Today in history: 8/1

While as of right now, our timeline seems to be moving in a linear fashion, for human legacy, the same has never been further from the truth. We live, in fact, in a multi-layered world, temporally speaking, where the past coincides with the present and the future, reminiscence along with aspirations and hopes, with living in the moment. Our history is the foremost and vibrant reminder of the vast and varied quirks of the minds humanity has borne in the past, the great legacy we will leave behind for a future, whether of another species, or our own.

Hence, it only makes sense to celebrate the process, the great journey humanity has undertaken, one important date at a time, by occasionally looking at the significance a day may have had, though years, decades ago, and still manages to hold it’s place in time.

Today in history, 8th January:

8th January, 1947: David Bowie, one of the greatest rock and roller of all time (named in 2016 as the best by Rolling Stone magazine) was born on this day, way back in 1947, in Brixton, south London.

8th January, 1935: King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was born, in Tupelo, Mississipi.

8th January, 1942: Leading theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford on this date in 1942.

8th January, 2016: ★ (Blackstar) the 25th and final studio album by David Bowie was released by RCA, Columbia and Sony among other labels.

Although, in the end, as someone said, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time, just as it’s not about learning history, but making it.

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