Survey #2

Back with another survey I conducted in school. I find it quite amusing that most people I ask for an opinion assume that I’m doing this for some kind of psychology project! Personally, I’d always though the word ‘survey’ was more synonymous with ‘statistics’… Nevermind, I’ll never know, or maybe someday I’ll make just that the object of my survey.

As with the first time, thanks for putting up with my constant questioning (and no thanks for those suspicious looks!)

(once again, non-judged (mostly) uncensored, unedited and completely unabridged!)

Q: If you could be anyone or anything, just for a day, who/what’d you be and why?

Aakansha: I’d be the 10th Doctor, because I’ll be able to time-travel in the TARDIS and my day would never end!

Aayushi: I’d be Beyoncé. She’s the Queen Bey!

Arshya: I’d be J.K. Rowling, just because I’d like to know what it’s like to be the mastermind of a series like Harry Potter!

Arjun: I’d be the head of the Harappan civilization so I could take down the Aryans.

Kritika: I’d be Bill Gates and buy myself an amusement park with the money.

Anjali: Definitely someone famous. I wonder what it’s like to have no privacy and all publicity, all the time.

Harneet: I’d like to be Zakir Hussain and experience his life, he’s a maestro and he’s so down to earth.

Sanyukta: A designer, because that’s my dream.

Kruthika: I’d be me. Best option!

Khushi: I’d be a piano, just because I feel like it!

Deepan: Brian May. He’s a great guitarist and is really into astrophysics as well!

Ashay: A bottle, since I wouldn’t have to do anything.

Pranav: Pranav. Because I love that guy.

Antra: Priyanka Chopra, because she’s my idol: she’s strong, independent and classy.

Daivya: Albert Einstein, for the physics.

Satchit: I’d go with God, then I’d tell everyone I’m an atheist.

Mahwash: Donald Trump. I want to stand in his place and see how he thinks, how he just stands and says anything he wants.

Rishbha: Albert Einstein. I want to know why he got a Nobel prize for his work on photoelectric effect and not for Relativity.

Aninthitha: Batman. ‘Cause I’m Batman.

Anshul: I’d be Elon Musk, because he’s super smart, very positive in life and built one of the best companies in the world from scratch.

Rashiv: (points to the Flash hoodie he’s wearing) The Flash. I can travel time, run fast and do what other humans can’t.

Aditya: Carter Kane. He’s a lot like me, and he has a girlfriend.

Vedika: I’d be a golden retriever in an upperclass family. Need an explanation?

Lamha: Me. Because I love myself; I’m perfect the way I am!

Gauri: A Graphic designer , because I love how they can create art and masterpieces.

Jyotishka: Lionel Messi. He can do what he loves and he’s good at it, plus, he gets paid for it.

Harshit: I’d be a bird, because I want to fly.

Anush: A guy with a time machine, because history fascinates me.

Punyam: I’d be God. I want to see how bored he’d be.

Vidhi: I’d be Hitler, and I’d change world history.

Shania: I’d be Marie Curie, because I love science and she was amazing.

Saif: Khalid-bin-Waleed, because he never lost a single battle.

Madeeha: A cat or a plant. I’d just stand and look at people.

Rhea: A door. I think it’s important to open and close one,

Sapna: a mirror. I reflect.

Unnati: I’d be a lefty, because they’re more creative!

(note: being one myself, I thoroughly encourage this!)

Madhav: Amitabh Bachchan. I’d like to know if I (he) really had a crush on Rekha or not.

Shivam: I’d be Barack Obama. I’d live in the White House and have all his powers… Or I’d be Ashton Kutcher.

Shubham: Ranveer Singh, because he gets to date Deepika Padukone.

Swaraj: I’d be a younger me, because there was a lot less pressure then. I could come home and watch Tom and Jerry, do simple maths questions, like two times two is four and watch Beyblade at 5:30 pm!

Shreya: Michio Kaku. I’m a fan of space-time wrap!

Manasi: A llama, because they’re cute and fluffy and have no responsibility.

Omkar: I’d be a supercomputer, because I’d like to.

Amrita: I’d be myself, because I don’t want to be someone else.

Ajinkya: The Hulk, ’cause I love destruction!

Jatin: Goku! He’s the god of power!

Tej: Bill Gates, I can do anything I want!

Diya: Doraemon. I really want that Anywhere Door and the Love Triangle and the Time Machine.

Shefali:  I’d be my brother. Then I can get back at him for the times he beat me, I’d beat him back!

Pranav: I’d be God. He doesn’t need to eat, sleep, he’s ultimate and he doesn’t need permission for anything!

Richa: I’d be the owner of a dog farm.

Hruditha: I’d be a psychologist. I’m good at it.

Vaishnavi: For a day, I’d be Harry Potter and I’d get to meet Ron and Hermoine!

Neha: I’d be The Doctor. He’s awesome!

Anushree: I’d be an alchemist. They’re cool, they perform transmutations, and I could bond someone’s soul to a piece of armour.

Archit: I’d be band manager for Lamb of God. They’re the best band and they treat their crew like family.

Mahima: Selena Gomez. She has an amazing life, I know that because of SnapChat!

Oliena: I’d be Marie Curie on her last day. Then I could die radioactive.

Mihika: I’d be the air.

Akanksha: I’d be the Queen of England. Just because.

Diya: Beyoncé, she’s Queen, and I want to see the world from her view.

Misha: I’d be the queen.

Adhya: I’d be Donald Trump, and I’d take back my election campaign.

Anushka: I’d be Chris Hemsworth’s wife. ‘Cuz.

Nandinee: I’d be SpiderMan. I’d get to be good at studies, awesome, hot and everything else.

Mark: I’d be Chandler Bing. I like his sense of humour.

Vani: I’d be my cousin. I feel she’s super perfect!

Shivani: I’d be Sherlock, because I love him!

Aditi: I’d be Vincent van Gough: I’d be broke and painting the world.


I suppose the only proper way to end this would be to quote David Bowie on a line from his song Heroes,

“We can be heroes! Just for one day.”

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