If I had a time machine…

Heck, I offered it to 60-plus people, but honestly, why would I give it away?

I was counter-questioned a million times while surveying, I suppose it’s about time I answered my question.

If I had the time machine, I’d go back to 1986 and evacuate Chernobyl before the nuclear disaster. Then I’d go ahead to the best decade: the nineties. That way, I’d be about as old as my mum, which would be awkward to think of, but hey, she couldn’t boss over me then. I would have seen Nirvana live, and called back home (the “future”) from those old phones with the round dials that make a lovely ching sound when you let go the dial. I’d have witnessed the Y2K hysteria from outside of my mum… Nevermind that. I think it’d be cool to see how people made time to meet up outdoors rather than on an online group… wonder if they got texting finger sores?

And then someday, I’d find that time machine again and go back to the 90’s, and I’d probably continue the cycle till my soul would be a hundred years old and I’d wish I never asked this question in the first place.

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