Survey #5

Back with a new survey.

Everyone has some image of the perfect place for them mapped out in their heads. Some may find their place, (more than symbolically) others may in live it without it ever existing. So my undertaking for this time was to find out what people consider their ideal place to be!

(I do not own/ doctor these answers. I honestly do not have the brainpower some of my surveyees have, these are 100% unaltered. …except for some grammar, I couldn’t resist.)

Q: Where in the universe would you like to live, and why?

Shania: Kepler 22-B. It’s supposed to be the “other earth”; I want to be its first explorer!

Daivya: Alpha Centauri.

Manya: In Ranbir Kapoor’s heart.

Manvika: In a black hole, because it’s interesting.

Anjali: I don’t want to be found, so I won’t tell!

Vani: I’d live in Australia, U.K. or Scotland, because they are peaceful places.

Anisha: In Gallifrey, because of timelords.

Anushka: Themyscira or the Hall of Justice, because I would love to help superheroes.

Niti: First, I would like to travel the universe to decide where to live!

Nirmitii: New York City (preferably Brooklyn or Manhattan). I would live there because it’s the only place where I feel at home. Home of my soul.

Nethra: In Monica’s (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) apartment, with my group of friends living across and Joey and Chandler, because it sounds like fun!

Priyansh: I would like to live in a world where Manchester City FC has class, because it doesn’t in this world.

Aakansha: In Japan, because of the people, the culture, the anime, etc. Or in Canada, because of the place, the people (and the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.)

Vedika: Tanzania or Zanzibar. They’re beautiful.

Aayush: In Mumbai, ’cause it’s the best. 🙂

Sudhanshu: In Australia, because it’s one of the best places in terms of education, culture, sports, people and nature. Or in Japan, because of its culture, lifestyle, anime, games people and food.

Jatin: A planet where there is free pizza and hot girls and all the anime characters I have ever known.

Mohak: I would live at Silverstone, England, with the best racetrack in the world right in my neighbourhood.

Lakshit: I’d love to live in London, with my flat in the vicinity of Stanford Bridge, the home stadium if my favourite club Chelsea, so I can watch every game, every year.

Shivam: In Malibu. I would like to have a beach house there.

Shrinjay: I’d live in a world that resembles Gotham city… Or in Gotham city itself.

Sakshi: I’d live in Norwegian villages, with legitimate Viking descendants, and in Scotland, and New York, and Winterfell and King’s Landing. Maybe a place just like the other.

Aditya: Cadarache (ITER and JET) or Massachusetts (MIT) or Livermore (NIF).

Kruthika: Vulcan or Naboo.

Anshul: I’d probably like to live in Cincinnati, with my house close to  Boeing’s Payne Field: so many goddamned Boeing aircrafts! Especially the Dream Liner.

Rashiv: The address will be – 221B Baker Street, London.

Deepan: Andromeda Galaxy.

Satchit: In the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty (oh won’t you please take me home?)

Arshya: In Hogwarts, because that’s where the magic happens 😉

Akanksha: Bedford, U.K., because it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

Mahima: I’d live on the clouds.

Shlok: In the land of cars, because they’re the origin of speed.

Pranav: I would love to live in the Marvel universe!

Ashay: I’d live on a planet of gullible aliens. I’d convince them I’m God and rule them.

Raghav: On a planet where I can make a lot of friends and have a fun life.

Krishnan: in the Crab Nebula, because it fascinates me.

Hardik: Somewhere far away from humans, with no negative environment and where beings care for all.

Jyotishka: I’d live on Earth.

Gauri: I’d live in the moment.

Lamha: I’d liveable Mars because I can meet Martians and experiment on them, and dissect them, and take a friend with me and leave ’em stranded.

Keerti: I’d live in hell.

Mahwash: I’d live in Australia, because I love Masterchef Australia!

Anushree: I’d live in an alternate universe, because it’d be better than reality.

Riya: I’d live in Sydney, it has the best flying schools!

Pragya: I’d live wherever I am!

Vishrutha: I’d live in Hogsmead, a village near Hogwarts!

Madeeha: I’d live in the Pacific Ocean.

Zeba: I’d live in the Faraway Tree.

Vrinda: I’d live in the Faraway Tree.

Charul: I’d like to live inside everyone’s head.

Aditi: I would live in Disney World.

Shreya: I’d live on an island I build on my own, connecting to the underwater world.

Anandita: Study in Hogwarts till I’m 17 and then work there.

Vidhi: Pizza land with chocolate rivers.

Adhya: in the Marvel Universe or in Switzerland.

Anisha: I wish I could live in another universe where I could meet The Doctor or go to Hogwarts. In this universe, I would like to live on Mars!

Arjun: I wouldn’t live on any of the planets; I’d wander about observing and knowing where it all ends, and if it does, what lies in that far far space.

Bon voyage, surveyees!

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