Survey #4

Everyone loves playing prophet. In fact, be it past or future, both (in our heads) are more interesting prospects than our present day structured life. We often imagine the past as a time of no barriers and more freedom, and hope for the future to be so.

The difference is, we know the limitations of the past. We cannot even imagine the possibilities of the future.

… Except maybe some can. So in today’s survey, I gave my surveyed the chance to step into their well-rehearsed role of crystal-ball-man/woman, and who knows, thirty years down the line, someone may be able to return here and say with a sneer, the dreaded, I-told-you-so!

Q: What’s your big prediction for the future?

Aayush: The world will come to an end.

Shrinjay: Everyone will be expecting a better future.

Mohak: Everyone will live in VR. (Virtual Reality)

Deepan: After the maxima point of capitalism is reached, we’ll be heading for a dark, self-induced dictatorship. Because democracy doesn’t work.

Anshul: The world is going to die a slow death and every human being is just going to watch while eating popcorn, because every human is selfish and just wants their own benefit.

Aditya: The western civilisation will slacken while the eastern powers will gain control again. The bell curve will go downhill. And nuclear fusion will reign. (If it isn’t done by then, I’ll do it.)

Satchit: Pizza will come in pizza boxes made of pizza. And English exams will stop having word limits, at least not ridiculous ones!

Kruthika: The world will get better, people will be happier and I pray we learn to live together.

Sakshi: The world won’t be bound by fences and we all will be citizens of the world. Travelling will be free and life will be full of food and joy. There will be sunshine and smiles.

Aditi: We will be able to do what we want rather than force ourselves to do something else to earn a living.

Ashay: I predict potato bunnies and cheesy pandas.

Pranav: No age restrictions.

Krishnan: An alien invasion.

Raghav: Everyone will be happy with their lives.

Mahima: I’ll be in my bathtub with a dog watching SpongeBob, 24/7.

Aayushi: I’ll be queen.

Nethra: USA will get dumber with Trump as President.

Anush: Marijuana will be legalised in the whole world, maybe even LSD will.


Sudhanshu: A new earth will be born.

Jatin: Someday, the world will end, and Goku will be stronger than omni-god  Zeno-chan.

Shreya: We won’t need to walk (much)…!

Antra: Everyone will start seeing joy in little things like the rhythm of the universe.

Tanishka: Everyone will become invisible.

Oliena: Trump will win.

Gauri: Trump will come to power and make spray tans necessary.

Vidhi: My prediction is that I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Arjun: Biology will overpower other sciences and India will outgrow China.

Rishbha: I predict I’ll die.

Mahwash: Everything will be virtual. People won’t have real talks.

Tanishi: I’ll be answering another survey of yours.

Aninthitha: All fictional worlds would actually exist.

Anandita: The world will have a huge excess of doctors and engineers, but not enough jobs.

Keerti: I will travel the world and visit all the Disney lands.

Anjali: I predict life on a different planet. Or probably a real Doraemon. Or both.

Manya: Aliens will come to earth and meet a mixture of Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli.

Priyansh: World War 3.

Adhya: There will be a pizza land!

Aakansha: A completely technology dependent world, where people look different due to too much exposure to radiation.

Looking back, I think we all knew then, and know now that we are doomed, perhaps were doomed from the start. But I’d like to think that these are all the aspirations people have from the future, and whether or not some of these may come true, we can always hope… and put in work ourselves to make this world the crazy place it was meant to be, no more bound by the shackles of structure and civilisation!

But I’d be looking forward to those I-told-you-so’s!

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