; if that doesn’t work, I’d just try and survive.

Daivya: Make a treehouse.

Neha: Sing like a crazy person because there’s no one around to judge. Then I may die because I’d have tripped over a root, or something.

Netra: Tame all the animals and build a wood mansion.

Aayush: First tame yourself! [Laughing, in response to the last respondent.]

Marc: Use a bamboocopter and fly away leaving [the above mentioned two respondents] with wild animals!

Shubhankar: I would try to go out of the jungle, if I get lost, then I’d just try to survive, and would most probably fail eventually.

Akshay: I would be very happy if I’m with my loved ones. It would be amazing to spend time with them.

Maulishri: Find food, ’cause food be ‘bae’! 😛

Manish sir: Befriend the cat family.

Satchit 2.0: HARAMBE.

Shamila ma’am: I’d live there forever and never come back!

Rishbha: I will sleep and sleep.

Pratyusha: Probably be Mowgli.

Zahida: I probably wouldn’t come back.

Saahil: I would make the animals my friends, then swing from vine to vine in my Perry the Platypus underwear and then lead a revolution against the humans.

Manvika: I hope that I won’t find a grandma with big eyes, big ears and big teeth,

Sakshi: I will get naked and dance.

Aparajithaa: I would just wander around and find the weirdest, wildest and magical animals in the world.

Vishrutha: I’m smarter than that.

Priyansh: Make friends with the guys there.

Gauri: Stay there.

Jyotishka: Look for fruits.

Ashna: I would first look for wifi there!

Aakriti: I would search for a gingerbread house… Maybe.

Vani: I would probably try to go all Mowgli and fall off a tree and break my leg.

Kruthika: Hang myself from a branch.

Vidhi: Eat fruits and get the hell outta there?

Oh, well.

Welcome to the Jungle

Watch it bring you to your sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na knees, knees!

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